Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What has Ferguson taught us all?

This conversation never ends.

It is always the same soap opera, which goes something like this: poor man and poor woman have children.  Poor man leaves for greener pastures, which are never greener.  Poor woman is left with the children, and is resentful of her lot in life.  Her children are neglected, and have no male role models, other than the thugs living in their neighborhood who live off of terrorizing the community.

The poor children of the poor single woman grow up, hating authority and feeling like their community owes them stuff.  They take what they want, regardless of the opposition to their uncontrolled lusts for things they have not worked for.

After a time, people of means grow tired of the violence in their community and leave.  Many of the people of means are white, while the people of little or no means have few options in life and stay in crime riddled neighborhoods, trapped by the cycle of poverty.

The poor black people living in crime ridden neighborhoods blame the white populations for abandoning them to these urban hell holes.  The white refugees seek safer communities for themselves and their children and are subsequently hated by those left behind.  'White Flight' occurs as a result of this never ending cycle.

And it will continue.  People want to live their lives in peace, and will do whatever they can to avoid hell holes like Ferguson, where the Zeit Geist dictates that it is OK for the public to ransack the town because an undisciplined black teenager was confronted and killed by police.

Ferguson will in time become another Detroit.  Filled with despair, hopelessness and violence.  The lesson we learned from Ferguson?  Avoid Ferguson.


Ed Bonderenka said...

What has it taught us?
That race-baiting is a thriving business.

Gorges Smythe said...


Fredd said...

Ed: Jesse and Al are counting on this race baiting business to continue in perpetuity.

And it will.

Kid said...

Fergeson boils down to this. LOSERS lives depend heavily on Lies and BS Excuses. Period. All you gotta know.