Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama's State of the Union speech

Even though I have not been provided with a transcript of the speech, I don't need one to know what President Barack Obama is going to say: 'the state of the union is sound. The economy is coming around. My focus will be the economy and jobs going forward....etc. etc.'
And none of what he says will mean anything. He still remains a socialist, whose main goal is to redistribute wealth from those who have it to those who don't. Those who don't have any money got that way because those 'fat cat bankers on Wall Street' stole it all. And need to be gotten even with.
He will stress the many divisions in the country currently need to lessen. 'We must all get along, and tone down the rhetoric,' he will plead. And this is the guy who says he will bring a gun to a knife fight, and will punish his enemies, and wants us all to get in his opponents faces...yeah, that guy is saying we need a new tone.
And any inclinations to say he is moving to the center politically is simply disingenuous. He can say it all he wants, but to this point in his administration he has governed from the far, far left fringe of the political spectrum. To say he is moving to the center is one thing. To actually do it is entirely another.
Let's just watch what he does, and don't even bother to listen to what he says anymore.
It'll save everybody a lot of time.


The Conservative Lady said...

You're right on the money. It's all a farce. I made a sign to post on the TV while Obama delivers the SOTU tonight just as a reminder. I hope all of the wishy washy people out there remember it's all bull crap.

Fredd said...


All those wishy washy types believed everything he said on the campaign trail, you know, the hope; the change, all of that.

Truth is, those wishy washy types (I call them their technical term, 'idiots') will watch his lips move as they mouth the centrist garbage, believe it, (and we all know he will never immplement any of this centrist nonsense), and vote him into his second term.

Danny Wright said...

I don't even watch republican SOTU speeches, much less communists. You had the best advice, don't listen to his words, watch what he does.

Kid said...

Fredd, We seem to be on the same page.

Fredd said...


I watched about 10 minutes of it, and started arguing with the TV, my wife banished me from the living room.

Fredd said...


I think Jim DeMint said it best, when he said that he can't take anything Obama says seriously, since he has no credibility. What's the point? Nothing he has ever said in the way of campaign promises or in the way of job creation has come to pass. Other than his comment to Joe the Plumber about spreading the wealth around, there's PLENTY of that going on around here these days.