Monday, August 11, 2014

ISIS goal: rule the world. That was Charlie Manson's goal, too...

These ISIS dopes are all over the internet now, claiming that one day they will raise their black flag over the White House.  They are drunk with success in terrorizing a bunch of tribes in northern Iraq. 

Their victories came so easily, they figured ISIS will rule the world by Christmas.  

Good luck with that, Mustafa.

These maniacs of ISIS remind me a lot of Charles Manson and his murderous 'family' back in the late 1960's.  Yes, it's a stretch, but here goes:

Charlie figured he could start a race war in the US by randomly killing some 'piggies' (rich white folk) and blame it on blacks.  He then figured that the whites would retaliate by rising up and killing blacks indiscriminately and subsequently society would fall into chaos.  He and his bunch would then hide out at the Spann Ranch until the shooting subsided, and then he would emerge and unite everyone, with him as king.

Yes, this was about as numb-nutted a plan as was ever concocted by a human in the history of the planet, with as many holes in this moronic plan as a million pound chunk of Swiss cheese.

And the same idiocy can be assigned to these dolts that comprise ISIS.  Their plan involves sweeping throughout the world installing their caliphate on everybody.  Everyone will fear their tactics of chopping off heads, hands, legs and eyeballs willy nilly and subsequently everyone will submit to the will of Allah.

Nice plan if you can pull it off, Mahmoud.

Mustafa, Mahmoud and the rest of that murderous ISIS bunch are nothing more than a pack of uneducated goat herders who have been given AK-47's and told to shoot infidels.  They then capitalized on the Obama failure to retain any residual US forces in a fractured Iraq and subsequently seized a ton of US weapons from the stupid goat herders-turned-Iraqi-soldiers when they dropped their rifles, abandoned their Abrahams tanks at the first sign of trouble from ISIS.  It's a local mess that will fizzle out to nothing once ISIS runs out of US howizter ammo, and their M1 Abrahams tanks conk out (which will be real soon, those babies need a butt load of maintenance: something about which these ISIS boobs have no clue).

Once their cache of seized weapons is expended, they are done with their expansion plans.  They couldn't manufacture so much as a toaster, to say nothing of assault rifle rounds and RPGs.

But they sure know how to make the news.

And, of course, so did Charlie Manson .


sig94 said...

Good one Fredd. I only hope that things fall apart sooner rather than later. We really should arm the Kurds to the teeth and sic them on these murderous bastards.

Kid said...

Good Analogy Fredd. fwiw, I also saw Che as a charlie manson after watching a documentary on the POS.

Anyway, I'm not so sure these vermin are going to run out of gas as soon as you think they will. Air power alone will not vanquish the sadistic bastards, (they're surrounded by human shields) and I don't see a situation where American boots go on the ground again in Iraq. No homeland support for that plus Iraq will not give us the carte blanc to kill vermin without fear of criminal prosecution of said troops.

I think the only solution is to nuke the entire middle east, then kill all the muslims who have dispersed into civilized countries with the intent of breeding them out and gaining political majority.

Fredd said...

Kid: nuking the entire Middle East is certainly a potential tactic down the road, assuming things keep going as they are, with a muslim uprising worldwide.

The first target, of course, would be Mecca. That oughtta take some of the steam out these assholes.

Fredd said...

Sig: we will arm the Kurds. But not while this dummy is still in the White House. By the time 2016 rolls around, ISIS will be firmly entrenched in every desolate hell hole in the area.

Now, an ISIS advance into Jordan should be interesting. We'll see if that spurs the money guys (MINO's; mulsim in name only - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAR) to start doing something in their own defense. They certainly can afford it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I remember being in Turkey. A coworker was shot by Kurds walking down the street.
The Kurds are Muslim.
The enemy of my enemy is:
My enemies enemy.
Nuking the ME will certainly have ill effect on the Kurds.
Probably the Jews, too.

Fredd said...


Historically speaking, these people in the Middle East (with the exception of the Israelis) have been stuck in the 7th century since, well, the 7th century.

The only reason they have electricity is because Westerners installed it for them. The only reason they have running water is because Westerners plumbed their damn countries for them.

These people still wipe their butts with their hands. And throw acid in the faces of people that look at them sideways. Honor killing of daughters doesn't raise so much as an eyebrow.

They are primitive barbarians, and have been since the, let's see, uh, THE 7TH CENTURY.

And we are trying to spare their feelings, much less their country's from colateral damage?

They would kill every US and Israeli citizen, given even half a chance.

We should turn the Middle East into glass (sparing Israel), and then start those civilizations from scratch. Of course we would have to outlaw rebuilding Mecca. Since it would be the first city to go.

Kid said...

Fredd, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qater practice Wahhabism a branch of Sunni which in some ways is worse than islam. In S Arabia for example, ever single child is raised to hate America as the great satan. If we want to let them kill the others first, then take them out fine by me.

Z said...

I'm of Armenian extraction so I'm no big fan of Kurds, but I agree with sig and you, Fred.
BUT, America comes FIRST, it's the land that gave my respectful and America-loving family their starts in life away from Turkey....
so, I'm with you.

I saw a story today about a 25 yr old lovely young woman who's had a crush on ol' Charlie since she was 19. She's moved to Colorado, I believe it is?, to be near him..she visits every weekend. They want to marry. He's 79. Yup. And, thankfully, no conjugal rights if/when they do marry.

I saw this ISIS comparison to Charlie and started wondering how many idiotic female sycophants love the ISIS terrorists.

Want to bet?

Fredd said...

Kid: I could be wrong, but I think the governments (or tyrants in charge) of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAR are mostly secular. They worship the petro dollar above all else, as it keeps them in power.

The rank and file bedouin who happens to dwell within these borders of (name the ME cesspool of your choice here) all listen to these Wahabi immam maniacs within their borders, and believe that the Little Satan and Great Satan will burn in hell once the 12th immam comes, and lights the world on fire.

The secular potentates in charge are fine with that kind of rage boiling away in their kingdoms. It keeps the rabble occupied and focuses their hatred towards the West, and not where it truly lies - the petroleum soaked tyrant lounging about in his palace.

Fredd said...


No way I'd bet on that one, Z. I would wager there are thousands of young female idiots, for whatever deranged reasons, who would want to ride off into the sunset with one of these ISIS jihadis.

Young girls are always attracted to the 'bad-boy' types. And these ISIS guys make the James Dean, Marlon Brando and young Charlie Manson bad boys look like choir boys.

Those ISIS guys will cut your head off rather than spit on the sidewalk. Not that they have sidewalks in their neck of the woods. Not that they even have woods in their neck of the woods.

But I digress.

That 25 year old Colorado girl's parents must be so proud...

Unknown said...

You're underestimating the power and scope of ISIS. ISIS isn't just a bunch of crazies, they're the wealthiest terrorist group in history, and by a large margin. They're very capable of far more than Manson ever had even an ice cube's chance in hell at achieving.

Fredd said...

Spider: Yes, my analogy is not exact. None are.

BUT - ISIS is not capable of taking on an organized resistance, not even the puny armed forces of Jordan. Yes, they hold territory in the chaos of a melted down Iraq and Syria. Simply said, they are just a pack of warlords who took over an oil field. Your suggestion that they are coming for us is giving them way too much credit.

They are closer to the Manson Family in size and shape than they are to the Nazis.