Sunday, November 13, 2011

Joe Paterno deserves scorn, not sympathy

With the way the media are covering Joe Paterno's disgraceful exit from the Penn State coaching ranks, you would think the guy was next in line for sainthood.  They depict a tearful son Jay wishing his dad were here, and posters hanging everywhere in the football stadium of loving farewells to good ol' JoePa.

The evidence of what Joe Paterno's legacy will be is in front of everyone's nose: this is the guy who put football money and power above the protection of the innocent.  Estimates are around $50,000,000 per year in 2011 dollars of Penn State's football program revenue, and these are the dollars Joe Paterno chose to protect, not the children victims who may number in the hundreds by the time this investigation into the pedophile Jerry Sandusky and his crimes committed while associated with the Penn State football program are completed.  Joe chose the approximate $500 Million dollars over the children, when he made his decision to leave the police out of this situation.  And I suspect, but can't verify that Joe didn't make this decision by himself, either.  He had the ear of the athletic director and the university president at the time, and I suspect also that the revenue that might be adversely affected should this story come to light was discussed at length.  And then jointly, the whole scummy lot of Penn State athletic poobahs decided to keep all of this hush hush.

And Joe Paterno knew of this reprobate's activities for years, and chose to turn a blind eye to the irreparable damage that he was inflicting on untold numbers of children.  What kind of monster does this?  And this scumbag Jerry Sandusky was still held in high esteem by Joe Paterno until just the last few weeks when the story broke. 

Don't feel sorry for poor ol' Joe Paterno, getting fired after years of his basking in everyone's perceived love and adoration.  He is just as much a scum sucking dog of a man as is his defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky.  And now we hear Joe has lawyered up, pending the civil and possible criminal proceedings that may come his way. 

He is the scum of the earth, and not the hero we all thought him to be.

A pox on Joe Paterno's legacy.


Silverfiddle said...

I agree! There is no way in hell Paterno did not know Sandusky was a sleazy gay pedophile. No way!

And that assistant coach who was a grad student at the time and saw Sadusky raping that kid is a putrescent, pus-filled coward who deserves what that kid got and more for walking away instead of stopping it.

That whole football program turns my stomach.

Z said...

I see such embarrassment in the eyes of the students who attend Penn in their TV if it's their fault.
This is something I wish I could erase for them.

As for Paterno; he did legally all he had to do. To think that's enough is absolutely disgusting.

Fredd said...


I have a feeling that Joe met with a bunch of slimy Penn State lawyers and decided how to keep Joe out of this, and not involve the football revenues in any way.

Of course, no consideration whatsoever was given any victims here in these talks with Joe and the boys, none at all.

Kid said...

To know of a felonious act and not report it, is at the minimum, a serious breach of ethics. Plenty good to get joe fired long ago. I believe if you personally witness a felony and don't report it, that is a felony. I could be wrong.

But for old joe to watch that piece of garbage open up a facility for troubled boys, or whatever it officially was and not work to see that bastard sandusky fall under the arm of the law, until that actually happened, is simply inexcusable. Totally absurd.

Whatever joe did up to this point in his life now has no meaning - he tossed it all into the fire.

Kid said...

PS - What would have been the harm to Penn State to slice off a defensive coach. To think you need this guy or to let this go on, because it might damage the school or football program somehow is PATHETIC.

The Right Thing to do is Always the hardest thing to do - at the time. And this is another true life event which proves it yet again. Think these people, all who are involved, wouldn't Love to go back for a do over?

Fredd said...


The way things turned out for Joe remind me a lot of how things turned out for Richard Nixon.

Dick Nixon had a very long and successful political career. He was admired for lots of successes, and had great moments, of which the 'Checkers' speach, and 'Pat's Republican cloth coat,' come to my mind.

But nobody remembers the great Dick Nixon. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY remembers the crook, the cover up guy, the Watergate guy, and nothing more.

Joe's legacy will be like that. Much like Tricky Dick, and of course OJ Simpson, the Heisman Trophy winner? The rushing titles, all of the onfield acolades? All of them forgotten. All of them. He is only remembered as a double murderer.

WomanHonorThyself said...

agreed typical of this twisted society to overlook this horror..! Have a great rest of the day~!:)

Fredd said...


The rest of my day consists of getting as many Christmas lights up as possible before the weather turns nasty here in the Chicago area.

Lucky me.

Z said...

Well, Mr. Fredd, Paterno's IN IT, now, lawyers or no lawyers, right?

Fredd said...


Yup, he's in it knee deep.

tha malcontent said...

If you say nothing, and do nothing then you are part of the problem.