Monday, September 20, 2010

You just might be a Democrat if.....

 1) ....if you think that the United States owes you a living simply because you were born here, and that your every want and need should be provided to you at no cost, you are probably a Democrat. That, or a Northeastern Republican (same thing).
2) You just might be a Democrat belong to a public employee union, and firmly and truly believe that you should make $120,000 annually until you reach age 51, all the while each and every dime you make comes from the pockets of the taxpayers of your municipality. You also believe down to the marrow in your bones that you should retire comfortably at age 51 on around $90K annually to a beach house in Coral Gables, Florida while the municipality you worked for goes broke paying for your and the rest of your union's unbridled greed and sloth for the rest of your slovenly life, well then you just might be a Democrat. .
3) You just might be a Democrat continue electing Democrat after Democrat to represent you in Congress and they in turn spend the Treasury's (read: 'the taxpayer's) money like drunken sailors on projects and payoffs that the Constitution never, ever intended, well then you just might be a Democrat.
4) You just might be a Democrat truly believe that all women's bodies are theirs to do with as they wish, to include murder innocent lives within them for convenience sake by having abortions on demand for any reason whatsoever. You just might be a Democrat if you believe this, that or a Northeastern Republican (same thing).
5). You just might be a Democrat think that living off the sweat, blood and tears of another without any input from you is nothing to be ashamed of, that eating the bread off of another American's table without any effort on your part is perfectly acceptable, and even 'a right.' If you think that sucking off the public dime is the American way; well then you just might be a Democrat. .
6) You just might be a Democrat if...firmly and truly believe, from the bottom of your heart, that you should pay no federal taxes, while people making more than you should pay all of the federal taxes, if you think that is the way America should be, well then you most certainly must be a Democrat.
That, or a Northeastern Republican (same thing).


Kid said...

Fredd, I learned recently that local, state and federal employees make 45% more than us in the private sector on average.

That's not sustainable.
We have a serious game of musical chairs being played out and it's going to be extremely ugly when the music stops.

Silverfiddle said...

That's a good one that's been around awhile. I like your Northeast Republican update.

You may actually have a GOP senator and governor there in Illinois, Fredd!

Are people really waking up there?

tha malcontent said...

"You just might be a Democrat if....." You thought that Hillary Clinton had great looking legs.

Fredd said...

Mal: Change 'legs' to 'gams' and I could put that one up.

And don't forget the Hillary cleavage thing during the primaries, you might want to work on something along those lines.

The Wool Cupboard said...

Fredd ~ You might be a Democrat (or a Northeastern Republican) if you are the fourth generation in your family to feel that you are owed a living and everything you need.

Joe said...

Good stuff.

You might be a Democrat for no other reason than your parents were Democrats...that is if you can figure out what "reason" means.

Fredd said...


Democrats and brains parted ways some time ago, that's for sure.

Citizen68 said...

@Joe - My parents are democrats, as were my grandparents on both sides. I consider myself a self-made Conservative LOL. There are a few of us that break the mold, but its a dying breed. Good post Fredd!

Citizen68 said...

oh and hey... Fredd.. Im begging you.. Dont say "hillary" and "cleavage" in the same sentence anymore. Im gonna need therapy from that :-P.

- 68

Krystal said...

Wasn't it like this in Nazi Germany? Those who worked for the government got while everyone lost?