Monday, May 2, 2011

Pakistan harbored Osama bin Laden for 6 years

Now that the news of Osama bin Laden's death is starting to get stale, it will certainly be fascinating in the next week or two to watch how the Pakistani government squirms out of this one: it is apparent to absolutely anyone with half a brain that the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Osama bin Laden lived since it was constructed in 2005 was at least in part built,  funded, maintained and secured by the Pakistani government.

No other conclusion can be drawn. 

This facility was within 100 yards of Pakistan's version of West Point.  It was ten times the size of all of the other structures within this community, and had the security of Fort Knox.  Most of the neighbors were aware that a person of significant stature lived within these 18 foot walls for the past six years, and to think that the Pakistani government was completely unaware of its inhabitant's identification really stretches their credibility when they deny knowledge of the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

If you recall, the Bush Doctrine defined our enemies after 9/11 as those who committed the atrocities of that terrible day, and that we would not distinguish between these foul enemies and those who harbored them.  The Pakistani government, to include former president Perves Musharref, and current president Asif Ali Zardari were complicit in the harboring of Osama bin Laden for six long years.

Now we know on which side of the fence Pakistan's loyalty lies: with the terrorists.  Pakistan should now be cut off immediately from U.S. foreign aid, no trade between the U.S. and Pakistan should be allowed, and no travel by U.S. citizens to this enemy state should be authorized by the Department of State.  This is the law of the land, and President Obama should follow through with this logical process.

Pakistan is a nuclear armed rogue state, and the danger it poses to the U.S. and its interests as well as world stability are enormous.  The proof of this is sitting right in front of all of our noses: Pakistan is not our friend.


WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there Fredd...interesting question you pose and we knew all along...they are anything but Moderate..and the Musslim brotherhood is the worst offender of them all and we are being told to support them...Good Lord!

Fredd said...


Yes, we all knew that Pakistan was where bin Laden was, but not exactly where. Of course, the Pakis denied this.

Now that there can be no more denial, what is our plan with this now proven enemy state?

The Conservative Lady said...

There is a report from WikiLeaks that says that Pakistan Security Forces have been protecting OBL. I did a post on it today. And to think America has been giving Pakistan billions of dollars over the years.

Fredd said...


I am curious as to the source of that Wikileaks report.

Obviously, somebody in the know. I am not 'in the know,' but was once a U.S. Army intel analyst, and it doesn't take a Michael Scheuer to put these pieces together. The dumbest intel anyalyst on the planet could have connect these dots.

I just saw video of Musharref chafing over us not keeping his government in the loop, and violating Pakistani sovereignty. Anyone wonder why? Had we done so and informed the Pakistani government of our plans beforehand, Osama would have been long, long gone by the time the Navy Seals showed up. Long gone. And Musharref was 'surprised' that OBL was found so close to his capitol of Islamabad. 'Shocked, SHOCKED,' would describe Musharraf's statement, if you ask me.

Silverfiddle said...

It has been clear for quite some time that Pakistan is agin' us.

Time to cut sling on these duplicitous bastards.

Kid said...

Unfortunately, we'll continue giving them money. You know to be split between them and whatever politicians or state department people are the mules. It's the main way they launder money.

Fredd said...


To you and me, it's clear they are enemies. You have to wonder why our politicians haven't figured that out.

Fredd said...


I'm not just against aiding a known enemy (the Pakis), but foreign aid in general just doesn't make sense anymore.

Although I wasn't around, the Marshall Plan didn't make any sense, either. And that was the Mother of All foreign aid.

Kid said...

Fredd, I sure agree with that. Man there were some bad decisions being made. Marshall plan, creation of the UN (With no qualification for it's performance !) Just create an organization with a title and assume it will not only police itself but perform based on the idiotic fantasy it was created with. The UN has long outlived it's usefulness in 90+ % of the areas it operates.

It is by and large a parasite of monumental proportion sucking the blood out of the USA for the benefit of the USA's enemies. Jumpin Catfish.

I view foreign aid the same way I do welfare. It keeps states enslaved by allowing them to exist with their noses just above the water line, then when anything happens out of the ordinary, Flood, lack or food water, etc, it's a major disaster. AND an excellent way for politicians and evil entities of various positions within government to launder massive amounts of money to pad their and the dictator's off shore accounts.

Guess Who’s Speaking? said...

Just thinking about this is pretty disturbing. And to think that we send millions to them in foreign aid.

Fredd said...


And now Pakistan is MAD at us for killing OBL, and not keeping them in the loop, and outing them as back stabbing assholes. THEY are mad at US.

What gall.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Right on, Fredd. As I wrote on my now-dormant blog a few months ago, Pakistan sucks.

On the lighter side, there's word leaking around the Interwebs that Osama bin Laden was on Facebook, and his last status update has been confirmed to be the following:

Brb. Someone's at the door.

Fredd said...


You and I are in complete agreement: Pakistan sucks big time.

Anonymous said...

I think it is clear that Pakistan is about as good of friends as the Saudis. It's a powder keg waiting to go off.

Fredd said...


Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, the entire Middle East, Persian and Arab world, all the same to me. Just a bunch of uncivilized goat herders sitting on a mountain of oil (except the Pakis, they can't even get THAT right).