Sunday, October 30, 2011

Borrowing a fortune to buy a useless college degree

What do you call someone who borrows a virtual fortune to finance a college degree that isn't worth the paper that the diploma is printed on?  A college graduate?  An up and coming titan of industry?  A future pillar of the community?

Nope, none of the above.  At least, that's not what I would call these folks.  I would appropriately label these guys and gals as stupid morons.  You know, those college brainiacs who majored in any liberal arts degree such as journalism, film, photography, sociology, psychology, English, art history or a litany of other completely irrelevant and useless program that no reasonable profitable business owner has any use for whatsoever.

And to top off the bad choices that these morons (or, college graduates as some would call them) make is that they went into hock to the tune of upwards of $30,000 or even more to call themselves a college graduate.  It's one thing when Daddy and Mommy fork out the dough for little Sally to spend four years studying fashion design, and then end up working at Chick-fil-A for $7/hour.  But when little Sally obtains four or five student loans that hang around her neck for most of the rest of her life like golden chains around Mr. T's neck, that truly is a magnificent example of an absolutely horrific and terrible life choice.

This may be news to many college students: a college degree does not guarantee you a huge salary and cushy job for life.  It never was any kind of guaranty at any point in history.  Granted, in the past employers found that college graduates in business, engineering, science and other solid pursuits made excellent employees in the long run, and those who actually studied the Three R's (readin' ritin, and 'rithmatic) had a leg up over those dimmer grads who chose to take pictures, study pictures and critique pictures while they piled up student debt up to their eyeballs.

And now we see a swarm of unemployable fine arts and journalism graduates down on Wall Street demanding that their student loans be forgiven, while carrying signs that blame their woes on all of those fat cat bankers.  Yes, you know those evil guys and gals in the suits, the guys and gals who studied business and finance in college rather than film.  Those guys.  They are the ones responsible for liberal arts major Sally's troubles, and why life has passed her by, or at least according to little brainiac Sally. 

This is so wrong on so many levels. 

You know what I call a liberal arts degree holder who can't even get a job at McDonalds in order to start repayment of their $30,000 student loans?  A college graduate, you say?  No.  I call them a burden on society, a moron and a hopeless idiot.    


Kid said...

Now Fredd, this attitude just isn't acceptable in the New America. You must view these young treasures, misled through no fault of their own as Victims of society and ask, "What can I do to help them?". Fortunately for you, you don't even have to put any effort into figuring that out since king oblabber has issued an executive order to forgive all these loans using a bunch of mathematical mumbo-jumbo.

The ghettos will now empty out into the colleges as well, and hey, they might learn 'Something' Eh? That would be worth almost Any price no?

As (I think it was) Robert Reich said about our spending 40 billion on public school 'education' - 'If only one child was helped, It WAS WORTH IT!" hehheh.

Well, here's on bright spot if you can call it that, law school grads are suing their universities for false advertising.

And here's a 200 million $ class action suit. I hope they win.

Fredd said...


I read both of those articles, thanks for showing them to me, and I would like to subsequently add a little something-something that both gloss over:

1. I don't know that I would lump a JD into the 'useless' degree category. Lord knows we all need more lawyers ;-).

2. But these supposed best and brightest had to know that simply getting a law degree was no guarantee of landing that spiffy job defending murderers in Beverly Hills. Regardless of what those placement figures suggest (and we all know people in the legal profession never, EVER lie...).

Any moron knows that it takes more than a damn degree (of any kind) to land a decent job. First, you have to find a way to weasel yourself in front of a viable hiring manager. And I need not go into the many kinds of skills that just getting this done takes...

Then, once you are seated across from the hiring manager, you have to be able to convince that guy or gal that you will make them money - no easy feat, let me tell you.

And lastly, these brilliant (but unemployed) lawyers have to know that if you walk into a law firm, law degree in hand, expecting the partners to fall all over themselves to throw money at you, when you weigh 400 pounds, or have a smile similar to that of Austin Powers, or are slighly less attractive than Quasimoto, you are just clueless and dumbfounded when they tell you 'don't call us, we'll call you.'

Life's not fair, dummies. And most of the rest of us know it. It's you smart educated guys and gals that this fact of life seems to have escaped you. If you think that people are going to throw money at you for the rest of your life just because you have a piece of paper from State U. that says your feces doesn't stink, then you are dumber than a bag of hammers.


Kid said...

Fredd, I again must remind you, that in Today's America, demeaning a person is worse than killing them. You can't just call a moron a moron. It will make them feel bad about themselves and therefore be that much harder for them to succeed.

We must nurture them. We must compliment them from every angle so they have the confidence to succeed. They Are Our Future Fredd ! Here, I'll practice with you. Both together now ..
"Hey, Nice Tooth!" or
"Hey, weren't you the senior who raised his had and recited the three primary colors in art class, last year? Yea baby! WoooHoooo. Awesome!"



Silverfiddle said...

But one of those worthless degrees does give the graduate a condescending sense of superiority as they serve up fries for the uneducated hicks and morons who learned a trade and are taking care of themselves and their families...

Fredd said...


Dismissive of the OWS mob? Yes. Hateful? No. And I suspected that you indeed had a liberal arts degree, since you perservere in trying to post obnoxious comments on this site, but have yet to notice that I don't bother to publish any of your garbage. Please confine your savage and illogical ragings to Silverfiddle's site, where he will be more than happy to induldge your foolishness.

Not here, sorry.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

" I call them a burden on society, a moron and a hopeless idiot." You got that right.

My father (God rest his soul), only went as far as the eighth grade, and at the age of fourteen had to go out and find a job. This was expected of the majority of children back around 1920. yet the education my dad received in the 8th grade was equivalent to a two year college education today.

At 14, my dad went to work in a clothing factory, then worked as a hired hand on a farm in Pennsylvania. Even though he never had a college education, my dad became a nurse at St. Luke's Hospital in New York City, later after marrying my mother, who was also a nurse at St. Luke's, he moved the family back to Rochester, NY where he grew up. Since he learned bookkeeping in the 8th grade, he became the manager of a fairly large hotel, a job he held until he retired at the age of 69. My dad knew how to type, do a payroll, he knew carpentry, electrical wiring, plumbing, etc.,thus he was able to do all the repairs to our home by himself and even remodeled the entire eight room house from top to bottom by himself. He learned how to play the cello as a boy and he played with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra when he was in his late teens and early twenties. His brother and two sisters also played with the Philharmonic. His brother played the violin and one sister played the piano and the other played the harp. Only one of his sisters went to college. Actually she got degrees in education and Library Science form several colleges and Universities, which included the University of Rochester, Fordham University, where she learned to speak, read and write Russian and Hebrew, the University of Honolulu, Hawaii, and several others. Until her death from Cancer in the early 1980's, she taught Library Science and was head of the Library at Albright University in reading Pennsylvania.
She worked as a school teacher, a telephone operator, and as a librarian to earn the money to pay her way through the colleges and universities. Back then, there were no student loans and my grandparents did not have the money to pay for her education. She did it all on her own, which was par for the course back then.

Even though my Dad, his brother and other sister did not have college educations, they all lived comfortable lives. When my parents passed away, my dad in 1996 and my mom in 2010, none of my two sisters, two brothers and myself received any kind of monetary inheritance, but when growing up, we never lacked for anything. We were well fed, well clothed and a warm comfortable home to live in.

And as I often like to say, "My dad forgot more then I have ever learned in school."

Fredd said...

Most Rev. Gregori:

Well said, sir. And the moxi shown by our elders (both yours and mine) until the recent past should stand as an example of what is now a lost art: common sense, and keeping your nose to the grindstone.

Or as Larry The Cable Guy would say, 'git 'er done.'

FYI: my grandfather had a similar story (whose icon I use on this blog, photo taken in 1900 when he was 19) had no formal education, but eventually served as a state senator, and yet never completed the ninth grade.

Fredd said...


Your comment brings an image to mind of just such an arrogant loser: imagine 'The Simpson's' Comic Book Guy behind the cash register of Chick-fil-A, sneering at his customer as he takes the order, and enters the information into the register all the while muttering a snarky sarcastic insult to the cash paying customer.

Makes you wonder what these imbeciles are thinking, as they look down their noses at the rest of us, and yet they themselves are the gigantic losers among us.

PS: one of your moonbat liberal buddies continues to try and leave comments on this site, saying I hail from the 'fringe radical right,' and flat out calls me a moron and coward and 'effing piece of work' (something to that effect, it's been a while since he left that one which I promptly deleted, so I paraphrase here), and yet is puzzled that none of his invective and vitriol towards me is published. Maybe you can pull off some of your magic, and persuade him to limit his insane ravings to your posts on Western Hero, where you seem to have a duck's back when it comes to taking insults from this leftist pinko. Just a thought, Silver. You seem to have a kind of commeraderie with this guy, for reasons unknown to me.

Fredd said...

Kid: the tooth comment, that's the punchline of one of my West Virginia jokes:

Q: What is the one of the nicest compliments you can pay to a gal from West Virginia?
A: 'Say, nice tooth!'

Q: Where was the toothbrush invented?
A: West Virginia, because were it invented anywhere else, it would have been called a 'teethbrush.'

I've got more, but they tend to get a bit more edgy from this point onward...

Kid said...

Thanks for the chuckle :)