Monday, August 2, 2010

Are Democrats smarter than Republicans?

I would argue that, given the political landscape and its makeup over the last 50 years or so, Democrats are indeed smarter than Republicans. Look around: polls indicate that around 40% of all voters consider themselves conservative or conservative leaning. 20% call themselves Progressives (liberals) or progressive leaning. That leaves the remaining 40% of squishy independent or independent leaning fence sitters.
All Republicans have to do to win an election is convince a measly 26% of the independents to join them at the ballot box, and the election is in the bag. Democrats, on the other hand, have to convince 76% of those squishy folks to vote their way each and every election, and yet election after election these days we see Democrats win the day.
How is this possible? The media, of course, is on their side, and that helps lots. In addition, the Democrats have inroads into academia and unionized activities, also helpful. Plus, all ACORN fraud and the dead folk vote pad the Democrat ballot.
Republicans have lots to learn from Democrats, but they resist getting down and dirty. Republicans are playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules, while Democrats are swinging two-by-fours and chairs in the fight over control of public resources. If a Democrat is charged with an ethics violation, they drag the proceedings out for a few years (Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters come to mind currently), all the while keeping them around and count on their liberal votes each and every issue. Republicans, when a minor amount of dirt is charged against one of their own, immediately throw the wayward GOP scalawag under the bus. No ifs, ands or buts - they are gone.
Who's smarter, politically speaking? Democrats, hands down. I wonder when Republicans are going to wise up?
I am not holding my breath.


Linda said...

It is sad, but I agree with you. Republicans are too polite! We need to STAND UP and be counted!

Kid said...

Very good points and I agree. I would add that it's not hard for the dems to pick up that 76% of independents.

Honestly, given the diametrically opposed platforms of the Red and Blue teams, if you haven't figured out which one to support, you're a moron with a capital F.

They've got 100% of the black, nearly 100% of the union people. (The union people are currently convinced repubs would break up the UAW..) and they've got the vast majority of the kids who think that the news is information flow..

Then when the red team puts up a liberal like McCain, enough of the red voters stay home.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Although I agree Fredd I must say that out of the two parties one has to be the ADULT and punish those who break the rules.

As to both Lindas' point and that of the Kids' I would say this is where the Tea Party comes in - Conservatives not republicans taking over the GOP.

'Republicans' have not held the banner of conservatism for some time now and in dropping the ball are of the delusion that they just have to go along to get along they will recieve votes?

This is obviously and disgustingly stupid.

This remains a center-right nation (believe it or not), you show people you not only say the word conservative but live it and breathe it and you have a winning strategy hands down.

Anonymous said...

I think the difference is the long term strategy. The left has sought to change thinking and law by controlling the courts, education, and the media. They know they are outnumbered in the short term, so they deliberately target certain key positions in society.

Silverfiddle said...

Republicans just don't have that activist streak. I guess we're too busy working...

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Republicans, when a minor amount of dirt is charged against one of their own, immediately throw the wayward GOP scalawag under the bus.

Two quibbles about this: 1) Given the media's slant is almost universally leftward, the Republicans could never get away with what the Dems get away with; and 2) John Ensign has not yet been chucked under the bus, and yet he ought to be after his shenanigans with payouts to his former mistress.

The other point is that you're assuming that self-identified independents break approximately equally to the left and to the right. It may be true, or it may not be. In fact, one might make the case that they probably break more to the left when exposed to a convincing Democratic candidate, since if they had any backbone, they'd identify conservative or liberal in the first place.

The left is bloody awful, but never underestimate the mediocrity of the center.

Fredd said...

Linda: we ARE too polite. Taking the gloves off when fighting these criminals is not out of consideration by reasonable folks.

Fredd said...


That squishy middle is squishy for only one reason: they ARE incredibly stupid not to see the clearly drawn lines between conservative principles and liberal ones.

These independents are the ones who voted Obama into office. We didn't, obviously, and a 20% liberal base didn't have enough votes. Independents are dumber than a bag of hammers, and if we haven't figured that out by now, how smart are WE? Perhaps we should try putting out our campaign literature using crayons and fingerpaint. Democrats do, or something similarly effective in reaching these cretins.

Fredd said...

Christopher: on principle I agree that punishing bad behavior is the civilized thing to do, but it weakens us politically. As a practical matter, what are our options?

Fredd said...


Another Democrat strong point - patience. How long did it take them to take over academia? Oh, 60or 70 years. And the media? 50, maybe, give or take.

Conservatives seem to thing they can change things culturally with a single election. How dumb is that?

Fredd said...


As they say, never say never. True, the sweeping statement that Republicans eat their own immediately has exceptions.

That idiot Ensign may survive his idiocy against all odds given he's within the party of 'purity:' if someone is not perfect, under the bus they go.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


To answer that question would be to elect conservatives. I dare say any and all with an (R) after their name kicked out and or convicted are just that-a republican as alluded to in my previous comment.

How politically strong can a party be filled with people who believe they are entitled to the post and view it as a career (beholdened to lobbiest's) as opposed to being a public servant?

Sound familiar to the DNC?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Republicans' have not held the banner of conservatism for some time now and in dropping the ball are of the delusion that they just have to go along to get along they will recieve votes? to agree fully..and hey is common sense part of intelligence?

Kid said...

Fredd, the crayons are a great idea. Someone pointed out eh difference between the DNC convention stage and he McCain stage. The DNC was all rainbows (double rainbows all the way!) and unicorns, and smiles and hope and all that stuff and the RNC stage looked like to took 5 minutes to design and less time t build and it looked like it was poking you in the eye.

Repubs better get wise. Though I still believe bold colors will get them elected and the trying to please everyone crap will leave them on the bench.