Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good bye, Denny Hastert

As I write this, former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert (R-Il) is preparing to start serving his federal banking beef (structuring) sentence of 15 months in The Big House.

I do not write this with relish.  It is yet another black eye for the conservative movement, much like the day that Richard Nixon resigned.  

Denny, my former congressman whom I voted for several times as the representative to the U.S. Congress from the 14th district in Illinois (my home) has not only let me down, he has let down all of us conservatives with his felonious activities.  I don't want to get into those, as they are all heinous and deserving of punishment of the highest order.  If you ask me, Denny got off with a rap on the knuckles.

His biggest failure, however, was as Speaker of the House in 2005, during the Mark Foley scandal.  He knew of this scumbag's malfeasance for years, and chose to do nothing.  Accordingly, Nancy Pelosi used the Mark Foley scandal to beat the Republicans over the head, and rightly so painting the GOP as running a 'culture of corruption.'  And this successful campaign by Pelosi resulted in the loss of the House in 2006.  A direct result of Denny's failures.

And why did Denny not purge Mark Foley?  Likely because HE HIMSELF had identical skeletons in his own closet, and allowed the country to suffer incalculable damage at the hands of the Democrat majority in Congress for the next 10 years, rather than act to clean up the GOP's act.

I never want to hear of this pathetic scumbag again.  A pox on him and his house.  


Kid said...

A pox on him, and the other 38% of congress who happen to be homosexual predators.

LL said...

I expect that Barack won'd pardon Denny on his way out of office...

The corruption in office is directly related to a culture where everyone is expected to "dip their beak". They're a pack of rats (some black rats some white rats, but all rats) and even though a purge won't clean it up for all time, it will cause those who swill at the public trough to reflect on the fates of others.

Fredd said...

Kid: 38%? Even though a majority of congress are scumbags, I am not quite sure that your 38% figure is accurate. Denny is 100% scumbag, of course.

Fredd said...

LL: this 'dip your beak' crap has got to go. I am thinking that The Donald, although a bit of a 'I scratch your back you scratch mine' kinda guy, will shake up some of this beak dipping.

LL said...

Trump clearly understands how it feels to be shaken down by politicians - continually. I don't think that he likes it all that much. The system is endemic worldwide, but here in the US we like to have the illusion of some sort of level playing field instead of endless pay-to-play.

Fredd said...


I know you don't want to hear it, but Donald J. Trump is our GOP presumptive nominee.

In the general election, are you going to vote for him? If you hate his guts so much, then are you going to vote for Hillary? She, of course, has no intention of stopping corruption in politics, and every intention of jacking up the corruption bar.

Pick your poison. And not voting for anyone, or writing in a losing name will only elect Hillary Clinton. If this is your plan, then you are no better than a liberal Democrat as you will be in effect aiding Hillary Clinton's election chances, since you have an opportunity to cast a vote against her and choose not to.