Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just call a spade a spade: they're liberals

Hillary Clinton proclaims that she is a progressive who likes to get things done.  Bernie Sanders proudly states that he is a Democrat Socialist.  

Great.  I am pleased that the confusion is all cleared up.  Neither wants to be labeled as a liberal.  But that's exactly what they both are: raging, blatant liberals.

While Bernie is much more inclined to take a wrecking ball to Wall Street than Hillary, whose Wall Street buddies are primarily funding her campaign, they both are philosophically joined at the hip.

As raging liberals, both Bernie and Hillary truly believe that the government is better suited to determine how best to allocate public resources, and they both believe that the more national resources placed under government control, the better.  And when the government hands out the collective goodies, they can control the benefactors of government largess to almost an unlimited degree.  And as raging liberals, this eventuality is exactly what both Bernie Sanders and Hillary desire: ham-fisted control over every American from cradle to grave.

As we have seen throughout history, when a government winds up with control over everything, the population suffers never ending hardships, shortages and unfairness.  Nobody in a government controlled economy has any more than the next guy.  If someone wants to work a little harder than his neighbor, that extra work will not be rewarded, but conversely the fruits of that extra labor will be confiscated and spread out to the collective.

Accordingly, hard work is punished.  Productivity plummets and nobody benefits in the dream world of Hillary or Bernie except Hillary and Bernie (and their buddies).  The rest of us suffer, as human nature takes over in a big way as the slothful worthless slugs among us quickly figure out that they are entitled to an equal share of the nation's GDP regardless of their effort.  In time, the free loaders will overload the system, as the go-getters also quickly learn that any extra energy they put into the economy will not benefit them or their families.  It's happened in every society that has ever fallen victim to total government control over its citizens' lives.

So let's just call a spade a spade: Democrat Socialists, Progressives, Communists, Potentates, Dictators, etc: they are all the same name for nearly identical philosophies: complete government control over the means of production.  

I still call the Democrats what they are: liberals.


LL said...

I took heat a couple of weeks ago for terming Bernie, "a senile old Communist". But that's what he is at heart. His weakness is that he still likes to go duck hunting, etc, and that's clearly not progressive. Possibly why he remained an Independent, not a Democrat?

Hillary is an elitist who will support ANYTHING to get elected. I don't think that she is a communist so much as she is a Hillaryist. Of the two, Hillary is more dangerous as her policies shift on the sand of the most recent poll.

Will the Biden enter the race in his clown car? I think that he will, to provide an option if Hillary is indicted. The White House has the latest from the FBI on the progress of the investigation and that will likely determine Joe's future.

Gorges Smythe said...

Perhaps the term Hell-bound heathen" IS a bit too strong, but it's what I often use to describe them.

Mustang said...

The purpose of progressivism and socialism is communism. I like keeping things simple.

Fredd said...

Gorges: sure, a few too many syllables, but apt.

Mustang: ...and the purpose of communism, on paper, is to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks in society, right? It's just when humans attempt to implement its tenets that things get real crappy. But on paper, communism is heaven on earth, where unicorns and rainbows are everywhere, and not a tear in any eye. Yes, utopia....on paper.

Fredd said...


Will the voting public embrace crazy ol' Uncle Joe to move into the Oval Office? We'll see, but I seriously doubt it. With a year before the elections, and with Uncle Joe on the campaign trail making about a gaffe every two days, let's see....carry the one, um...that's about three million gaffes that we can all enjoy.

Run, Joe, RUN!

Z said...

I call them for what they are, too: COUNTRY DESTROYERS.