Sunday, July 19, 2015

Donald Trump: he says what he thinks

Love him or hate him, The Donald tells it like it is.  There is no question as to where he stands on an issue of the day, although if you go back in his history, he is much like Obama: his position on things 'evolve.'

He has given gobs of money to the campaigns of Harry Reid (D-Nv), Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), and other prominent liberals.  "That's the way you get things done," he says.

And he's right.  That is indeed the way you get things done, for better or for worse. 

"Mexico is not sending us its best people" declares Trump.  Right again.  Do you think all of the top notch Mexican doctors, lawyers and architects are flocking across the border?  Not a chance in hell.  They have it good south of the border, and would have absolutely no reason to move up here to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Too cold. 

Now, are the poorest of the poor, the criminal gangs and the scum of Mexican society flowing across our southern borders?  You betcha, to use a phrase near and dear to Sarah Palin's heart.  "Many of them are murderers and rapists," says Trump.  True again.  Not even arguable.

Who can really argue with what The Donald is spouting?  Well, liberals will of course argue with even a fire hydrant, but the Donald speaks the truth.  For better or for worse.

Now he's claiming that Sen. John McCain (R - kinda sorta - AZ) is not a hero.  "He's not a hero. He was captured.  I like people who didn't get captured."  Kind of rough on ol' John, but his opinion has merit.  Is everyone who serves in the armed forces a hero?  If so, then the word hero has no meaning anymore.  Just like the days when only special forces and Green Berets wore berets.  They were elite fighting men.  Now everybody in uniform wears a beret (such as PFC Bradley Manning), it's issued to every raw, wet-behind-the-ears recruit in basic training.  The beret no longer has any significance to its bearer.

It used to be that the term hero in the military sense would really only apply to Audi Murphy and his ilk.  You know, the bravest of the brave, such as Sgt York in WWII, the guys who stood on the top of burning tanks and mowed down the enemy with machine guns while his buddies re-established fighting positions, despite the high probability of dying in the process.  Now does the term 'hero' apply to everybody who served in the military, but did not really accomplish anything extraordinary, and at times even made mistakes?  Such as John McCain?  He obviously did something wrong to end up in North Vietnamese's infamous "Hanoi Hilton."  Not that he didn't serve with honor, but "hero?"  I have always chafed at that term as it related to John McCain as well. 

Donald Trump may be a bit too outspoken from time to time.  But I prefer his candor to the out and out garbage and lies that the current administration issues as press releases ('If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.')

We'll see if The Donald can take the arrows during the upcoming campaign. 

So far, he can. 


LL said...

Donald has very tough skin, but he has that billionaire New York (ready-fire-aim) mouth on him. If he took the briefest pause to think about what he was going to say, it might come out better.

Kid said...

Cruz might do us some good, maybe not, but the politicians are about assured to keep us in this mire of the nonsensical BS ridden cesspool of bipartisan PC, multi-cultural hairball puke. How anyone can look favorably upon any politician at this point is beyond me.

Kid said...

Fredd, Getting close to a buy signal on Gold or gold related stocks and ETFs 105 on GLD is the go signal.

Ed Bonderenka said...

One thing I know about McCain, and I support your position on "heroes", they should be heroic, he could have gotten out of Hanoi on his dad's position.
Hanoi would have done that it seems, but McCain stayed and endured the torture.
Did he abandon his first wife to "marry up"?
Yes. I find that despicable.
Did he cash in on his POW status to get elected?
Yes. I find that common.
In common with Kerry.
What a buffoon. Even a broken clock, etc.

Brig said...

The Donald, did he wait til he was wealthy to become outspoken or was he always that way?

Fredd said...

LL: The Donald's mouth is what got him where he is today. For better or for worse. Like a double-edge sword, cuts both ways. In business, particularly, it doesn't pay to dither, to step back and analyze all the facts.

No, nuts to that kind of approach. You gotta spring like a cheetah. The Donald's approach is appreciated by millions. Also like caviar, not everybody loves the stuff. He's an acquired taste.

So, if Donald took the briefest pause before spewing, he would not be The Donald.

And just my opinion, nothing Donald Trump has said so far, absolutely nothing, has come across as untrue or offensive to me. But that's just me.

Fredd said...

Brighid: I suspect he has always been a loose cannon. I read his book "The Art of the Deal" perhaps 20 years ago or so. He was just as brash and brazen back then as he is now.

Fredd said...

Ed: you and I agree on McCain. We disagree on the Donald, so .500 ain't bad. We could get into the baseball hall of fame with stats like that.

Fredd said...

Kid: The Donald ain't a politician, and I like that about him. Let's give a businessman a shot at steering the U.S. ship for awhile. The last several politicians have not done so well, starting with George H.W. Bush, continuing with Bubba, then Dubya, now Barry...all politicians. The last non-politician that did a great job was Dutch. He was an actor, from what I hear. And he did just fine.

Gold: I am watching gold tank as I write this. Kid, I just gotta wonder if you ever get tired of being wrong on gold. At this point, that answer apparently would be a resounding no. You will hang onto your love of gold until it hits $500 an ounce, won't you? And wind up in the poor house in the meantime....

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He's a blow hard but I love it.

Kid said...

Fredd, Fredd, Fredd.... IF Trump is a solid Reagan facsimile, America doesn't have the guts to put him in. The Repubs won't nominate him, the country won't put him in in the primary vote, and if he runs as an independent, he will split the vote and we end up with the beast. The only possible way we don't end up with the beast is a two horse race, and the repubs actually manage to run a person who is Majorly perceived to be a conservative.

Gold, Dang Fredd, the last thing I said was look for GLD to hit 105. It hasn't even done that yet. 106 something today. But here it is since the market is Not a swiss watch.

GLD hitting between 96 and 105 is the buy zone. This is not a short term buy it is a Long Term buy call.

Now save that last sentence somewhere and we'll talk about that in 6 months.

GLD under 105 and I'm going to be building gold related stock/etf positions. I expect to be all in within a month from today. Maniacal laughter ensues. ;-)

Hey good luck sir whichever way you go. It's all good.

Kid said...

Fredd, the last American president we had was Ronald Reagan.