Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is Bush draining the swamp?

President Bush's main objective in Iraq is to take the fight to an enemy that has sworn to Allah that it will destroy us. Everyone (or nearly everyone) would agree that the enemy we face now is a loosely organized, fiercely ideological foe, in addition to being ruthless and evil. To add to the difficulty in engaging this enemy, they are not restricted to any country or confined within any borders. They are like smoke, as they strike and then shrink away into the countryside.We are gaining the upper hand, however, in what President Bush has always told us from the inception of hostilities will be a long, difficult struggle.

He has not mislead us in this regard. The current surge is starting to pay dividends, as the previous terrorist strongholds are one by one getting routed and cleansed of terrorists. We are starting to receive consistent and reliable intelligence from local tribal leaders as well as local citizens. These good people are tiring of the bloodshed and destruction that accompanies the presence of these malevolent visitors who like ticks and leeches, embed themselves into the population. Almost all of these blood thirsty killers are imported from other terrorist sponsored nations.In wars of days gone by, these killers would be systematically engaged, surrounded and unceremoniously dispatched with. Once the last of them either was killed or captured, their cause would be abandoned, and we would preserve victory. Not so with this enemy, in this region of the world. As my inaugural, if somewhat clumsily drawn political cartoon above suggests, we are never certain as to how many of the enemy are left standing, as they are resupplied over the porous borders of neighboring terrorist states Syria and Iran. Recent captured munitions and other clear evidence have indicated that Iran is supplying not only fresh terrorists, suicide bombers, trainers and other logistical support to the Iraq terrorist efforts, they are supplying these murderous thugs with sophisticated and highly deadly and effective armor piercing explosive devices that are killing our troops with regularity.Just how long is President Bush going to allow this to continue? Although no press release has been issued lately, we have seen that various German banks are curtailing their transactions with Iran, and the Iranian government quickly and ferociously denounced these actions by the Germans. Sounds like an effective, yet preliminary strategy on the administration's part is already in force, and having good effect. What other plans does Bush have to close off these munitions and personnel flowing over these borders?We will likely find out in the coming months. Should we expect President Bush to call a press conference and discuss these plans with the patriotic mainstream media? Yeah, right. In the interim, don't rule out some military strikes into these two countries, as severing these supply lines is imperative in winning this war.


Amusing Bunni said...

Great drawing, and Post, Fredd.

Fredd said...

The post is dated, for sure, and the surge fixed a lot of these supply issues back then. This one was my first attempt at a political cartoon.

Note the Dudley Doright chin on Dubya, and not the wimply chin all the political cartoonists gave his dad back in the day.