Friday, October 30, 2009

Trivia, anyone?

In the following quiz, depends on how old you are, generally speaking. Take this quiz, and don't cheat by Googling the answers, or looking at cell phones for clues. Here goes: What was the full name of ‘the Skipper’, the character in the 1960’s sitcom ‘Gilligan’s Island’ portrayed by Alan Hale? In a similar question, what was the name of the character portrayed by Bob Denver in the even older sitcom ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis?’ What year and model was ‘My Mother The Car,’ a short lived sitcom in which Jerry Van Dyke starred in the early 1960’s? Name the children of Herman and Lilly Munster, portrayed by Fred Gwynn and Yvonne DeCarlo in ‘The ‘Munsters’ sitcom, also of the same era as all of these questions. In text, what does ‘IMO’ mean? When texting, which key must be selected and how many times must it be depressed to obtain the letter ‘R’? What does ‘OMG’ mean in text? When a younger person describes an object as ‘sick’, is this good or bad? When an oldster describes something as ‘the cat’s pajamas,’ is this good or bad? What is a ‘mollycoddler.’ 1 - 2 correct: you probably live under a rock, or in a cave with Osama Bin Laden. 3 - 4 correct: you're still under that rock, or in that cave. 5 - 7 correct: you are probably middle aged, between 45 and 60. 8 - 9 correct: you probably cheated 10 correct: you don't get out much, do you?


Pollyanna said...

Maybe I got four, maybe I got five. I haven't gone & cheated with Mr. Google yet. I think you totally missed Gen X - we weren't alive in the 60's and the texting thing is more a Gen Y thing. Or maybe I really am living under a rock. Ewww, gross! I don't like dirt and worms and little creepy crawlies. Although, if I emerged, it would make a good Halloween costume without having to do anything.

BTW - I did not make a Halloween costume for myself or Hubby, but I did make the tutus for my girls' ballerina costumes :)

Try not to scare the kids too much this weekend!

Fredd said...

I appreciate your take, Pollyanna. I suspect that based on your age, you got none of the early 60s sitcom answers, and based on MY age, I snagged no Gen-X questions.

See what I mean about the age bias thing? Thanks for stopping by, your site is one of my first in surfing this network, and I find it very refreshing.

Sebastien Millon said...

I got 4 correct! Frankly, dwelling in a cave is not so bad. The heating and cooling bills are much less expensive.

Fredd said...

Sebastian: Let me guess: you got the texting and modern speak stuff correct, right Sebastian? I think I recall on your profile you were a young-ish dude.

Of course, as an old-ish dude, my memory could be off, and I am too dang lazy to hop over to your site to check your profile again.