Monday, October 8, 2012

Fredd's Top 10 Evil Americans of All Time

You would think OJ Simpson, Jerry Sandusky and Casey Anthony would head up this list: but you would be wrong based on my criteria.  These jerks are simply some of the most HATED Americans, but had limited (but profound) affect on very few of our citizens.

My criteria for making the Top 10 Evil list concerns primarily how many of us are adversely affected by their actions.  OJ, for example, only killed two people (that we know of), and their families of course were profoundly and negatively affected.  Ditto with Jerry Sandusky.  Sure, lots of folks affected, but I would say it does not exceed 500, tops.

Without further ado, here are in my humble opinion the worst and most evil Americans ever:

10) Rev. Jim Jones.  This scumbag was directly responsible for the deaths of 914 people in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978.  These misguided victims believed in Jone's cult and his promises of a paradise on earth, and paid for their foolishness with their lives. 

9)  Bernie Madoff.  Convicted of defrauding thousands of investors out of billions of dollars, this guy slept like a baby at night knowing that his Ponzi scheme of several decades was providing him and his family a life of luxury.  He told authorities after his arrest that he was troubled by his deceit; yeah, right.  Evil folks are not troubled by their evil deeds. 

8)  Barney Frank. (D-Ma).  Although many fingers could be pointed in many directions as to the main cause of the financial meltdown of 2008, I would argue that Barney Frank was the proximate cause of the direct pain that millions of us were forced to endure (and are enduring this very day) during and after the housing bubble collapsed.  Barney was knee deep in malfeasance pertaining to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while constantly banging the drum for 'affordable housing', and pressuring banks to give free houses to dead beats and free loaders.  Once they defaulted, which they were guaranteed to do from the git go, Barney's 'affordable housing' push bankrupted millions of us.  You can't get much more evil than this pus bucket.

7)  Chris Dodd (D-Ct).  Ditto all of the above Barney Frank evilness for Chris Dodd.  He was the Senate Finance Committee Chairman during the buildup to the housing bubble collapse, and was in bed with Barney Frank every step of the way, all the while taking bribes and freebies from Countrywide Financial and doing 'waitress sandwiches' with Ted Kennedy.

6).  Ted Kennedy (D-Ma):  This is the guy that murdered Mary Jo Kopeckne when he drunkenly drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick and left her to die, alone and terrified in his car while he swam to safety.  But that is not enough for Teddy to make the list.  His long and dreary Marxist, socialist liberal stint in the U.S. Senate has enfeebled the U.S. economy in ways that are still felt today as it pertains to the progressive tax code, the choke hold that unions have on our economy and the stranglehold that liberalism in general has on each and every household in the U.S.

5)  Ralph Nader.  In the name of safety, Ralph Nader has handcuffed the American economy in ways that boggle the mind.  His successful yet misguided crusade nearly a half century ago against a relatively solid car, the Chevrolet Corvair, in his book "Unsafe at Any Speed" has given license to the burgeoning industry of public safety Nazis to ban darn near everything that is fun.  Now we have food Nazis, smoking Nazis, bike helmet Nazis, fat and cholesterol Nazis, and SUV Nazis.  You can't swing a dead cat in America anymore without hitting a damn public safety Nazi, thanks to Ralph Nader, a pox on his evil house.

4)  George Soros.  Hungarian born George Soros is the primary financier of all things liberal, left and socialist in this country.  He is the main source of funding for and,  and has his fingers in almost every socialist cause.  Accordingly, he is the proximate cause ('follow the money') of most of the misery in the U.S. that socialism wreaks.

3)  Jeff Zucker.  CEO of NBC Universal, this guy is a raging leftist and still thinks he can determine what is and what is not news.  As such, this is the guy that is responsible for most of the thinking (or 'non-thinking') going on in the American public today.  He and his peers at CBC, ABC and PBS, they are the folks who are in complete control of what the 'Obama-phone' lady in Cleveland spouts.  And we, the American public, are the bearers of the costs associated with keeping this stupid woman and her ilk in food stamps, alcohol and drugs.  Thanks, Jeff.  Keep up the good (or as we would call it, evil) work.

2) Saul Alinksy. The God Father of American community organizers, this is the guy that was also the father of ACORN, and the leftist thinking spawned in the 1960's.  Abby Hoffman, Huey Newton and Barry Obama all took pieces of Saul's teachings and used them to negatively affect the U.S. culture going forward.  Never trust anyone over thirty, right Saul? 

1)   TIE FOR #1: Rachel Carson and Margaret Sanger.  Although these gals are the only women on the list, they are by far the most evil, in terms of being the proximate cause of tens of millions of deaths worldwide, if not hundreds of millions.  Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Ghengis Khan are pikers compared to these American born gals when it comes to killing people.  Rachel Carson was the single driving factor in the crusade against banning the pesticide DDT, claiming that it was causing birds' eggshells to become too thin.  This is the reason for taking a wonderful and subsequently proven harmless mosquito killer off the market, and allowing untold millions in underdeveloped countries over the last several decades to perish from mosquito born diseases such as malaria.  Good (or evil, I say) work, Rachel.  You're #1.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, is another mass murderer of grand scale having founded a legal abortion culture, in which women can kill their unborn (or sometimes, born) babies for any/every reason simply because they will crimp the mother's lifestyle. 

Hard to say who has more blood on their hands: Rachel or Mags.  Rachel killed men, women and children alike through unintended consequences of her actions (legally called manslaughter, but I will stick with murder because I am not a lawyer), while Maggie has millions of babies' blood on her hands.  Who's more evil?  Hard so say, hence the tie. 

(Thanks to Hack and Joe for pointing out Margaret Sanger to me, she was not on my original list but should have been, see comments below).


Fredd said...

You're right, Mindy. Your comment was off topic, and although I wholeheartedly agree with what you said, I regrettably must follow my rules posted above the comment field. If it appears you haven't read a single word of the post, I am not going to publish whatever it is you want to post, either. Sorry


Silverfiddle said...

Charles Manson?

And I can think of at least 200 politicians, and with a search of records could identify over a thousand who have done more financial destruction than Madoff.

Yet, I must commend you for this effort.

Hack said...

Good list Fredd, but there is one in my opinion that I would easily list as number one. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

Fredd said...

Silver. I stand commended. When I first read your comment, I thought you said 'Condemn'...

FWIW by my criteria, Charlie Manson only adversely affected perhaps 200 or so people, if you include grieving victim's families etc. He doesn't make the Top 10, not by a long shot. He didn't screw over enough people by his actions, just a relative handful.

Bernie: his scam affected the most that I know of. You say you can come up with a thousand names who have done more harm to more folk, name one, please....

DeanO said...

Great List Fredd

Joe said...

I would have included Margaret Sanger somewhere in the list, but I would not have thought of Rachael Carlson.

Good on you for coming up with her. She, indeed, has killed millions.

Fredd said...

Joe and Hack:

Due to popular demand, and pure truth and logic, Ms. Sanger will be added prominently to the list. My sincere apologies for not including this mass murderer from the start, it won't happen again.

Joe: I didn't initially come up with Rachel Carson's infamous listing, I read it in one of Dr. Thomas Sowell's books, although I don't recall which one.

Kid said...

Fredd, it's a good list, but the top 10 in combination with evil Americans has made the post problematic.

LBJ - who has enslaved African-Americans for some number of additional decades just so he and his democraps can have the opportunity to steal more money. 5 million S Vietnamese. God God Etc...

Carter, FDR, obama has to have a place Already! - The Brady Bunch. Dude their theme song is Pure Evil !
The list is a long one my friend.

Anyway, have a nice Filet at the Palm Court up in Arlington Heights and send me the tab.

Actually this would be a great Theme to go popular culture across America in a Viral Way. Or Maybe a Board Game ! Collect all the Evil Suckers into our Jail and Win the Game !!!

Fredd said...


I tried to leave off of the list Presidents of the United States, as that is always an easy one for conservatives to list liberal presidents as evil.

Yes, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter and Clinton have blood on their hands, but one could make that argument of every president. I am still sticking with Barney, Dodd and Teddy, though, since they are the most aggregious political thugs ever.