Monday, February 3, 2020

Nobody is going to win the Iowa caucuses

Well, except Donald Trump.

Whoever claims victory on the Democrat side of things in Iowa tonight will surely go down in flames eventually, since none of them...not a single one of them...has any credible idea as to how to make things better for Americans.  Other than Donald Trump, that is.

The radical socialist communist left wing of the Democrat party now calls all the shots.  The only reasonable Democrat still in the race (technically) is John Delaney (D-Md), and even he has some radical left wing ideas on tax rates, social programs and other ways to spend taxpayer money like a drunken sailor.  And he is their most reasonable guy in the race, and has no shot.  He is clearly not nutty enough for the left wing base, who is chomping at the bit to change America into a nation more like Communist China or Vladimir Putin's dictatorship in Russia.

Most of them on the ballot (Michael Bloomberg or Tom Steyer not withstanding) have never run a successful business, not even a lemonade stand; Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, NONE of those guys (and squaws) have ever met a payroll or made multi-million dollar decisions as to how to better a business's position in the market.  And yet ALL of these dufuses (dufi?) are trying to convince voters that they and only they know how to best allocate American resources to the benefit of Americans.  How on earth can they claim this as true?

And exactly how on earth can all of these idiots convince the majority of Americans that their lives suck right now, and that things are going down the crapper, when all anybody has to do is look around them and see that things are coming up roses on virtually every front under the leadership of President Trump.  They are trying to convince us that it's raining, when in fact they are pissing on us.  Only the dumbest Americans can possibly fall for all of their malarkey (as Slow Joe Biden might put it).

They can't continue this narrative with any credibility.  But that doesn't stop them from trying.  Nobody among these cretins currently running for president on the left has any ideas as to how best to manage the American economy, manage the American foreign trade/policy matters or anything else that is required to promote American interests, either foreign or domestic.

Yet every media outlet in the country is watching this horse race. 

As if any of these clods will avoid a landslide loss in November.


LL said...

Obviously, that's why the donkeys felt that impeaching President Trump would either stop him or slow him down. But as with the Russia hoax, it all fizzled. The Iowa caucus is a beauty contest in a state that President Trump is expected to win by a large margin. The same is true of New Hampshire.

The only strategy left to the donkeys is to put all of your money, Fredd up for auction. Stealing other people's money has been the only strategy that they have. Bernie and the other communists don't plan to offer up THEIR personal fortunes to the mob, but they're comfortable offering up yours.

And if America goes for it, we're doomed. Because there's no place else to go. No new frontier.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Their greatest accomplishment is a circle firing squad formation (thankfully).

Fredd said...

LL: yes, other people's money is the mother's milk of the left. Every leftist, statist commie can live in the lap of luxury while the rest of their country survives on crumbs. Works for them, and wonderfully so ('let them eat cake,' or words to that effect).

Take Bloomberg: he's avidly anti-2nd Ammendment, and thinks that the police should be the only ones armed in our society. Let them do their job, right Mike? He thought that the hero in Texas that shot that scumbag in church should have waited for the police. Sure, then another dozen or so dead bodies would have resulted, that seems to be OK with Mike. And yet HE has a security force surrounding him, all armed to the teeth. But YOU don't need a gun, just leave that to the police. And he believes this to the very core of his being. He has no shot, either, by the way, for getting the Dem tap as the nominee. America likes their salt, their Big Gulps and their AR-15's, unlike Little Mikey (or whatever nickname The Donald will hang on him).

Fredd said...

Fool: not exactly circular, nor a firing squad. This spectacle is more like a circus, with each of them vying for who has the bigger, redder nose, the bigger floppier shoes or can shoot their squirt-gun flower farther.

In the end, they want the nod and then will run the country like a circus: feed the lions, and pull the wool over the circus-goers with their rigged circus games designed to fleece the suckers.

Then expect everyone to go away happy after having spent $275 dollars in quarters winning that $5.00 teddy bear.

drjim said...

Good analogy, Fredd!

Adrienne said...

Whoever claims victory on the Democrat side of things in Iowa tonight will surely go down in flames eventually, since none of them...not a single one of them...has any credible idea as to how to make things better for Americans. Other than Donald Trump, that is.

So much clear and prophetic thinking crammed into one teeny paragraph, Fredd. (linked)

Fredd said...

Adrienne: prophetic, schmophetic. Any cretin, including me, can see clearly what lies ahead for these wild eyed, crazy nutbag moonbat pie in the sky lefties who tout ridiculous foolishness as national policy.

There are just more fly over country bitter clingers out there that will have none of it, and they will crawl over a mile of broken glass to get to the polls this November.

No crystal ball needed here, Adrienne. Or as my daughter would say, 'duh.'

LSP said...

Fredd, I like this prophetic post a lot because it's true, I think you're right in the X-Ring. That said, you'd have thought Satan would raise up better leaders for his cause than this crew of misfits, mountebanks, traitors and ne'er do wells.

Are they trying to lose or has their infernal overlord driven them insane. That said, will the Magic Mitchelle enter from stage left to save the day?

Terrifying prospect.

Fredd said...

Padre: Satan has never really been known for picking the best and brightest, and Tom Perez, Grand Poobah of the DNC is the poster boy of not-best and not-bright. He couldn't even run a junior high school student body campaign, much less a national contest. The Iowa debacle portends how well the country will be run should, God Forbid! - the Dems take the reigns of power in November.

I have no Nobel Prize in economics, but unlike Paul Krugman's missed call after the Trump win in 2016, I predict the stock market tanking like O.J. Simpson's popularity should a bat guano crazy lefty take office.

Adrienne said...

See - LSP thinks you're prophetic too. So there!!

Fredd said...

Adrienne - yes, it would seem I got lucky on calling the results.

Kid said...

Landslide. Dems lose the house and more of the Senate. We Party like it's 1999. Libtards run around screaming and flailing their arms. Can't Wait.

Z said...

I think Trump IS the big winner.
"scumbags"'re SO RIGHT!

Fredd said...

Z: and 'scumbag' is a toned-down version of what I originally wanted to say.