Friday, August 6, 2010

'American Independents:' Dumbest of the Dumb

And we all thought Republicans are pretty dumb. Well, they are. But at the top of the heap of stupid citizens, one would have to put the American Independent as the dumbest of the dumb. .
When Independents are tracked down and asked about an issue, any issue at all, they will tell whoever asks that they have yet to make a decision because all the facts are not in, or that they will make up their minds on election day. They must weigh all sides of the issue equally, you see, and then come to an informed and wise decision on the matter. They are moderate and tempered, you see, unlike radical conservatives and left wingers whose extreme views are unacceptable.
That's just all garbage and hooey. Gobbledygook. Bunk. It's just not true that Independents weigh any facts, seek clarification or are indecisive because of incomplete information. The truth about Independents is that they are just plain idiots. Stupid cretins. Dolts. The dumbest of the dumb in American politics. And they lie about why they call themselves Independents: they tell you that they are 'middle of the road,' or 'moderate,' or better yet 'don't believe any one side.'
Don't believe any of that . They are simply lazy, stupid slugs. The most common answer a moron Independent comes up with in response to any political poll or question the vast majority of the time is 'duh, I dunno.'
They will not raise a finger to think about an issue, when the battle lines of conservative versus liberal policy views are right in front of their lazy eyes. 'Too much work,' they say to themselves. 'Tax and spend Socialist liberals?' 'Racist and mean spirited Republicans?' Ah, nuts to all of that work it takes to think about this stuff, they tell themselves. The Independent lazily believes that the truth must lie somewhere in the middle of all of this political blather in the ubiquitous commercials that they see on TV prior to elections. And of course they resent all of these commercials that interrupt 'American Idol' and 'Wipeout.' Can't these politicians understand that they have priorities in life? Enough with the commercials about taxes, immigration reform, national defense, blah blah blah. Just let us Independents get back to 'Jersey Shore,' and tell us how hammered Snooki got last night, and where she puked...this time.
They are simply totally uninformed, and do not want to take the time to educate themselves on the issues. When (and if) they go to the polls to vote, they do not have the slightest clue as to whom to vote for. They will often pick the first name on the ballot. Or, more likely, they will pick the more attractive of the candidates; women Independents most often choose candidates in this manner. They will pick the candidate with better hair, the taller candidate, or the cute candidate with the cleft in his chin.
And the Democrats know this. They understand the Independent. They actively market to the stupid, the dummies, the morons among us. That is why we consistently are ruled by Democrats year in and year out: they get it. Republicans don't. Republicans believe that people vote in elections after careful research into the positions and come to wise, balanced decisions.
Republicans better get with the program and call a spade a spade: Independents are dumber than a bag of hammers, and yet hold the keys to most elections. 40% of all American voters polled claim to be Independent or Independent-leaning. That's a huge percentage, and the Democrats know how to communicate with these dunderheads.
Suggestion: The GOP should start marketing to this stupid crowd effectively, using methods that resonate with the dumb: perhaps campaign literature written in crayon, and yard signs using finger paint; dumb things down to the Independent level. The Democrats already do this. The Republicans should take notes if they want to win the day in November.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Wow Fredd,

Don't hold back, tell us what you really think,,lol.

I tend to agree (as usual, except Robo that is) but I believe these people have a real problem with commitment and recoil at the thought of being critisised (you do a great job at the latter here).

I am not aware of a survey of self-described independants but would bet most are single and or divorced. This is a result of 'sitting on the fence'.

In the case of remaining single they fear commitment but have no problem teasing any one partner(s) and string them along.

In the case of divorce, well they thought they had overcome the fear of commitment and the responsibility that comes with it just to be met with contructive critisism (comes with marriage at times) thus having to take an introspective look at themselves,,NOT,,divorce.

Same with politics, an independent votes for a republican, hears a dem critise his decision,,OH NO, I made a bad choice,,divorce. Next cycle vise/versa and on it goes all the while not knowing what the hell the truth is and never commiting.

Beyond the independents you have elected RINO's and DINO's which can be deemed the "adulterer's" which pander to the independents non-commital vote while screwing the Republic up the ass.

Fredd said...


So, if I read your comments correctly, you don't buy my argument that Independents are stupid, but would posit that they in reality are simply cowards.

I am not sure which of these I want in the voting booth: an idiot or a coward. I am inclined to think that both of us are correct: Independents are stupid cowards. And accordingly should be prohibited from voting altogether.

Fredd said...


On Robocop.

Let's bury the hatchet, and allow me to propose the following:

You tell me of a movie in which you find profoundly relevent to the human condition, and which I find to be less relevant than a fresh, steaming pile of dog feces (much like you consider Robo).

I will force myself (in a 'Kubrick Chair', if need be) to watch your brilliant movie and give it my very best shot at trying to see your observation as to its merits.

You must, on the other hand, rent Robocop. Watch it and observe its nuances, subtleties and clever scenes as it reflects on the human condition (such as is possible in Detroit, you would know).


PS> (and I must take 'Bridges of Madison County' off the table of your recommendations, I would rather have red hot pokers jammed into my eyeballs than watch that God awful movie again.)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


You read into it properly but it is not that I do not buy your arguement, I am simply adding to it.

Cowards tend to be stupid to begin with and there are endless examples of proof to that, so both descriptions are totally compatible.

I agree on a complete prohibition on their votes. Call it disenfrachisement if you will, but as far as I am concerned they will have brought it on themselves if it ever came to pass.

If there was ever a time in my life where there was absolutely no 'grey' matter it is now.
Call it black or white, left or right, there are didtinct differences and clear choices and no middle-ground.

Independents, do some fricking homework, firmly pick a side and get off the damn fence!

Amusing Bunni said...

I hope they don't mess up the upcoming elections. We HAVE to get rid of all the democRATS before we're living in a gulag broke and hungry.

WomanHonorThyself said...

your' right..we better wise up! HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND my friend!:)))

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I appreciate the offer but I hope you know I mention Robo for kick's and giggle's.

As to the offer I wish I could oblige but cannot help in this regard.

I am one who enjoys movie's, music and some television but see no 'relevency to the human condition' whatsoever beyond that of what is intended - entertainment.

As I consider you a friend I will refrain from mentioning R--o in the future as I meant no offense but rather a chuckle.

TKZ said...

Sitting on the fence is only for the willfully ignorant and the dumb. It's true. With 2 diametrically opposed philosophies at work only the uninformed can be "moderates." We've simply got to win them over with a little logic and brownies. :o)

The Conservative Lady said...

Good analysis of the fickle, feeble-minded Independents.

Fredd said...


Brownies, those work well with my 8year old daughter. Logic? Not so much.

ACORN thugs bribe Independent morons into getting on the bus heading towards the polls by offering whiskey and cigarettes.

It seems to work. Republicans should start stocking on up the Marlboros and Jack Black.

Fredd said...


Feeble minded, for sure. Fickle? See comment above for TKC, just offer them some whiskey and cigarettes, and they are in your corner. Just have a bus standing by, along with several GOP operatives reminding them who gave them the Marlboros and Jack Daniels (they tend to have an attention span similar to that of the average house fly).

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Fredd, I agree with you in general, but there are exceptions to the stupid coward rule for Independents. Most are stupid, some are cowards, and many are both; but a few among them are calculating opportunists. They'll go whichever way the wind blows because they think they can get something out of it.

Of course, that's probably just a form of cowardice, and as a strategy for getting in on the graft it's probably a stupid one, so perhaps you've already got it covered.

In Quebec about 15 years ago, the premier (approximately equal to a state governor) was an annoying lying sack of dung named Jacques Parizeau. He did once say something interesting, though, about elections in his province. It was this (and I paraphrase only slightly): "We are elected by idiots. Forty percent of Quebeckers always vote for our party. Forty percent always vote for the other party. The other twenty percent are idiots. They don't even know who the prime minister of Canada is, but they decide our elections."

True, dat. And scary.

Fredd said...


True dat, indeed. The only difference between Canada and the US when it comes to general elections is the percentage of idiots in charge of picking winners and losers: in Canada, it's 20%, and here it's 40%.

I can explain why Canada only has half the amount of idiots as a percentage. Climate. In the U.S., there are areas where the idiots can be completely irresponsible, and not die of exposure when they piss away everything (generally below the Mason-Dixon line). They can wrap themselves in paper bags at night and wake up the next morning.

In Canada, most folks who want to continue breathing have to have at least something on the ball, or they wind up popsicles at some point or other when the winter closes in on the folks.

Silverfiddle said...

I share your disdain of independents, Fredd, but I think El Cerdo nailed the root cause: Cowardice. And others, sneaky King Rat-style calculation, or a combination of both.

They are weasels.

Fredd said...


'Disdain?' Some of my best friends are cowardly, weasely, indecisive stupid Independents.

Actually, that was some sarcasm there, Silv. I can't STAND anyone who calls themself an Independent. I have more respect for a self proclaimed Liberal, and that's saying something, since at least I know where they are coming from. Not so with Independents. They make me sick. That includes Bill O'Reilly at times. He cuts Obama way too much undeserved slack for my tastes in his efforts to remain 'independent.' A pox on independents.

Kid said...

Excellent analysis Fredd. I have little to add to the analysis.

I would say any independent over 30 is stupid, and any independent under 30 is merely ignorant.

They were born and accepted their parents as guiding their thoughts. Then school teachers began to take over that role, eventually taking the majority. Then when they are out of school, there is a huge vacuum, and where do they turn? The media. The 'news' people, whom because of conditioning, the folks accept easily that the 'news' people are there to inform from a level of expertise far above us all.

Of course, realizing that most 'news' people are some of the dumbest SOBs on the planet, heads full of dust bunnies, obsessed with #200 weekly haircuts, and if they happen to be college grads themselves, and for the most part 'communication' or arts degree people. About the lamest degree one can get.
K Olberman of course from an AG school, learning about worms, and the digestive tract of a cow. Now telling millions of people what to believe about the most complex issues to ever face mankind.

Just makes me wanna go berserk ya know?

Kid said...

Fredd, PS - YEs, I remember during one of the 'debates' for the 08 election, McCain popped out from behind his podium and stated 'We haven't done that since Herbert Hoover was president'. Talking about obamas plan for tax increases in a recession/depression.

Obviously, there isn't an 'independent' in America who had the slightest clue what that meant, and I knew at that moment oblama would win.

Kid said...

PSS- Good point about the climate.:)

But those Kanuks still voted for socialism many moons ago.

TKZ said...

I'm sure you're right, Fredd: whiskey and cigarettes would work better than my brownies. hehe

Joe said...

TKZ said: "Sitting on the fence is only for the willfully ignorant and the dumb."

Reminded me of the Mugwumps.

Although they claimed independence, Mugwumps were political birds who always sat on the fence with their mug on one side and their wump on the other. They flew backwards. Didn't care where they were going, only where they had been.

TKZ said...

I had to google Mugwumps, Joe, because I've never heard of them before, but reading up on them you are right on!! They were holier-than-thou and sanctimonious in their attempts to transcend the 2 parties of the time, and were just politically in the middle between the two parties, pandering to both. Hahaha!!!
The description almost seems tea party except that the tea party is not in the unprincipled middle and isn't really willing to pander to anybody.

Fredd said...

A word about Mugwumps:

Mugwumps were Republicans who bolted the party and supported Democrat Grover Cleveland's candidacy in 1884 because they couldn't stand the GOP candidate James G. Blaine because of his corruption taint at the time.

The 'James G. Blaine Society' is a modern day organization in the state of Oregon that discourages Californians (mostly, but east coasters qualify as well) from coming to Oregon, buying up all the prime real estate, and bringing California and northeastern (read: Nancy Peolsi's and Howard Dean's) values and civics with them.

These 'closed borders-types' in Oregon named their society after James G. Blaine (whom all Mugwumps eschewed) because during the presidential campaign of 1884, James G. Blaine visited every state in the union during his campaing except one: The Great State of Oregon.

Just thought someone might want to know, since Mugwumps seem to be the rage right now.