Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's Sec. of State Hillary Clinton up to these days?

Possible captions include:
1. This was #1 on my job description.
2. The Under Secretary of the Interior of the Republic of Lesotho likes chocolate chip cookies, and I thought I would make a good impression during our urgent upcoming summit meeting.
3. What? I got nothing else going on.
4. ( fill in the blank)
President Obama did us all a favor by assigning Hillary Clinton a virtual 'do nothing' job. She's now out of the Senate, and can't do any further damage there, while jetting to Latvia, Lesotho and Timbuktu on official 'do nothing' business, while the functions attended to by Secretary of State incumbents of the past (such as foreign policy) are now handled by John Kerry, Joe 'Plugs' Biden and other Obama-ites.
Works for me. This move is the only thing that I can come up with that President Obama has done so far that is good for America.


Anonymous said...

If we end up in an ever-worsening international situation, Obama will have done us no favor by naming Hil.

TKZ said...

HAHAHA!! :o) That is a good point. I'm just wondering who those cookies are for.

Fredd said...

Nickie: with the Dems in charge, putting our best foreign policy wonks in charge is just picking your poison: Hillary's only experience in dealing with hostiles is her 'bimbo eruption' expertise.

Susannah said...

Hillary? Oh, she's dancing off to Copenhagen @ the global warming summit trying to navigate the blizzard conditions & trying to commit us to $1,000,000,000/year in pay-off cash to 'underdeveloped' countries.

Why is it that 'underdeveloped' countries remain underdeveloped? Seems to me, that North America was once an 'underdeveloped' piece of large real estate...hmmm?