Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fair, Schmair: Obama spews class warfare disguised as 'fairness.'

The latest speech from our president, one which echoes the same theme we have heard from liberals since the dawn of time, hammers home to his political base the false concept of 'fairness' in managing our shared national resources and responsibilities.

'It's only fair,' Obama blithely mouths as he reads his ubiquitous Tele-Prompter.  I would love to hear what his definition of fairness actual is, and how it relates to our national affairs.

He is obviously speaking only to the 'do-not's' in the crowd (as opposed to 'have-nots, a topic for another time).  His base, whom he wants to rally into a frenzied hate-filled froth, consists of those who have at least $1.00 less than the other guy standing next to them.  The 'do-not's' envy the opposition consisting of 'do'ers' and want to punish those who got that extra buck in an unfair manner. 

Obama's version of what is fair and what is unfair is simple: if one guy has a lot of money, and the other guy has less than that, essential unfairness is at hand.  In Obama's mind, everyone should have an equal share of everything.  And this is the problem with all liberal thinking, which is based on Karl Marx's 19th century publication 'Das Kapital,' the I-Ching of liberalism.  'From those, according to their ability.  To those, according to their need.'  That's the bedrock of liberalism, and the basis of what is in the liberal mind fair, and what is unfair.

This half-baked and completely debunked theory of Marx leaves out a vital part of the equation, and liberals just love to rant and  rave about millionaires and billionaires not paying their 'fair share,' all the while ignoring just how those millionaires and billionaires got to be millionaires and billionaires in the first place.  Most of them worked their butts off, sacrificed enormous amounts of time, energy and money, and took risks with their assets that many of the rest of us would think insane.  And they were rewarded for all of this with millions and billions of dollars.

And what about the 'do-not's' who did not?  Who drank themselves into the gutter, who alienated their family and friends with their nasty, self destructive behavior?  Why don't they have millions and billions of dollars?  Liberals would argue that the system is simply unfair, and that these losers are losers simply because they got a crummy lot in life, unlike those lucky rich bastards who got their fortunes through sheer luck.

Obama and his 'fairness' argument is only for those of his base who can't think for themselves, and believe their liberal leaders who tell them that anyone who has more money came about it through nefarious means, and that with their vote they can take away much of those ill-gotten gains and pass it around to the 'do-not's', who did nothing to earn anything, and that is how 'fairness' works.

Fairness, schmairness.  Rather than hating rich people (also known as class warfare), how about just putting your nose to the grindstone and forget about what others have and worry only about you and what you can do to improve your lot in life?  Instead, if you are a mindless liberal I suspect you will ignore any suggestion of taking responsibility for yourself,  and rather try and steal what you want and need from your neighbor who actually earned what he has gotten in life.

Believe it or not, there are more voters in this country that believe what I have to say about fairness, than what Obama has to say about fairness.  And it's going to show itself in November of 2012.

You can take that to the bank.


Silverfiddle said...

I've been asking liberals to define "Fair Share." Still haven't gotten an answer.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I agree that Obama's idea of fairness amounts to nothing more then 'class warfare'. The left has been engaged in class warfare forever; Rich against poor, white against black, black against Hispanics, male against female, gays against straights, etc.

I guess liberals cannot get their miniscule pea brains around the fact that God did not promise us a rose garden.

Fredd said...


...and you never will get an answer. 'Fair share' is a euphamism for 'MORE'.

Fredd said...

Reverend G:

God and country singer Lynn Anderson, both never promised us a rose garden. But that will never deter liberals from insisting that they did.

Joe said...

The wonderful thing about this country has, up to now, been that everybody has the opportunity to be whatever he/she wants to be, regardless of the "class" in which he/she was born.

Millions of those born poor have made it big in this society.

President BO (the child president) would do away with that kind of opportunity in order to achieve some sort of "equality of outcome."

This is Utopian and unrealistic.

Regardless, like Marx, President BO (the child president) will continue to "lead" his liberal/progressive minions toward that Marxist goal.

Fredd said...


Yes, little Barry will continue to chase his stupid, unrealistic utopian dreams, to the detriment of us all.

To think that legislating fairness into all efforts will work is not simply naive, it is delusional and bordering on madness.

That's like me, a mid 50's short fat bald white guy demanding that I start at center for the Chicago Bulls, because it's only fair, and, according to Barry, 'it's the right thing to do.'

Right. And the high school prom queen will share her crown with the ugly, zit faced chubby girl, since it's only fair.

WAKE UP, BARRY!! You can't legislate fairness!!

Your Friendly Progressive Wicked Witch said...

Class Warfare?

Is that what they call it in Russia?

Kid said...


Fredd I hope you had your gold short on the last few days.

fwiw, the schmart guys are talking about a buy setup (bounce) early next week. After the bounce to about 1730 or so in some number of days/weeks, I'd say it continues back down, and maybe makes a low around 1425. I think it comes back within a year and takes out the 1900+ high. But plenty of time to evaluate that.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the audacity for him to talk about fairness..good grief..no end to the narcissistic madness Fredd!..have a blessed Sunday~!:)

Fredd said...


I've doubled down on my double short on gold (DZZ).

My guess is that gold is heading towards its 'true' value: $500/oz.

Track historick gold prices with the popularity of dithering, detached from reality idealistic Democrat presidents (Carter and Obama).

You'll see what I mean.

Fredd said...


Madness is close to what we have going on now in the Oval Office. Idiocy, narcissism, arrogance, foolishness, and I could go on.

But I won't.

Fredd said...


Technically, class warfare was made widely popular by ol' Barry's idol, Karl Marx. Which was subsequently instituted by the Bolsheviks into their mobs in overthrowing the Czar in Russia. So, in answer to your question, I would guess that's what they have been calling it in Russia for nearly 100 years or close to it.

Remember that Karl wrote in "Das Kapital' (and I paraphrase here) that 'the Proletariat shall rise up and seize the means of production from the Bourgoise.'

Sounds like war to me.

Kid said...

Fredd, good luck sir.

Not to insult your intelligence, but:
Keep in mind those ETF's aren't absolutes to the price of gold, or whatever they are associated with. Especially over time.

Take a look at the charts for FAS (double long on the Financials) and FAZ (Double Short on the Fins). You'd have to think FAZ would be priced a lot higher but over the last 2 year period, the price of FAZ has consistently fallen while the financials completely fell apart. The opposite should be true but isn't.

Don't let those fish get away :)