Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The coming 'Big Blue Wave' and other liberal fiction...

Yes, we've all heard it from every talking head on every mainstream medium outlet: just wait until November and Democrats will turn out the vote in such huge numbers that the GOP may never see another majority again.  Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) will be Speaker of the House in perpetuity.

Sounds ominous for Republicans, right?  Doomsday is just six short months away.  This has to be the way things will turn out, because everybody is saying so.  The polls never lie.

Not so fast, there, Kimosabe.  I seem to recall hearing this same thing about Hillary Clinton in 2016; she was a shoo-in, a sure thing, a lead pipe cinch.  And then she lost and not by just a little.  Donald Trump mopped the floor with her in the Electoral College (the only one that counts).  It wasn't even close.  Every poll leading up to the 2016 election had Hillary Clinton ahead by double digits, and then the actual votes were counted.  Wrong, oh so horribly wrong.

Now we are all to believe these same morons who are predicting the same thing?  Liberal victories for as far as the eye can see?

We all didn't just fall off the onion truck yesterday.  These bat shit crazy liberals can shout this foolishness from the mountain tops all they want, and it still will come down to the average American voter walking into that polling place in November and pulling the lever for whomever made their lives better these last two years.

Who will they be pulling those levers for?  The Democrats?  These very Democrats, who have voted to a man and woman in Congress against President Trumps' tax reform bill?  This very same bill which has now put thousands of dollars (also known as 'crumbs' to Red Nancy) in the average American taxpayer pocket?  

Ha, fat chance.  

The Democrats are vowing to repeal the tax reform bill, take back those 'crumbs' and spread it around to their favorite special interests.  How well will that sell in Peoria?  This is the message that their 'Big Blue Wave' will ride to victory on?

I wouldn't start measuring the windows in those current GOP congressional offices for liberal-type drapes just yet.  Let's see how things go in November, and see whether this Big Blue Wave materializes, or whether the liberal left is in for just some Big Blues.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Still a registered Democrat (Blue dog) who hopes the Jeb! RINOs get their asses handed to them in the primaries and the (P)regressives get hammered in the general. Too bad I can't register as a Deplorable!

As to the MSM, an old manager was fond of saying, "Wish in one hand, shit in the other, and see which fills first".

Gorges Smythe said...

The question is whether republicans will get stupid and stay home, but I don't think they will.

Fredd said...

Fool: doesn't matter how you register, it's how you vote. Here in the Land of Lincoln, the primaries are not open. You can register D and screw up their primary ('Operation Chaos,' of years ago), or R and see if you can get rid of your hated RINO's (fat chance).

In the general, if you are voting for anybody with a D behind their name, you have lived up to your handle, Fool. Doesn't mean that the other guy is a lot less evil, but simply less evil. Even a bad Republican is heads and tails better than a good Democrat.

And we have a whole buttload of bad Republicans holding seats, believe you me.

Fredd said...

Republicans get stupid all the time, Gorges. They don't call them 'The Stupid Party' for nothing.


BB-Idaho said...

You may well be right, Fredd: the N Korea negotiations have helped the administration pollwise. They say all politics is local, so bread and butter issues
are important. Here in Idaho it is just abortion and guns and the state is lock stock and barrel GOP. The excitement is about the $millions pouring into the state
to the various GOP candidates and the line dancing they are doing to see who can get the most conservative and 'Trumpiest'. Knd of odd, all the Idaho politicians are arguing over how high they should raise the gas tax, the dirt roads getting a bit rutty, and we dare not tax the trucks that cause it. Best bet is 25 cents a gallon, which when added to the predicted rise in the price in oil should put us around $3.75. As usual, I'll vote liberal (if I can find one) just to let them know that they don't own everyone here. As usual, it will be spitting into the wind! :)

Fredd said...

BB: Got good friends in Idaho, visit them fairly regularly near Donnely (Tamarack, more specifically). Hubby is like you say, a gun totin' GOP guy. The missus hails from the NYC area, New Jersey specifically, and is a card carryin' socialist and pulls the handle for anybody with a D behind their name.

Both worked in Boise for much of their lives, now are happy in the boonies, rubbing elbows with Andre Agassi and his ball-n-chain, Steffi Graf, who own property not far from theirs.

BB-Idaho said...

Is that what they call a 'mixed marriage'? I'm about 120 miles N of that area,
up through the Payette National Forest past Hells Canyon and the Seven Devils
range. You know..the further from Boise the better!

Fredd said...

BB: we went fishing up the Payette River, didn't catch jack. I think it's been fished out for 20 years or so by all the Californians that moved to Idaho.

LSP said...

Oh yes, the fabled Blue Wave; it sounds a bit like something being flushed.

The Democrats think that'll be Trump because nobody likes lower taxes, national security, smaller government and an end to asset stripping our country for the benefit the Beltway Elite.

But what if the country is against spirit cooking, trans bathrooms, non-stop ghetto riots, open borders and bloated government?

As you say, the pollsters got it wrong once before. Maybe it'll be the blues that get flushed, to the gushing of liberal tears, once again.

Fredd said...

Pastor: nothing would make my heart leap with joy than to see liberals, tears streaming down their faces in utter despair, in agony over this phony baloney Blue Wave never showing up.

It was wonderful to see them all crying like babies when the Old Crone went down in flames.

Ah, those cherished memories.

Kid said...

Fredd, This lying BS strategy is all they have. Literally all they have. I'm amazed at how stupid they are. obama won on rainbows and unicorns, and these numbnuts think they can win by being angry, hateful, anti-American, pro-illegal alien, anti-Middle Class, Obvious Criminal (clinton, mueller, comey, rosenstein, etc etc) people. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!

Plus I hear the latest defecrat strategy, verbalized by Nana Pelosi, is going to be 'We will torture and kill every stinking American by 2024 if you elect us !!!"

No Blue Wave. Red Tsunami. And not just the next couple elections if the 'Trump Movement' continues to gain ground.

Kid said...

Fredd, I would pay to see video of clinton's election night party room as it started to get tense then was obvious Trump was going to win. Seriously, I'll bet it looked like ugly vampires being drug out of satan's ass into the sunlight...

I KNOW the beast was convinced it would win. Now that is wonderful to think about also.

Fredd said...

Kid: Red Tsunami? We'll see if, like The Donald said, Americans get tired of winning. I would think we wouldn't tire of all of this winning at all.

But I have been wrong before guessing at how my fellow Americans view their situation when pulling those levers in the voting booth.