Sunday, September 16, 2012

The phony baloney negotiations between Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teacher's Union.

Karen Lewis vs Rahm Emanuel: Hard core liberal Democrat politican up against a hard core liberal Democrat union leader.  Almost everybody outside of Chicago can see what kind of ridiculous, non-existent confrontation is going on here.  This stupid circus is for only one set of eyes: the dumbest population living in any metropolitan area within the United States of America. 

The Chicago voter.

Chicago, the county in which encompasses Chicago (Cook County), and the State of Illinois itself are all dead broke, penniless, and completely bankrupt.  The Chicago Public Schools have an unfunded pension liability in the untold billions, are deep in the red as to their net assets (minus 1.2 Billion dollars), and the total bleak story can be seen in the Chicago Tribune article "CPS finances tell a grim tale" (chicagotribune story here).

And yet we would be led to believe that the brave, fiscally responsible Mayor Rahm Emanuel is holding the line against these greedy selfish union thugs and their demands of ever more tax money to fund their lavish pensions, existing salaries plus a 31% raise over four years , lax work rules during their 8-month work year of showing up in the classroom from 9 until 3, where 80% of their students can't read, write a complete or meaningful sentence, or add two plus two.

All of the union tomfoolery I mentioned above is true.  What is not true is that Rahm Emanuel is holding the line against union greed: he is completely in the tank with union interests.  The teachers walked out on Rahm's offer of a 16% raise over four years.  Rahm is offering raises to a broken system with money that doesn't exist.  Both of these sides are fiscally irresponsible.  There is no money.  Chicago is broke.  The Chicago Public Schools are broke.  Cook County is broke.  Illinois is broke.

Not so, says Karen Lewis.  "The CPS is awash in cash.  It's just in the wrong hands."  If this were true, which it isn't, what difference would it make if all of this cash that the CPS is awash in were in a liberal Democrat politician's hands, or in a liberal Democrat union leader's hands - none of this cash would go towards the public good.  It would disappear faster than a case of Scotch on the Kennedy compound. 

Regardless, these guys are sparring over how much money they can borrow to pay a pack of worthless, crappy teachers who already make $76K on average per 8 month year, compared to an average Chicago citizen who makes around $46K per year. 

This phony baloney stand off is like watching Al Capone and Bugs Moran holding a meeting in which they are arguing about murder rates in Chicago: Al Capone wants to hold the murder rate increase over the next decade to only 31%, while the righteous Bugs Moran wants to keep the increase in the murder rate to a respectable 16%.   And people in Chicago are all pulling for Bugs, you see, because Bugs is the responsible one here.  And everyone outside of Chicago can see that both positions are outrageous, as the increase in the murder rate is unacceptable regardless of the numbers.  Duh.

You idiots!!  Every damn one of you in Chicago are dumber than a bag of hammers.  These two liberal Democrats, Rahm Emanuel and Karen Lewis, are driving your town into further ruin and bankruptcy.

Everybody in the country can see this except you morons.  Chicago finances are going up in flames, and Rahm and Karen Lewis are arguing about how much gas to throw on it. 

Chicagoans, you all deserve these two thugs. 


Kid said...

Pretty maddening Fredd. WHEN are people going to realize they're being raped with telephone poles...being served SOS and told it's gourmet steak...
Non-union taxpayers outnumber the public union people so there's got to be oodles of them going out voting to be raped some more. They did in Ohio...

Fredd said...

Kid: Chicagoan don't know the difference between SOS and Porterhouse steak. They really don't, they are that stupid. And they believe the Democrats in power when they are told that getting telephone poles shoved up their, uh, avenues that it is a good thing. Builds infrastructure and all of that.

And from my army days, SOS is 'select order of succulence', right?

Kid said...

Fredd, Well, depressing of course and what else is new these days.

The last two of SOS is On a Shingle, in terms of the context I'm using.

I will say the best food I ever ate was in Chicago at neighborhood restaurants, but I understand what you/re saying.

Scooney Adrift said...

Thanks for shedding some light on just what's really going on. You sure don't get that kind of insight on the national news!

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Perhaps she knows where that illusive 'money tree' is located or The Seven Cities of Gold?

Fredd said...


Both Karen Lewis and Rahm operate as though the Money Fairy will just swoop in, wave their wands and the pixie dust will create piles of money for their use, where else would this money they are 'awash' in come from?

That's why Chicago residents are stupid. They elect these dipsticks election after election. And now nobody believes that Chicago and Illinois are dead, burnt broke.

Fredd said...


You say you are a retired 'crappy teacher,' but rant and rave about what sacrifice you put in over your 30 years of crappy teaching in Chicago.

30 years. That would make you about 52 or 53: 'retired.' Forever. Sucking a pension check (75% of your $75K salary) forever.

It just ain't right, Anonymous. You are the problem. And you think I am the problem complaining about you being the problem.

If you died, Chicago would be better off. How does that make you feel? Valued?


Joe said...

Uhhh, is there anyone who would want the person in that picture to be their teacher?

Yet she can represent them?


Kid said...

Fredd, Will you get this ugly creature off your front page? ;-)

Post man Post !

Fredd said...

There you go, Kid. This photo is way better.

Kid said...

Much Worse, Why did I know this would be the case.
Post man. We need a new two page post from you.