Thursday, January 12, 2012

'Conservatives' who attack from the Left: stupid or slimy?

Got to be one or the other.  Which ever way it turns out, this form of campaigning should eliminate the attackers from the race, as the GOP does not have the luxury this time around of putting an idiot or a slimeball into the White House. 

Both Rick Perry, who is tossing around the term 'vulture capitalist' like rice at a wedding, and Newt Gingrich are both calling into question Mitt Romney's role as the CEO of Bain Capital, and accusing Mitt of bad deeds. 

If stupidity is the reason for these attacks, I find that awfully hard to swallow.  Both of these guys are 'big picture' conservatives, and know that venture capitalists are necessary in our economy; without them, things would grind to a halt in short order.  These are the guys who have the money to invest in enterprises, to include start ups, existing thriving companies and struggling companies.  And once they are owners, they want to put their money to work which maximizes their shareholders interests and the interests of the companies they now run.

And in this free market economy, sometimes it makes sense to shut some operations down that are a drag on the bottom line and redirect those assets elsewhere where they will better serve all concerned.  And of course that means that people get laid off from their unprofitable jobs.  This is how capitalism works. 

This is America, remember.  Nobody has the right to remain on a job that loses money for the boss in perpetuity.   For Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry to cherry pick a few companies that were downsized by Bain Capital, and to ignore the positives that were ultimately gained from reassigning assets is either slimy or just ignorant.  They know that a job that is created by this process does not really lend itself to a news crew and camera ready to film some news.  No, newly created jobs do not make news. 

What makes the news is the sad sack that was making typewriters who got bought out by some venture capitalist who closed the typewriter plant and started a computer chip plant with the proceeds.  That sad sack typewriter assembler lost his job, knows nothing of computer chips, and now is unemployed and is sobbing into the camera about what rotten mean sumbitches those guys who closed the plant are.  Cherry picking sob stories is what Democrats do.  This is a page right out of the Democrat Party playbook.  And these guys want to be the GOP nominee?

"Creative destruction," and without it, we would still be subsidizing buggy whip factories and typewriter factories and washboard factories. 

I think Newt and Rick Perry know this.  And accordingly, are not ignorant as to how these things work.  They are just not getting any traction with the voters, are getting desperate, and are now cherry picking any and all sad sack sob stories from laid off buggy whip factory workers. 

And this is just plain slimy.  Neither of these guys is presidential material. 


Kid said...

Excellent post. Wouldn't change a word.

Will add - I don't think Romney is electable in the main event. My prediction is:

-Romney gets the nod.
-Too many voters stay home just as they did when John McLame ran
-oblabber wins
-dems are pissed
-repubs are pissed

I think enough dems are unhappy with obama, he made them look real bad. The media for sure. They're getting tired of covering for the imbecile. But it won't be enough of the repubs don't have a candidate that people can get excited about. Romney ain't it.

And the kids like Ron Paul. They won't bother to vote for Romney along with many others.

Fredd said...

Kid, remember what I said about wanting your brain instead of my dumb brain.

BUT: those young, kid Paul-iac's were never motivated to vote anyway, and are always an unreliable block.

Count them out.

Most conservative folk I know would crawl a mile through broken glass to get to a poll, while Obama's hope and change crowd are completely disinterested this time around.

The enthusiasm gap will give the election to President-elect Willard Romney, God help us all.

Silverfiddle said...

And this is just plain slimy. Neither of these guys is presidential material.

I'll second that!

I had hopes for Perry, but he can't string two words together without looking and sounding stupid.

Trekkie4Ever said...

I agree with Kid, you are spot-on. The GOP most certainly cannot be playing around. We need a true contender to go one on one with Obama. And it is not Romney or Perry. No way.

We have got to pull it together, otherwise, we deserve another term with the present man in office.

I still have hopes for my candidate, Rick Santorum.

Kid said...

Kid, well it ain't over til it's over. We shall see.

Silver, the media could make Perry look so much like GW Bush, it would actually hurt. No chance.

Fredd said...

I'm with Leticia: Santorum would be my choice.

But my choice in the primaries never wins.


I always end up holding my nose in the voting booth.

Fredd said...


I agree that we (conservatives) have got to pull it together.

If we don't, that means that the Dems (liberals) are better at pulling things together than we are, and accordingly deserve their victory.

As awful as that sounds.

Z said...

I thought Gingrich's slamming Romney for speaking French was so beyond the pale....a friend who was favoring him emailed and said "This showed a lot about him...he's off my list"
Or that awful Huntsman pouncing on Romney's suggestion that it's good to fire people; painting it as if Romney does it for fun, with no

I'm for Santorum, too, but I will vote and I will vote for ANYBODY or ANYTHING other than Obama.

I like to think Romney's been so 'centrist' because he badly wanted the office in such a liberal state (Mass.)...someone said he's got a fairly recent book that answers questions about if he's a Conservative; the answer's apparently YES. I hope we see more of it soon, but if we get the House AND the SEnate as some predict, that should keep him straight arrow if he makes the office.

Kids like Ron Paul because they're afraid of going to war. I'm not sure they're not motivated to vote; these are REALLY gung-ho kids, apparently, and that usually does get people to the polls.

SF: Perry seemed okay at the beginning, now he looks like Gomer Pyle on stage and about as articulate...weird.

Fredd said...


Kids are for Ron Paul because he's a libertarian who would not mind legalizing drugs.

I'm not for Ron Paul on general principles, but primarily because of ads directed against that 'awful Huntsman,' claiming that the guy is a Red Chinese sympathizer since he has a daughter adopted from China.

I HAVE A DAUGHTER ADOPTED FROM CHINA. I have never been so offended in my life by a politician like Ron Paul, may he rot in hell.

Z said...

Fredd, I heard an account this morning on TV of two people who were Gingrich and Perry supporters until they heard some of this ridiculous negative campaigning against Romney...they're joining the Romney camp.

I've never seen anybody turn quite so ugly as Gingrich did when he suddenly decided to go against his "negative campaigning is bad" mantra.

I hadn't heard the Ron Paul quote but had heard he'd said something obnoxious about, that takes the cake.
Almost as dumb as the "Romney speaks French so he's a bad candidate" from Gingrich!

Good for you for adopting a Chinese (ex)orphan...what a lucky little girl she is and I'm sure you feel very lucky, too, and you surely didn't deserve the inference from that awful Paul.

I have to admit, I saw Huntsman on Huckabee's show last night and didn't find him QUITE as self-absorbed as I've found him before. I had an opportunity to be seen at his father's hospital in Utah and it's incredibly well run, with the finest doctors and other staff; REALLY impressive. Not that that says anything about Jon Huntsman...but maybe he's got some of the heart his philanthropic dad does.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Fredd..I wish Allen West would run! Happy Sunday my friend:)

Trekkie4Ever said...

Fredd, he did fairly well last night in SC. I hope he will continue to gain ground.

We just have to keep hoping and praying. That's all we can do.