Monday, October 3, 2011

Filthy, pathetic hippies infest Wall Street

This mob of hippies' petulant infestation of Wall Street may make for great photo ops, sound bites and generate some media interest, but it will mostly generate garbage like their fore bearers always did at these protests, and garner resentment and ill-will from most of the public.
The garbled message that we get from this leaderless rabble seems to be 'these fat cats Wall Street bastards have money, and we don't.  Give it to us.'

Or at least that seems to be the message I am getting from this mob.  They have been raised by their irresponsible Gen-X parents to value self esteem over accomplishment, and they are demanding that the responsible people working in the corporate environs hand them over cold hard cash, simply because they are alive and breathing in the U.S. of A.

Sorry, hippies. Ain't gonna happen.

Sooner or later you all will grow up, and find out that if you want some of that money that these Wall Streeter's have, you'll have to shave, shower and cover up your tattoos, remove your earrings and get hair cuts.  Additionally, you'll actually need some sort of resume that an employer might be interested in, with actual accomplishments: like holding a minimum wage job for more than a week. 

I know, I know: your self esteem will suffer.  Having to flip burgers and be nice to customers.  Yes, I know this is too degrading to even consider.

Well, welcome to the NFL.  Life is tough, and nobody owes you a living.  Despite what your useless parents told you.

Get a job, you smelly stupid hippies.  Nothing you do on Wall Street in the next week, or month, or year will make any difference in your life.  You are not standing up for right versus wrong, for good versus evil.  You just want to steal the goodies from those so-called fat cats up in those office buildings.  Those people up there are the responsible ones.  The ones who shower, dress neatly, keep their noses to the grindstone and respect authority. In other words, they play by the rules.  And you don't.

Just get a job, take a shower and shut up.

You useless human debris.


republicanmother said...

As much as I dislike socialists and communists and hippies, I would like to point out some documented facts about Wall Street that you will not hear in the media:

1. Federal Reserve Chairman William Boyce Thompson gave the Bolsheviks one million dollars in 1918 to get started.

2. Wall Street banks, primarily Morgan interests funded communist propaganda and used the State Dept. to relay messages.

3. Without the aid of the monopolistic banking cartel, the Soviet Union would have been trapped in the 19th century.

4. Without the aid of large multinational corporations, all of which were heavily interlocked with select Wall St. banks, Adolf Hitler would never have been able to do what he did.

I suggest reading Anthony Sutton's excellent books,
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
Wall Street and FDR
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

for a full documentation of what I have asserted. No one could ever accuse Dr. Sutton of being a hippy.

Silverfiddle said...

Another good one, Fred!

I do have to agree with Republican Mother in that Wall Street has earned all the opprobrium we can muster.

They stink, almost as bad as the hippies protesting them. But imo they should be protesting at the capitol. Our government has granted the banksters an open season license with no bag limit.

Fredd said...


Agreed, Wall Streeters are running hog wild within the rules set up by Congress.

They are not breaking the law, and these hippies don't get it. The stinky hippies are the ones breaking the law, and always have been the ones 'on the outside looking in.'

Apologies to the Moody Blues and stealing a portion of their lyrics to 'Timothy Leary'...

The Conservative Lady said...

These protests were predicted by Glenn Beck many months ago. Read the "Coming Insurrection" about the protests in France. He pointed it out on his FNC show and asked everyone tor read it because it was coming to the USA.
Many people disregard Beck as a nutjob, but many of the things he has predicted came true. Another example is the Arab Spring.
He's not right on everything, but he sure seems to be one step ahead.

Fredd said...


Glenn Beck: you and I see him differently, as you may recall. To me, he's a doom and gloomer, and that genre has always done well in the short term.

Fact: he's been hawking gold for a few years now, and has been on a roll. Also a fact: gold is a commodity, and is as fickle as a high school quarterback on whom he wants to take to the prom.

Fact: gold is down from its $1860 per ounce high to around $1620 or so per ounce today. And heading down. How does Mr. Right, Glenn Beck reconcile his gold fetish in light of a tanking gold market?

He probably won't mention it.

The Conservative Lady said...

My comment was only geared toward the protests on Wall St. and that Beck saw it coming. That's it. How did we get on to bashing him for "hawking" gold?
I don't think Beck is the end all, be all (like I said, he isn't always right). I just think he was about the protests.

Fredd said...


Bashing Glenn is just something I like to do, not much more to it, you just happen to have brought up his name and my knee jerk reaction is to bash him.

He's the closest thing the conservatives have to 'Chicken Little', and he just irks me in general.

Not that he's wrong about much, I just don't like him. Much like Don Imus. Don't like him either.

Kid said...

These people talk like 3 yr old's.
Hannity had one of 'their leaders' on, and all she could manage to vocalize through her short circuited brain was that the rich needed to contribute much much much more to the lazy and the useless..

PS - For you consideration Fredd

In addition, Gold and Silver are going to be headed back up for a while here. fwiw.

Kid said...

Fredd, There is something that bothers me about Beck that I can't listen to him. Chicken Little is a pretty good description for the kinds of things that bother me about him, but even when he's not being that, he still bothers me. I don't like his schtick. I don't like that he 'represents conservatives', as he sure doesn't represent me.

tha malcontent said...

well said, and I agree 1000 percent.
Thanks for doing a great job with it.

Fredd said...


Don't get me started on Glenn Beck. You'll notice he is now radioactive in most conservative circles, much like Michael Savage.

Also note that Bill O'Reilly dropped him like 3rd period French from his 'Bold Fresh' tour, and has replaced him with Dennis Miller.

It couldn't be more obvious that the guy is a nut. And most of us realize it.

Fredd said...


Bashing hippies just comes naturally to me. Thanks for the comments.

Z said...

"Bashing hippies just comes naturally to me. Thanks for the comments."

God bless Fred :-) Keep it up!

By bashing Wall St, I'll just interject here, I get the serious impression that those people and even good conservatives, are bashing all corporations because they mostly trade on Wall St.
I think that's a huge mistake. I think it gives even more fire to anti-capitalists and we don't need that right now.

Fredd said...


'Wall Street' is nothing more than the rolled up efforts of our entire U.S. capital markets and our economic system as a whole.

When they bash Wall Street, they are in essence bashing you and me. Screw them, if they want a fight, bring it on, hippies....

Z said...

very true, Fredd......well said.
Bring it on!
I wonder where this will lead

Fredd said...


Ol' Doctor Doom and Gloom himself, Glenn Beck, predicts widespread violence and revolution by the socialists, communists and marxists world wide.

I think a little cold rain in the next week or two will rinse this filth from the public square. For now, at least. And like mosquitos, they'll be back to pester us when the weather cooperates, but their numbers will decline slowly over time, and eventually these pathetic numbnuts will find gigs as mimes, etc, and the movement will peter out.

We'll see who's right, dumb ol' Fredd or Doctor Doom.