Sunday, January 9, 2011

Illinois Democrat voters: dumbest of the dumb

Question: who is dumber than an Illinois Democrat voter?
Answer: Nobody.
Illinois politics have been dominated by tax and spend Democrats for nearly a century, the Illinois budget deficit is currently $18 BILLION dollars, and climbing. What are the Democrats in charge planning on doing about this looming bankruptcy of the Land of Lincoln?
Raise taxes, of course.
Current Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn (who was Rod Blagojevich's Lieutenant Governor for 6 years), has proposed raising the Illinois state income tax rate by 75%: from its current rate of 3.0% to 5.25%, and he promises that this rate will only be in force for 4 years, and then it will go down to 3.75%. In the meantime, everything will be set right, the deficit will disappear, and everyone will be fat, dumb and happy.
During the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Republican candidate Bill Brady warned that this was going to happen, and had budget tax cuts on the drawing board to address the deficit concerns in our bankrupt state. Democrat voters, which outnumber Republican voters in this state by nearly 2 to 1, gave the nod to this known tax and spend Democrat in a close race, but nevertheless elected yet another tax and spend liberal to head up the state.
And now that this proposal has been announced, nearly all of these Democrat voters are howling in protest at the tax hikes. How stupid can anybody get? They voted for this, and now they got what they voted for. And yet the stupid Democrat voters are indignant?
Illinois Democrat politicians spend money on social programs and lucrative, opulent public union benefits and retirements, and simply tax the rest of the state into oblivion to pay for it all. Bankruptcy looms, and businesses are fleeing in droves. And Democrats decide to raise taxes, again. Much like the old practice of bleeding patients to cure their ailments, the more the patient ailed, the more the doctor's bled them.
Illinois has had these political doctors bleeding the taxpayer for nearly a century, and we are now so anemic and pale, what do these political bleeders do? Bleed us some more.
And Democrat Illinois voters did this to themselves. Nobody could be dumber than an Illinois Democrat voter. Absolutely nobody.
Except maybe a California Democrat voter. But that would be too close to call.


Anonymous said...

Funny how spending cuts are never the answer to our Marxist leaders.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Not being a resident of Illinois but a news hound I had heard of this increase. Upon reading it I had nearly the same thoughts as you Fredd.

The part about the tax being only for four years? Does anyone in IL or anywhere for that matter believe this?

Fredd said...

Yeah, Christopher, like you I immediately rolled my eyes at that 4-year roll back claim. Right.

This provision was just added so that the dummy consituency (a.k.a. Illinois Democrat voters) wouldn't get too grouchy. 'Oh, it's only temporary,' these dolts say to themselves. 'Well, OK then.'

And the Democrat Machine (who plays by the rules listed in 'The Chicago Way') knows that their dimwitted constituency has the memory capacity slightly less the a common housefly: four years will come and go, and Illinois will have a 5.25% income tax rate (of which future Democrat leaders will determine needs to be jacked up a bit more).

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The absolute stupidity of the average democratic voter boggles the mind?

They only vote for the (D) and never listen to what these politicians say? The would be office holder TELLS them they WILL raise taxes but they do not hear it, ever! Then scream at the hilltops when it comes to fruition?

Just like Obama, they (average dem voter) claim (if they dare to speak now, deafly silent on his defence?) this is not what I voted for?

I love to inform them, as I did at work yesterday, that yes this is exactly what you voted for! The rsponse is always without fail "No, he did not say this when running". Once again I remind them (with proof; video) that he indeed promised this socialist agenda and if they disagreed with it all they had to do was PAY SOME GOD D-MNED ATTENTION BEFORE VOTING!

As you so justifiably point out "They voted for this, and now they got what they voted for".

Fredd said...


This is why I have no Democrat friends. I don't suffer fools very well.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, The one of many I speak of are co-workers (UAW).

Leading them to proof while fun, is a chore to boot, it is harder than leading a Horse to water!

But in either case all are now nourished.

Kid said...

Fredd, I read where Jerry Brown intends to close down some corporate tax breaks. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA hahaha aaaa ha.

And yes, I've never seen a local temporary tax/tax rate hike. Ever.

The Wool Cupboard said...

Fredd ~ According to ABC7 in Chicago, "the business tax rate would rise from 4.8 percent to 8.4 percent, and combined with the current personal property replacement tax of 2.5 percent, businesses would pay nearly 11 percent combined, the highest flat rate in the nation."

I also live in Illinois, near Bloomington/Normal and was not surprised to hear the proposed hike (so-called temporary hike) as well as the proposed huge increase in the number of Casinos. We all need more gambling destinations, don't we? This is just business as usual here in Illinois. We are the poster state for what can happen when liberals are given nearly free reign for decades.

The sad truth is that but for Chicago and a few small areas of liberals downstate, the rest of the state is solidly conservative. Alas, as goes Chicago, so goes the rest of the state.

Fredd said...


'liberals given free reign for decades...?'

Liberals in Illinois have been given free reign for nearly a CENTURY!!!

No wonder we are one of the poster children for state bankruptcy, along with CA, NJ and NY.

Thanks for your comments, as a fellow Illinoian (not Illini, that would be a U. of Illinois alum, and I am an Oregon Duck), I have known greener pastures in my life, and I do not want to die here, no offense to bretheren Illinoians).

sig94 said...

Here in NY we're upwards of almost 7% for a residential income tax. Last year the top bracket went from 6.85% to 8.97%. And the fools wonder why the top wage earners are fleeing the state.

We've had idiot democrats AND republicans running the gubmint since Moses was working on his first merit badge. The taxes never, ever come down - neither does the spending.

Hell, last year was a bad budget crunch and the NY Leg only increased the budget by almost 2%. Figure it out; we're shot by a billion dollars and they raise the state budget to over $51 billion.

Fredd said...

Sig94: I stand corrected. When I say 'nobody could be dumber than an Illinois Democrat voter,' it is entirely possible that a dumber Democrat voter (or a million or two) can be found in the Empire State.