Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama dithers while the Mid East burns

Obama and Nero have much in common: they both watch with bored indifference as civilizations crumble.  Nero liked to pass the time with his fiddle, or so it was told, and Obama is likely on the golf course as the Mid East erupts (again).

Obama is staking his re-election on two episodes: Bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive.  Both of which he really had nothing to do with, other than to get dragged into both decisions.  Apparently he had to be urged three times by various defense poohbahs to pull the dang trigger, and he finally did.  And with GM, recall that it was George W. Bush who initiated that fiasco.  Obama just made sure that the GM bond holders got the shaft, and that control of the company was firmly in UAW hands.

If you call those his shining moments, I would hate to see what would happen should all hell break loose. 

Oh, wait a minute.  Hell has already broken loose.  Mid East Islamic thugs have just committed an act of war, and murdered our Libyan ambassador.  Our Cairo embassy was under assault the day before.  Obama snubs meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday, saying he's just too darn busy keeping the world safe for democracy and can't squeeze Bebe into the schedule.

Good thing we have the Weasel in Chief calling the shots, don't you all feel comfy, cozy and secure knowing that Barack Hussein Obama is at the helm?  I am quite sure he will bungle this mess just like he bungles about everything that comes across his desk in the Oval Office.

I can't wait for November to come so we can fire this idiot.

I'm counting the days. 


innominatus said...

"Hey guys, could you maybe, um, assault our embassies on a day when I'm not on Letterman? Please?"

Kid said...

Fredd, I actually can't add anything to this wonderful analysis ;-)

Joe said...

According to the liberal commenters on my blog, he is still our best hope of salvation.

Fredd said...

Inno: yeah, all of this jihad stuff is annoying to Barry, and much like John Kerry, Barry will only give it lip service and hope it fades over time.

Fredd said...

Kid: feel free to call Obama a couple of well deserved names, such as coward, fool and moron. I would truy love to see his grades. I got A's and B's at Oregon State grad school. What did Obama get? D's? I would wager dumb ol' Fredd is smarter than our Dolt in Chief.

Fredd said...


Your blog is infested with idiot libs who don't know their butt from a hole in the ground (Ducky, et al). Of course they have complete faith in this fool: he thinks like they do.

Kid said...

Fredd, obama got C's and C+'s though he never took any of the tests himself...

Well, my names for him include: Racist, Incompetent. Imbecile, anti_American, Socialist, Fascist.

Coward, Fool, and Moron? I'd say it goes with the territory for the kind of PS obama is, And the vast majority of his athletic supporters.

Silverfiddle said...

This man is an incredible, Carteresque failure. It amazes me that anything close to half the electorate are still prepared to vote for him.

Fredd said...


When you say half the electorate are in his camp, that is based on the polling data currently in print.

But not so fast: Dick Morris speculates that these polls overestimate Obama support, and underestimate Romney support by a simple bias: when it comes to weighting the various groups, they are using 2008 participation rates, such as a 13% black turnout - the highest in history. 11% has been the norm, so this one category alone suggests that the polls are worthless.

Romney in a landslide. Just wait and see.

Joe said...

Yeah. I've dumped Ducky altogether. He shriveled into nothing more than meaningless ad hominae. So I just delete him when he comes by.

Fredd said...


Yeah, Ducky is not helpful in any discussion. He is a dyed in the wool liberal, and will try to muddy the waters at every turn to advance his poisonous agenda. Better just shun his input.

Conversations Over Dinner with a Brainless Liberal said...

While the Mid East and the rest of the world is engulfed in burning and storming American embassies by Islamist maniacs including Killing and sodomizing an American Ambassador
Or Dear Leader finds it more interesting and more "FUN" to party-down with Hollywood elites, Basketball thugs, Golfing,and yukking it up with celebrities like Beyonce, and other Hip-Hoppers than to hear those boring security briefings. His entire day is centered around getting himself re-elected . Why bother when he needs to do something important like dealing with American haters and Killers!..

Yup, he's pretty good at this presidential stuff . . Just ask SmackO'Daddy, he'll tell you!

And what really pisses me off is that we have 50% of our people who still believe Obama is awesome... Just read these blogs.

Who let all these stupid people into the country?
And the media writes about all this craziness about it being Romney's fault for speaking out! Is this world upside down or what!
What has become of this country? the media covers for Obama who missed the boat and screwed up royally . and these lefties are actually pointing the finger at Romney, I cant believe this.
Haven't we had enough of Obama and the despicable liberal MSM reporting to cover up and lie for Obama... Obama MUST Go