Monday, August 17, 2020

Universal mail-in ballots a guaranteed dumpster fire

 With any luck, President Trump will prevail in discouraging this dumb idea of a universal mail-in voting scam.  The Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of this, however, as the opportunity for fraud, malfeasance and skulduggery are enormous.

Almost no state has a thoroughly scrubbed and up-to-date voter registration roll, and to simply mail everybody on this list a ballot is a lead pipe cinch to have ballots wind up in the wrong hands.  There are dead people, cats, dogs and goldfish that are on these lists.  And you can bet your bottom dollar, you can bet the farm, you can bet your life savings that these ballots will be harvested by Democrats.

Once harvested and in the hands of Democrat hucksters, they are opened and screened for exactly how the voter/corpse/cat/dog/goldfish voted: if they voted Republican, they go right into the trash.  If, however, these ballots have the right boxes checked, namely votes for Democrats, then they are submitted.  If a ballot is undeliverable, that would also be a Democrat vote.  See how all of this works?

Once these universal mailings of ballots go out, and come back to be counted, you can be fairly certain that every dead person/dog/cat that got a ballot is voting for a Democrat.  As the old joke goes, grampa was always a staunch conservative, and voted for Republicans all of his long life.  At age 92, grampa was called home to Jesus, and he has been voting Democrat ever since.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are going to push this mail-in ballot scheme as hard as they possibly can: millions and millions of Democrat votes hang in the balance.  And zero Republican votes.

A complete dumpster fire, if you ask me.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

I don't totally disagree with you. That said, we have mail voting in Colorado and, while problems have cropped up, it mainly has worked. BUT, only where the county Clerk and Recorder is up to the task and honest. With 58 counties, the odds are against all of them not being crooked isn't what I want to bet against.

Fredd said...

So, what I am hearing from you, Fool, is that dead people and cats voting in Colorado has worked out OK? For YOU??!!

Or maybe I am reading your comments incorrectly.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I prefer voting in person. Again, in Colorado, the integrity of mail voting mirrors the integrity of the individual County Clerk and Recorder who is responsible for voting. Can, and has the system been gamed? Yes. On the outside of the return envelope a signature is required. That signature is to be checked against the signature on file. How rigid is the check? Who knows.

I was a precinct committeeman for years and was involved in observing vote counting. The integrity of the vote depends on the integrity of the people involved.

Kid said...

I think if allowed it will be bad enough to cause the dems to win some elections.

We're a 3rd world country that can't even control a effing voting process. Ultimately, repubs allowed this to happen. Far as I know even the head lip service clown Lindsey Graham isn't even balking at it.

Fredd said...

Fool: you have way more faith in your fellow man that I do. Way, WAY more.

I watched as more than half of my fellow Americans voted for arguably the most unqualified individual to ever run for president (Barry). Millions and millions of my neighbors. And then they RE-ELECTED the guy. The dirt on this guy was really not in dispute, I won't re-argue the case against Barry here.

But you gotta figure that a lot of these dopes among the many mal-informed, misinformed and uninformed Americans are county clerks and recorders. Are all county clerks and recorders angels among us? No, they are just fellow Americans. And the evidence suggests that half of my American neighbors have less than stellar integrity. Doing the math, with half of all county clerks and recorders being less than angels, I conclude that the voting process in the general election will be a dumpster fire, as the heading of this post asserts.

Fredd said...

Kid: I agree that the corruption within the US is terrible, and on even keel with many third world banana republics. Look at how they almost took down the president in a silent coup.

LSP said...

Rampant malfeasance, brazen skulduggery.

Yes, this is the Democrat MO, aided and abetted by traitors, and as you write, they're chomping at the bit of the opportunity. Lord knows, Biden/Kamala on their own aren't going to cut it.

Are we on the brink of going full Banana Republic? Don't say Black Lives Matter.

Fredd said...

Padre: yes, we are on that brink. We are now only a second-rate Banana Republic. Once Biden and Harris are inaugurated, then we should all break out our Carmen Miranda hats; we will have entered that brink hook, line and sinker.