Sunday, June 12, 2016

Undesirables in our midst

It is no secret that as urban blight and crime spread, people with the means to escape will do so.  It's human nature: if you are exposed to danger, you take steps to mitigate your exposure to harm, and one of the most sure fire methods of doing so is vacating the area that is teeming with danger.

President Barack Obama wants to change human nature.  He doesn't like how human nature works in this regard, since the statistics bear out that most people with means within urban populations areas that leave are white.  And these white people that flee crime ridden areas take their assets with them, leaving behind those without means.  Those left behind to fend for themselves in these blighted areas are for the most part black.  Or in other words, Obama constituents.  

Barry doesn't like the way this is working.  According to a pie-in-the-sky, dues paying leader of the liberal Democrat voting left, it's just not fair that only people with money can move to safe parts of the country.  In a fair world, everybody should be able to live in safe, affluent neighborhoods.  And since he is the boss, he's not going to let this kind of human nature stand, not on his watch.

Under the Obama administration, the extension of HUD Section 8 vouchers has sky rocketed, and those vouchers have to be used somewhere, and woe be it to the landlord who tries to discriminate against a holder of one of these vouchers.  

This use of taxpayer money is just one of the man ways that Obama and his ilk get back at those rotten 'white flight' evacuees from urban crime, and who took all their money with them.  He will do his best using the ham fisted power of the federal government to make sure that the crime these refugees escaped will follow them.

A perfect liberal nostrum: rather than encourage conservative solutions to urban crime, such as job creation, elimination of excessive regulations, etc., his solution to the concentration of criminals and undesirables within an urban setting is to spread them among the honest, hard working parts of the country.  Once these Section 8 lowlifes infect an area, the property values plummet, and 'white flight' begins anew.

Perhaps President Trump should consider eliminating the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  That would go far towards eliminating undesirables in our midst.    


Adrienne said...

Trump has already stated that the sec 8 invasion would stop and local zoning would be followed.

It doesn't take a genius to be able to drive through any predominantly black area in any large city and see total filthy ruins. I've lived in some pretty nasty apartments in Houston, but I always kept the outside area clean. It doesn't cost money to sweep your front porch and not throw trash around.

The section 8 crowd also encompasses all the unwed mothers and their broods of illegitimate children - both white and black. This means that you have baby daddies, past and future, hanging about.

Fredd said...

Adrienne: Trump has said he will do away with lots of bad government...we'll see if 1)he gets elected; and 2) if he keeps his campaign promises.

Not many politicians do what they say they are going to do. But Donald Trump is no politician. Anyone can clearly see that owing to how often he puts his foot in his mouth, he is no politician.

I want to see that wall. A great, big hairy one. Sec. 8 need not be deleted on day 1, but maybe day 2, or 3 at the latest.

Euripides said...

Obama's philosophy is so two-faced, it looks like a Hindu god.

Not only won't progressives work on the underlying causes of crime, they protest prosecution and conviction, whining all the way to the courts about how unfair the system is.

What a load of horse-hockey.

Kid said...

Start with WIC Fredd. We have to stop paying them to breed uneducated gang banging criminals. It has become a culture and an employment alternative for mostly black men and women.

Gorges Smythe said...

Nearly all liberalism is the religion of envy.

LindaG said...

Here's hoping that Trump isn't as spineless as all those Republicans who lied to us last November.

LL said...

Not all "inner city people" cause problems when they leave the cesspools that they were living in. Dr. Ben Carson is an success story amid 50 million failures.

I tend to roll with the trends, though, and suggest that if Barack had wanted the ghetto to be better, he could have worked to fix it -- and he didn't lift a finger to do that, because he already had those votes.

Fredd said...

Rip: you are spot on about liberals looking the other way to the root causes of crime. Here in the Windy City, murders are now just another statistic. Nothing is done at all, and the Mayor (Rahm Emanuel) has no clue as to the root causes of crime since they don't jive with his liberal nostrums. You know, the destruction of the black family by replacing the father's contribution to the black family's well being with the government. Liberals don't buy that for a minute, however true it might be.

They go after guns. Not the people who pull the trigger.

Fredd said...

Kid: both Democrats and Republicans voted for legislation like this. Exactly why we don't want no stinkin' RINO or Establishment type calling the shots anymore. At least on the GOP side of things. The opposite is true of liberals, of course.

Fredd said...

LindaG: the lies have gone back to 1995, when we voted in Newt and his Contract with America. Sure, they voted on those things but if the measures went down in flames, they forgot about them.

Remember term limits? Nobody is talking about those anymore. Remember making legislators abide by the same laws that they passed for everybody else? What ever happened to that?

The lies that have tipped over the GOP apple cart started about 20 years ago, and just got more brazen and arrogant. All of this anger towards the Establishment was bound to happen.

Fredd said...

LL: Yes, Barry is the consummate politician - if he has the votes in his back pocket, why bother addressing the needs of those voters? That would be a complete waste of time in his opinion. The end all and be all of this type of rotten politician is nailing down the vote, to hell with what they want after they pull the D handle.

Exactly why everybody hates politicians these days.

Kid said...

What Else Can I say

LSP said...

I like Euripides' Hindu God point. And let's not forget that Kali is all about destruction.

Of course Barak Hussein is a Muslim, which is neat, considering we're fight a war against Muslim terror,. Sorry, that was racist.

Fredd said...


Barack says he is a Christian, but he has said lots of things which turned out to be completely fasle ("...if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.").

Accordingly, his credibility with me is zero. I am unclear as to his faith, but I suspect that like most liberals, God (or Allah) is a construct of convenience to Obama, and not one of faith. He will use God to his purposes, for better or for worse (usually the latter). As a politician, he knows that being a muslim is bad for his legacy and so he downplays his sympathies for the crescent moon.

If I had to bet, I would say he is agnostic. Like most liberals.