Sunday, January 20, 2019

Chicago to elect a Democrat to replace Rahm Emanual as mayor

There's not a single Republican to be seen in the Chicao mayoral race as far as the eye can see.  The Windy City, The City of Big Shoulders, Chi-Town, 4th largest city in the U.S. (and falling, it is losing thousands and thousands of residents every year, those who move to escape the violence and high taxes) is yet again going to elect a Democrat as mayor.

There hasn't been a Republican mayor in Chicago since 'Big Bill' Thompson stepped down in 1931.  Since then, Democrats have ruled Chicago politics with an iron fist.  

And since then, the city has run up unsustainable pension liabilities to the tune of $42 BILLION dollars, with a B.  Additionally, it has one of the highest per capita murder rates for a major city in the world.  Gangs rule the south and west sides of this city, and it simply isn't safe to walk the streets at night without risking your life.  It just isn't.  And the taxes within the city are some of the highest in the nation.

And mayor Rahm Emanual (D) is stepping down after 8 years at the helm, only to be replaced next month by one of the following candidates:
  • Toni Preckwinkle (D)
  • Gery Chico (D)
  • Susana Mendoza (D)
  • Paul Vallas (D)
  • Dorothy Brown (D)
  • Bill Daley (D)
  • Lori Lightfoot (D)
  • Willy Wilson (D)
  • Bob Fioretti (D)
  • Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia (D)
  • Neal Sales-Griffin(D)
  • La Shawn Ford (D)
  • John Kozlan (D)
  • Amara Enyia (D)
  • Garry McCarthy (D)
  • Jeremiah Joyce Jr. (D)
Each and every one of these candidates on the ballot believes in their heart of hearts that Chicago needs tighter gun restrictions to help bring gun violence down.  And yet statistics prove again and again that an armed population is a polite population.  Taking away guns from law abiding citizens just makes them vulnerable to armed criminals.  Duh.

Every one of the candidates is OK with the sky high taxes currently paid by their future constituents.  Perfectly OK with them, and almost all of them plan to raise taxes in some manner.

And not one of these candidates above have any clue as to how to fix the time bomb that is their unfunded pension obligation.  This topic is not even on the list of issues for the campaign.  Huh?
One would think that the residents of Chicago must like all the murders, insolvency and taxes going on in their city.  They must, since they are voting for more of the same - yet another tax and spend, gun grabbing Democrat to call the shots for yet another 4 years in their dying, shrinking, deadly city.


Gorges Smythe said...

Further proof that liberalism is, indeed, a form of mental illness.

Kid said...

I hope Hey Zeus Garcia wins.

I read the other day that Illinois and (1) and NY (2) are vomiting residents like there is no tomorrow. What do these people run on Fredd? Tax the rich and climate change?

I noticed the new president of Brazil is going to make owning guns legal in order to put a dent in the murder rate there. It's stunning how stupid people can be especially when the reality cases are so easy to find. Guns, Universal HC, bad immigration being the top 3 in my mind.

Plano Tx, Gun nut central, murder rat 0.4 If America had that rating we'd be almost last on the list. Hell, if we didn't have Chitown, Detroit, St Louis, LA, and the other ghettos, we'd be near the bottom of the list.

The stupidity is almost painful. Einstein must have had good blocking mechanisms.

Fredd said...

Kid: yes, they clamour to see who can come up with more grandiose schemes to separate those evil fat cat rich guys from their money, so that they can redistribute it to crack whores and gang members who need a helping hand. They all try to out-liberal the other guy. Seems like it works, in Chicago anyway. They always seem to elect some liberal nut bag with a D behind their name.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Chicago only? I go to upstate S.C. often and take I-55 South of I-70 just short of St Louis to I-57. Get off at Cario then back roads to Wickliffe and then Paducah. Means I'm in Illinois fifteen minutes and 12 miles. Better roads, higher speed limits, and far fewer revenue generators than I 64,57,24.

Plus, get to eat at Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston.

LL said...

The unfunded pension obligation will be funded by the next Democrat much for that problem. Throw Chicago's problems on the backs of every taxpayer in the country (roughly 47% of the public).

LindaG said...

Sad. Not much else to say about that.

Fredd said...

Fool: yes, Chicago mostly. The rest of the state, with a few exceptions, is beet red Trump country. Too bad nobody lives in those red counties. All the blue, liberal free loaders are in Cook County and in Chicago proper. Other than that, the rest of the state ain't all that bad.

Fredd said...

LL: how that next Democrat president funds the billions and billions due per union contract for all of Chicago's 50-year old public service retirees will be a neat trick.

I am exaggerating again; a correction is in order. Make that 52-year old retirees.

Fredd said...

LindaG: sad doesn't cover the half of it.

LSP said...

$42 billion? My, that's a lot of money. But not to worry, we can all raise that by paying our fair share of the WEATHER TAX. Then we can all eat cake.

Fredd said...

Pastor: that weather plan sounds brilliant - if you are a Democrat. To the rest of us, not so much.

LSP said...

You've got a point, Fredd. Maybe that's why Macron's "imbeciles" are rioting in France? But just imagine, in 2020 we can get on with the vision of turning the whole country in Chicago, where everyone will be richer because they're taxed more. #NotOk

Fredd said...

Pastor: that's exactly how liberals think, and Nancy Pelosi said as much when she swore that unemployment checks added to the GDP, or some idiocy to that effect.

Much like Wylie Cayote sawing off the end of the branch that's sticking out of the side of a 1,000 foot cliff - while he's standing on it. Sure, he'll saw through the branch, and then he will be suspended in mid air (for awhile), but we all know what eventually happens next. Nancy Pelosi and her buddies have no clue, however.