Monday, March 19, 2012

Fredd's got 'the blues'

Check out the voting by county map of the 2004 presidential race: a few specks of Democrat blue here and there, but if one were pressed to pick the color of the country, everybody would say 'red,' hands down.

But if we all recall, this race 8 years ago was a close one, won by George W. Bush with the swing state of Ohio going to him by just a hair.  Despite nearly 85% of the physical dirt in the country being beet red.

It's this map that's got me singing the 'blues.'  I currently live in Illinois, and if you look at how the county vote went in this election, you would think that this state is rock solid conservative red. 

Nope.  Not even close.  About half the population of the state lives in Cook county, and in this most crooked (as detailed in a recent survey) county in the U.S., I believe there's a law against being a Republican.  And I also believe that if convicted in Cook county of siding with GOP interests, there's jail time involved, and perhaps a public beating or caning at a minimum.

As Cook county goes, so goes the rest of the state.  Illinois hasn't had a Republican majority in the state senate or legislature in my lifetime (and I'm no spring chicken, let me tell you).  And as a deep, dark blue county, which wags the rest of the nearly totally red state, Democrats led by the corrupt Daley machine and now the corrupt Rahm Emanuel machine, taxing and spending is how Democrats have retained power for generations.  They have spent us into the poor house, and Illinois along with California are now among the most bankrupt of states in the U.S.

Our former governor Rod Blagojevich just got slammed into the  federal pokey a few days ago, and he was more crooked than most Democrats, but that is not saying much.  Under his watch, the public pensions have run amok, are totally underfunded by billions, and the current governor (Rod's lieutenant governor) Pat Quinn is borrowing additional billions to keep these bankrupting public pensions afloat.

Nobody in Illinois politics knows how to spell the word 'cut,' much less have a rudimentary understanding of how to live within the state's means.  And it ain't going to get better anytime soon.  The blue staters have an iron grip on power, and they aim to keep it regardless of the impending debt disaster looming over all of us Illini in the near future.

I just keep looking at that map: I have lived in Oregon, Virginia, California and Illinois most of my life and the story is the same with them all: beet red, most of the square miles of those states, but blue-est of blue Democrats seem to always spend those states into oblivion, despite being surrounded in a sea of red.

It's got me singing the blues, I tell ya.....


innominatus said...

I don't understand libs' desire to pack themselves so tightly into urban areas.

Silverfiddle said...

Please don't move to Colorado! We don't need your luck. We're already fighting the Californicators escaping the mess they made on the west coast...

The news is blabbing breathlessly about the Romney-Santorum duel in Illinois, but I say, who cares?

The state will solidly vote Obama this November.

The GOP should save money by skipping such states.

Fredd said...

Silver: I am drowning in robocalls from Mitt, Mrs. Mitt, Rick, Mrs. Rick, Newt, Mrs. Newt, every 10 minutes. Haven't heard from Ron Paul, and that's all good.

At least I finally get a vote that matters, and Santorum is getting mine. His robocalls are still annoying as hell, though.

Fredd said...


I do. It's easier to distribute the government cheese, and the crack whores don't have to drive very far to pick up my redistributed tax money.

Z said...

Santorum lost me when he urged Democrats to vote for him in one of the primaries where open voting was allowed...that's so low it took my breath away. I think he's more into it for himself and less for our country.
And I was a HUGE fan. He did something else recently that turned me off, but I've forgotten what it was......pushed me right into Romney, as a matter of fact.

I'm with Silverfiddle (except on the Californicator line) about the GOP saving money and skipping states like Illinois. WHat's the point? I hope they stay out of California, too. I don't want those phone calls.

Kid said...

The worst part Fredd is that the idiots being raped to pay for this crap will vote to keep it going.
"Those poor teachers and other public union workers."

The states who are the worst off have been democratic rule for over a hundred years.
Yet, it never occurs to anyone to give someone else a chance.

It can't be dumbed down any more than that.


Hack said...


As a fellow Illinoisan, I feel your pain. It's almost as if we live in an entirely different state is it not? Cook county can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. And Kane county too. Silverfiddle is right. Illinois will go to Obama hands down this year. Looking forward to voting today.

Fredd said...


I'm voting today in.... Kane County.

Out here we're much redder than Cook. But we have our degenerate Democrats lurking.

Fredd said...

Kid: As much as I loathe to do this, I must disagree with you on this one point: you say 'the idiots being raped to pay for this crap will vote to keep it going...'

The idiots being raped are us 'down staters,' red state conservative types whose incomes are being re-distributed to Chicago to support all of the Democratic handouts and luxurious public employee pensions. We downstate idiots are idiots because we still stay here, despite the takers in Chicago voting to rape us, the idiots, who will in the fullness of time leave. When that time comes, Chicago will resemble today's Detroit.

Kid said...

Fredd, they voted Yea, either directly, or thru non-participation, to cancel SB5 in Ohio that took away collective bargaining.

Sorry, if this turned out to be a gotcya, I should have mentioned this as the reason I said what I did.

Kid said...

OBAMA 2012 ! Are you IN !? I am!