Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Puerto Rico was a mess before the hurricane...

Now, after being hammered by Hurricane Irma, it is now an even bigger mess.

Puerto Rico has been run by corrupt men ever since the days of the infamous pirate Blackbeard occasionally put down anchor off its shores, and the rampant corruption continues to this very day.  While the setting of this island could have been the stuff of great vacation getaways, its handlers for the last 500 years have siphoned off every nickel that ever washed ashore.

It is home to 3,000,000 slovenly people, and virtually none of them  have even a sliver of a work ethic.  They all have been on the public dole for generations, and have never even considered building their homes or businesses to withstand the subtropical extreme weather that slams these environs frequently over the last million years or more.

Puerto Rico was completely bankrupt prior to their hovels being blown down.  Now every Puerto Rican has their hand out, waiting for the U.S. government to swoop down in helicopters and luxury cruise ships and whisk them off to a Marriott property somewhere, where they will feast on shrimp scampi and caviar, scold the Marriott staff for not hustling a little faster in fulfilling their whims, and all the while the U.S. taxpayers are expected to bust all of our asses and rebuild their hovels to exactly the way they were prior to this natural occurrence.  And without they themselves pitching in one iota.

Nuts to that.  Puerto Ricans, all 3,000,000 of them should knuckle down, pick themselves up and soldier on.  Their island could probably support perhaps 100,000 hard working folk who can cater to the only industry worth rebuilding: the tourist industry.  I don't know what the other 2,900,000 of them will do, but they better figure it out themselves.

But no.  They won't lift a finger to help themselves.  They will whine, caterwaul and in general gnash their teeth and engage in great wailing.  

I say we turn a blind eye to these wastrels.  Let them stew in the mess they themselves are responsible for.  They chose to live in Hurricane alley, and when a hurricane eventually came along and did what hurricanes do, they are flabbergasted.

How about doing what everyone else does the world over; help yourselves.  


LL said...

Puerto Rico is a Democrat Party stronghold. It's residents are emblematic of LBJ's Great Society. A Cadillac in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, a fancy home and an ATM with an unlimited balance will not satiate them. They'd still want more. And we're stuck with this millstone. To shuck them off would be racist and possibly homophobic because there are a lot of gender confused people there on the island.

It all just tacks on the deficit.

There are over 10,000 containers of relief supplies at the port that are not moving because the truckers are not showing up to work. They want the US Army to do it for them. Based on my understanding, that's happening.

The people of Puerto Rico (who hate the US - just hang out on the streets and you'll find out) want us the US to support them financially as if they were retarded stepchildren -- a good analogy if I do say so myself.

LL said...

Puerto Rico, when Blackbeard and friends ran the place, was a better class of people.

Kid said...

Honestly, why did we ever associate America with this place? Yea I know. Money Laundering.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - They didn't seem to like Trump telling them basically the same thing!

Fredd said...

LL: these island territories seem to think alike. Native Hawaiians hate us Haolis, too. Sure, they take our money, but they still hate our guts.

Screw them.

Fredd said...

Kid: I'm not sure how this happened, but we need a divorce. Irreconcilable differences.

Fredd said...

Gorges: of course. Scumbags hate being called scumbags.

Kid said...

PS, We know a waitress at a local restaurant. Her husband (in a little head thinking moment) had a child with a Puerto Rican female at an earlier time. First off this bitch has never had a job in the entire time she has been in the US - on welfare. The child was her tool to get More money from us Taxpayers and she was criminally incompetent with said child. Guy and current wife (waitress) have spent thousands trying to get custody of this child. After many years they finally succeeded. How many times is this going on in the USA?

Immigration reform? Ah, yea.

Brig said...

Here, here, well said Fredd!