Monday, June 15, 2015

Hillary starting to resemble Richard Nixon

I can't turn on the TV on any random day without seeing a story that is unflattering to Hillary Clinton to put it mildly. 

Now we see that she is banning reporters that she doesn't like from covering her public appearances.  Not flattering at all.  And to boot, that particular campaign event was lightly attended by perhaps 2,000 folks, hardly what anyone would call a throng.

The Democrat Party hardcore apparatchiks are wringing their hands about their presumptive nominee.  This latest event was no different than others as of late for Mrs. Clinton, and no questions were entertained from the press. 

Voters don't like that.  And the apparatchiks don't like that the voters don't like that. 

It appears that Mrs. Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president, but the Democrat machine is likely working furiously behind the scenes to scrounge up somebody, anybody, that can challenge Hillary for the nod in the primaries. 

I think it is becoming crystal clear by now: even though her last name is Clinton, Hillary is not even close to matching her hubby's political skill.  She handles questions clumsily, if at all lately.  She tells little old ladies to get back to the end of the line.  She doesn't tip waitresses.  She seems quite crabby at times, almost Nixon-esque. 

What a lovely irony, with Hillary's antics the last few years.  She apparently took detailed notes while working to bring President Richard Nixon down as a young Democrat Party legal worker. 

And now she and Nixon are becoming virtual twins, with the only exception being that Hillary, unlike Nixon, destroyed the evidence of her skullduggery, malfeasance and general rottenness.

She learned well at the feet of the master, Richard M. Nixon.  If she starts growing a 5 O'clock shadow, I don't know if you could tell the two apart. 


Gorges Smythe said...

The difference is that Nixon, despite his flaws, wasn't a particularly bad president. Hillary's hubby was, and she would be. also.

Brig said...

Come now, you know Nixon looked better in a suit than Haggatha ever will. As for the five o'clock shadow... he is buried outback of the Clinton Foundation.

Fredd said...


I am old enough to remember the Nixon administration, although I was more interested in playing basketball than following Dick Nixon's track record.

He wasn't a particularly great president, either. I remember the price and wage freeze, approx. 1970, without Googling it. Not good. Opening up trade with Mao and Communist China. I think the jury is still out on that one. Taking the US off the gold standard, another bad move. The shameful exit from Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War: he could have won that thing, but blew it.

Watergate notwithstanding, Tricky Dick was no Ronald Reagan.

Fredd said...


You got me on the suit thing. Not even debatable.

LL said...

Obama loved to campaign as did Bill Clinton. Hillary doesn't like people and people who know the old reptile don't like her. She has an army of aids and spinners out there who clean up her mess like the people who followed the elephants with shovels and wagons when the Circus Elephants walked into town.

Fredd said...

LL: The ol' battle ax is just flat-out not much of people person, there's no way around that characterization.

Neither is Al Gore or John Kerry. Elitist assholes who really want no contact at all with the Great Unwashed. A pox on their houses. All of 'em.

Alec said...

Every time I see this clip of Hillary talking about the death of Gaddafi my blood runs cold:

It's a good comparison. Nixon lied with impunity and left a trail of bodies (in Vietnam). Hillary lies with impunity and left a trail of bodies (in Arkansas). One difference. Never saw Nixon laughing on TV.


Kid said...

Fredd, What's even more telling is that of all the democrat senators and congress critters, there isn't a One of them that would pass muster even with the democrat propaganda machine running at max RPM - the MSM. Yes, they're that dirty - all of them. Not even a democrat governor!

Fredd said...

Kid: after reading your comment, I started checking off some prominent Dems, and any associated skeletons in closets, scandals, etc.

I think you're right: they are all dirty. One name comes to mind, though, that could pass muster - Hubert Humphrey. Well, except that he's dead, but other than that he would be the perfect candidate.

What about Diane Feinstein (D-Ca)? She's managed to avoid scandals, and refrained from public skullduggery to a large degree. Her age is a concern, but so is Hillary's.

Kid said...

There's got to be something Fredd. Family enrichment, something.

Fredd said...

Kid: yes, Di-Fi has held public office for her entire adult life, and she is fabulously wealthy. Whether her hubby is the one with the cash, I don't know. But I always cast a suspicious eye at rich politicians: their salaries, while large, are not enough to explain the millions and millions of net worth a lot of them end up with while in office.

Harry Reid's fortunes come to mind. The guy is just a flat out crooked, lyin' sumbitch.

Mustang said...

Richard Nixon had significant character flaws, of that there can be no doubt. But to suggest that he left bodies strewn all over Vietnam is significantly a mischaracterization. Nixon sought to disengage, and in order to do that, he had to employ a Machiavellian strategy to convince the North Vietnamese that it was not in their interests to continue boycotting peace talks. He was successful in that, even attested to by North Vietnam’s military commander Vo Nguyen Giap. Nixon also wanted to get our POWs back; he wanted to put a stop to the despicable suffering imposed upon them by the North Vietnamese prison officials. We had the NVA beaten by every measure; Vietnam sued for peace. What did the Democrats in Congress do? They destroyed that peace by reneging on our pledge to South Vietnam. We then must begin to imagine how American politicians can have so little regard for, so little respect to our American dead, to throw away their victory in order to make an anti-Nixon political point. First, it was the leftists who took our country to war, and then it was the leftists who made sure we lost it, along with 58,000 dead. We must not forget what actually happened.