Friday, November 21, 2014

All we have to do is survive just two more lame duck years

Obama just threw down the gauntlet in front of the Republican's feet a mere two weeks after his party's historic landslide defeat at the national ballot box.

He will write new immigration legislation because the Republicans are dragging their feet on presenting him with a bill that he agrees with (like that is ever going to happen in our lifetime).

We'll see how the GOP takes this brazen violation of the Constitution.  Sitting down?  Maybe.  They might fly off the handle (I'd like to see that, I don't think they have it in them).

In any event, all we have to do as a nation is survive just two more years somehow of Obama's lame duck years.  Just two more.  He has now poisoned the Democrat brand so thoroughly up to this point in his presidency, most Americans have had it up to their eyeballs in liberalism's failures.

There's just no way any Democrat can succeed in 2016 in sneaking into the Oval Office.  Barry has so tainted every major Democrat's standing with Americans, they simply can't distance themselves far enough from Barry now, regardless of what they do or say.

How about Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren (D-Ma)?  High cheek bones and all, she is more liberal than Barry, and that is saying something.  Trust me, Kimosabe, this heap big liberal squaw will go-um down in heap big flames if the Dems have the nerve to nominate her, regardless of how much wampum she has in her war-teepee.  Pocahontas Warren was touted as the first 'woman of color' appointed to her position at Harvard.  Woman of color?  Elizabeth Warren?  She is arguably the whitest white gal east of the Mississippi.  I have seen better tans on jars of mayonnaise than on this 'woman of color.'  She's a complete and total (or as her people say, 'heap big') fraud and has no chance at attaining a position at the national level. 

Jim Webb (D-Va) has recently dipped his toe in the presidential waters.  He is so in bed with Barry philosophically, the GOP nominee in the 2016 race will lay a coat of Barry-paint on him so thick, it will take a battalion of chisel-bearing toadies to chip it off him.

And of course, there's Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-anywhere), who is joined at the hip with Barry.  She was in charge when Benghazi blew up in their liberal faces, there isn't a chance in hell that she won't be tarred and feathered with that debacle during the 2016 campaign. 

Americans are so sick and tired of this liberal crew and their devastating policies, even low info types like the Obama-phone lady in Cleveland have had enough.

All the GOP has to do is nominate somebody not named Bush and they are a shoe-in in 2016.


Gorges Smythe said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of the average voter.

Fredd said...

Gorges: you are right. And so is Gruber, although he didn't say it as eloquently.

LL said...

I don't think that the fake indian has a chance of being nominated. Jim Webb on the other hand would be a much better candidate for the Dems (covered in Obama sewage though he is). He'd play better for prime time than Poca-haunt-us or the Bitch of Benghazi.

Fredd said...


What, no comment on my mayonnaise gag? It doesn't get any better than that...

LL said...

Ok, white IS a color (sorta) that flesh, the color of a dead, bloated fish that washed up on the sand works for me. And if you have photos of the fake Indian naked, please DO NOT post them. I've seen a lot of horrible sights in my life but that might top them all.

The Mayonnaise Jar was clever. I'll hand you that.

Fredd said...

LL: thank you for the compliment I was fishing for. That mayonnaise jar line is my best stuff, all the rest of my material drops off from there.

And no naked pochahontas photos out of me, you can take that to the bank.

sig94 said...

I dunno Fredd, lets do some math.

Idiots in the voting booth + outright voter fraud/compliant liberal judges = democratic victory.

Fredd said...

Sig: all of the factors in your equation have merit, except that they are not weighted:

Idiot voters: 40% liberal base, no hope for these morons

Voter fraud: we're getting a better grip on this crap, with ID laws, and even as it is, it only affects very close races (Al Franken type bunko votes in trunks of cars). Upcoming 2016 will not be close, so fraud will not factor in results.

Compliant liberal judges: they don't outnumber us yet, and may not ever.

The math is still on our side, Sig.

Joe said...

Fredd: Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren (D-Ma)! Now that's funny!

The sad thing is I always had medium rare respect for Pocahontas. I hate to see her name slurred so. On the other hand...

Fredd said...


Pochahontas Warren deserves no respect whatsoever, IMO. She knowingly submitted paperwork claiming status as a minority, when clearly she was no such thing.

A fraud of the highest order, and not worthy of holding public office. She is an unmitigated, total and complete disgrace as a human being.

Other than that, she's OK.

Joe said...

Fredd: Actually, I was talking about the first know, the one who is said to have saved John Smith's life.

Kid said...

Pelosi in 2016 ! Heh.

@Joe. Warren is a POS of the high order. K? Damn it is depressing to see someone of your stature giving anything to such garbage.

Fredd said...

Joe: My mistake. Apologies for the lecture on, as Kid says, what a POS of the highest order the feaux-Pocahontas is.

Fredd said...

Kid: Pelosi? 2016? Can you imagine what the GOP would do to her in the campaign?

Who would be her running mate, Jerry Brown (D-Uranus) maybe?

Kid said...

@Joe, I misread you I guess, you're talking about the real one?

@Fredd, potential running mates for pelosi:
sharpton, sandra fluke, the black congressman who thinks Guam will capsize if we send any more troops there, any bum off the street.