Monday, December 17, 2012

Monsters in our midst

There is no argument anywhere that suggests that Newtown, CT mass murderer Adam Lanza was anything other than a monster.  A monster that was raised among the peaceful population of a pretty normal American small town.

But to say that we had no idea that this horrible massacre was possible, that nobody could have predicted that such a disaster could have occurred given everything we knew, I am not so sure that argument is a solid one.

Adam Lanza, as unpopular and politically incorrect as it may now seem, was what kids once called a 'sped', or special education student.  He was an 'MR', or mental retarded kid.  Or the short version, what Rahm Emanuel now knows as a 'retard.'

Back in the day, speds, MR's, retards, whatever we called them, were not integrated into our public and private classrooms like they are today.  They were segregated for very good reasons.  One very good reason for segregating kids like Adam Lanza from the normal kids was that retards like Adam Lanza would require lots and lots of special attention from the teacher, thus taking away attention from the rest of the class.  Back in the day, kids like Adam Lanza were removed from the general classroom environment, and put into special education classes, or simply kept at home.

Back in the day, if retards or speds were even temporarily introduced to a 'normal' classroom environment, the normal kids would ascertain immediately the status of the retard, and almost simultaneously pronounce the kid a sped or retard.  And then the feeding frenzy would begin, and the retard such as Adam Lanza would be ridiculed, made fun of, beat up, and subjected to every other form of bullying that 7 year old kids are known to do.

Little kids are mean.  Sometimes they are as mean and nasty as snakes to other little kids that are different. They always have been, and always will be, and accordingly we used to segregate these speds from the normal kids to limit this kind of behavior.

But unfortunately, we don't segregate the speds and retards anymore, thanks to the progressive thinking of our public school phD chancellors and top tier educators.  These over-educated braniacs have determined that society will be better off if we dump these retards into the general classroom environment, and hope for the best.  And guess what happened to the retard Adam Lanza when he was at age 6 or 7 let loose into the general population of classroom kids?  He of course was labeled a dope, a retard, a sped, and so it went for the rest of Adam Lanza's educational experience.

But add to this unfortunate miscalculation by our all-knowing public education system, a mother who teaches her retard, sped MR son how to lock and load, aim and fire a deadly military style assault rifle.  Talk about a recipe for "instant monster", I can't tell you what kind of thinking was going on in that house, but it was not optimal.

The mother had been led to believe that her son was just another boy in town, since he attended public school along with everybody else, and was subjected to some bullying, no big deal.  She'll teach him how to load 30 round banana clips, show him where she keeps her Bush Master .223 AR-15 assault rifle, and things will be just fine. 

The sped, retard, MR or whatever you want to label Adam Lanza, remembers the taunting and bullying from the normal kids back in Sandy Hook, and now is armed to the teeth and ready to take revenge. 

But nobody saw this coming? 


Joe said...

A likely analysis. Those PHd intellectual types need a complete overhaul of their ability to think logically.

Kid said...

Sounds about right. Fit the profile.

So, the libtards are taking the position that "We can stop all these bad things from happening." It would be laughable if it was funny.

Bad shit will always happen.
Plan for it.
Fire half the useless administrative staff of most schools and hire competent security instead.

Did you see where some Jap whackjob in unarmed Japan went and did a mass Kinfing in a school there in the last couple days?

Did you see where the Unarmed UK has a higher crime than almost Anyone Else in the World? Much higher than the USA.

Fredd said...

Joe: Nobody will ever know what goop was in that retard's brain, but the fact that he was roaming among us was not good.

aynzan said...

If the mother already knew her son was having some sort of a behaviour problem and acted as if everything was all right with her kid,then she herself must have been a retarded case to train her son how to handle deadly weapons.Look what he did..Just imagine how frightened the six years old would have been.How they must have planned to celebrate the festive seasons with their moms, dads and siblings.I am entirely from the other side of the world and I am so sad too and mourning with you all.

Fredd said...

If a few guns were packed by competent security staff within the grounds, this mess would have been much less severe.

And if such gun packing security measures were common knowledge, cowards like Adam Lanza would not have picked a 'gun free zone,' zero gun tolerance school like Sandy Hook in the first place.

Cowards don't like hardened targets. They like soft ones such as ALL American public schools as they are currently configured.

Fredd said...


When monsters kill innocent children, we all mourn.

You are probably correct: the mother of this monster has quite a bit of blood on her hands, too, even though she was the first to die at the hands of the Frankenstein she created.

John Kohler said...

Having gone to elementary school in the 60's I never heard the term "sped" but there definitely were special ed kids who were properly sequestered. In community college in the late 70's there was an effort to bring "special needs" students into the classroom where they were tolerated but certainly disruptive. One kid who had severe cerebral palsy was suddenly gone after a couple of weeks.

The larger issue is how the anti-gunners and legislators of their ilk have politicized the Sandy Hook incident to engage in a full-court press against gun ownership. These elected officials sworn to uphold the whole US Constitution remain silent as misnomers and misrepresentations of guns and gun owners are spread to ignite public fear. They remain passive as lawful gun owners are accused of endorsing criminality any time a gun crime occurs.

Rifles, pistols and shotguns have specific defensive uses. Aside from weapons prohibited by the National Firearms Act of 1934 a ban of a rifle based on the inflammatory term "assault rifle" mitigates defensive capability and infringes on our unalienable constitutional right to self defense.

Lanza should never have been thrust into a destructive classroom situation. His mother should never have let him have an AR-15 but legislators should not be violating their oath to support and defend the Constitution.

Fredd said...

John Kohler:

True, Adama Lanza should have been institutionalized, but wasn't.

But when you say 'legislators' when you warn against gun grabbing, you probably mean 'liberal Democrats.'

There's a difference.