Sunday, October 24, 2010

Americans didn't vote for socialism

Just 21 short months ago, Americans elected the first black president; an astonishing, historic moment in a nation that just three or four generations ago still saw blacks drinking from separate water fountains from whites, and eating at separate lunch counters from whites. . Barack Obama was supposedly the politician that would bring America together, and that his message of 'hope and change' would transform all Americans' lives for the better. He would lower the seas (he said that during the campaign), and nobody making more than $250,000 would see a dime of increased taxes. . Remember his speech a few years ago that promised a nation coming together as one, not red and blue, but purple. His administration would be transparent, and that all bills pending before the congress would be published on the Internet 72 hours before they were voted on, so that the public could see what the legislation contained. No special interests or lobbyists would be part of his administration. . Remember all of that? It wasn't long ago at all. . Barack Obama has not kept one lousy promise he made during his campaign. Not one. He instead has spent all of his efforts in jamming socialism down our throats, and taking over banks and car companies and student loans and socializing medical care, and on and on.... . And in 21 short, brief months since his inauguration, all of his popularity, his coat tails and his promises of 'hope and change' are completely gone. Vanished. And why? Because this is not the guy whom all of those bamboozled voters voted for. This guy is a brazen, shameless Marxist socialist, and Americans want no part of that, and never did. . With the general elections coming up in just days, not even Democrats want to be seen with this guy. His appearance on the stump for any Democrat running for any office at all is the kiss of death and they are running away from him in droves if they even hear he is headed their way. He has demolished his own party by implementing his Marxist ideology, and by doing so has thrown hundreds of Democrats under the bus. Even rock solid seats such as Barney Frank (D-Ma), Russ Feingold (D-Wi) and Babs Boxer (D-Ca) are now toss ups to retain their offices. . What a turn around. It's astonishing, actually, to see the complete reversal of fortunes based on this ideologues' tin ear as to what governing is all about. He will watch as his party goes down the toilet the week after next, and he will probably blame us, the American people, for not having the brains to understand how much he has done for us. . Everyone entering that voting booth on November 2nd, 2010 knows full well what Barack Obama has done for us: 10% unemployment, and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. He is the mastermind of one of the largest landslide reversals of congressional power in our life times. And he accomplished this in just 21 short, brief months. Incredible. . Barack Obama has done nothing FOR us, but has done an enormous amount of damage TO us. Make no mistake: this upcoming election is an unmitigated, unmistakable referendum on this president. Americans want nothing to do with socialism, and this election will point that out with gusto.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I respectfully disagree with the title (not the body) you gave this post; "Americans didn't vote for socialism"

Yes they did.

Maybe not knowingly as they did not listen and or the lack of real education in this Nation but they did in fact and in practice vote for socialism as your words aptly point out.

Fredd said...


I can see your point. Technically, since Obama is a socialist, and he won the election and is implenting his socialist agenda as fast as humany possible, yes: we DID vote for socialism - as you aptly point out, however, unknowingly.

And you can also view it from the content of the post as well: American's voted for 'hope and change,' as that was what Obama was pitching (at the time). Once he got into the Oval Office, all of that hope and change garbage morphed into socialism.

And that's not what people (dimwitted as they may be in the squish middle, those 'Independents') voted for.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I know we agree on the end, well better said the continuing result of the past election cycle (at least until January 2011).

But again, if those dimwitted voters had listened to what Husseins brand of "Hope and Change" were like you and I and the rest of us Bible and gun clingers in fly-over country did they would have seen socialism coming.

Hussein spelled it out, however cleverly mind you what he intended even before he ran for POTHUS. It did not even occur to these dimwits that Hussein and a socialist congress would double and triple down on Bushs' TARP spending which was actually a push to go ahead full speed ahead.

All of this is extremely regretful and all of us will be paying for it for decades to come. But one thing it has done is to wake Americans up, FINALLY, to exactly what socialism is and how it always fails.

Danny Wright said...

I was going to write a comment and my goodness if Christopher didn't have exactly the same idea.

So Ditto to Christopher

That gives me time to point out a typo:

"and nobody making more than $250,000 would see a dime of increased taxes."

Although for all the billionaire contributors to his interminable campaign this might be true, I'm sure it's not for the poor slubs that are working for a living. ON that note, have you noticed that he no longer can slam the rich having defined that word as upper middle class? He now says billionaires and millionaires instead, just like all his friends.

Silverfiddle said...

Regardless of who voted for what, we all owe President Obama a debt of gratitude.

He and the Socialist Democrats have brought us unvarnished socialism, and Americans are recoiling in disgust.

Maybe this is where the drunk hits bottom and realizes he has a problem...

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

RE: Dan,

I am quite positive we are all on the same page just utiizing different terminology, as they say "There are seven ways to Sunday".

As to your point, yes I have noticed the same. But here again in all honesty did we all not know this to be coming?

Well I gues WE did to partially answer my own question which leads us back to the dimwits I suppose.

WomanHonorThyself said...

o yes sure is historic..a historic disaster!:)

Fredd said...


He loves hanging around his rich buddies, eating Kobi beef, caviar, and sucking down 1976 Chateauneuf du pape by the gallon.

And of course once he's done, he'll again rail against the rich and semi rich. Ah, hell. He'll rail against anyone with any money at all (he wants you to give it all to the gubmint).

Fredd said...


Great analogy: we as a nation are raging government-aholics, and have just woken up in the ditch, having hit rock bottom.

We now drag ourselves to the AA meeting, and seek help. We, of course, introduce ourselves:

Voter: "Hi, I'm a stupid independent voter, and I voted for Obama."

Chorus: "Hi, stupid independent voter."

And the 12 step program begins.

Fredd said...


No, we all didn't know. You and I knew, and most other people who actually listened to Obama's rhetoric, and paid attention to his raging liberal voting record.

WE knew we were going to get screwed, it's the numbnut independents, (and of course, the hopeless Democrat base) who did not bother to pull their heads out of, uh, the sand to learn at least a little bit about this Elmer Gantry-wannabe before they pulled the voting lever.

Fredd said...


It IS historic. I try and think back through my life, and what I recall from my history lessons to try and come up with a larger disaster than this. Perhaps Andrew Johnson right after the Civil War and during Reconstruction. Maybe Andrew Jackson and his free-wheeling ways before that. Wilsonian and FDR socialist shennanigans rate high on the list. Jimmy Carter's ineptitude certainly comes to mind.

But we survived relatively intact as a nation as it was founded during all of these bad presidential administrations..

Not this time around.

Kid said...

Darn Right folks. Remember you don't Have to Vote For the other team, you only need to vote Against the current team.

Joe said...

President BO is an expert at what he does: ruining America.

And Americans have blindly sat by an watched him do it.

No More!