Friday, January 18, 2013

Manti Te'o: all this fuss to cover his being gay

We keep hearing how strange and stranger this story gets regarding Manti Te'o's non-existent girl friend who was the love of his life.  It's not strange at all if we consider the possibility that answers almost every weird question: he fabricated a girl friend to cover up the fact that he is gay.

Manti Te'o has a lot to lose if he's outed as a homosexual.  Nobody in the NFL is gay, at least not that we know of.  Should the facts come to light, there goes the huge bucks that being a top draft pick would bag.

And what about his family gushing over the ghost girl friend, telling everybody they met her?  They would know about Manti's sexual orientation, and are aware that they need to play ball in this masquerade in order to cash in on his football career themselves. 

So far, all of this checks out in filling in the holes in this story.

He's a good looking guy, got everything going for him, but no girl friend in sight.  What's up with that?  Did you notice how many hot chicks that Johnny Football has been seen with since his Heismann?  And how about A.J. McCarron's latest squeeze, Miss Alabama? Colin Klein? Married. But zilch girls with Manti.  Zip, nada in the babe department.

It's quite likely that Notre Dame is in on the gay Manti Te'o story as well and sat on the news also, as it would not help their program to have this come out, much akin to the Penn State mess.  No, they can't have that, bad for recruiting, etc., and are sticking with Manti's story about being 'catfished,' bamboozled, duped and fooled.

This is the most likely story here: Manti Te'o is gay, and will soon be expected to start wearing some arm candy, and  so we come up with a far away, unreachable 'girl friend,' and everything is solved.  Then the girl croaks, and Manti pines away for years over the loss of his soul mate. See how this works out?

The only problem with this theory is that since it's a conspiracy, eventually somebody rats out the scheme for the money, and that would likely entail the male love interest in Manti's life.  So far, silence from the boyfriend. 

But it's only a matter of time before we meet Manti Te'o's true love interest. 


Kid said...

Makes perfect sense Fredd. 1st time I've heard it too.

Joe said...

He played this one dumb.

All he had to do was to hint that he needed someone to pretend to be the "girl of his dreams." He would have had dozens of takers.

Unless you are right, of course.

Fredd said...


My wife pointed this out as to a theory right away. It would never have occurred to me, until she walked me through how many holes this gay angle would plug, and then it started to make perfect sense.

Time will tell, Kid.

Fredd said...

Joe: true, had he thought this out a bit more, he could have been provided 'binders of women' as cover.

Joe said...

'...binders of women...'

That was a good one! Had me ROLF.

Unknown said...

If anyone even remotely aware of the Manti Te'O situation believes that this "guy" could attend ND as a star football player and not have girls of any ethnic background hanging all over him, they are idiots. The straight guys, whether student athletes or not, must certainly question how Manti could go that long without female companionship and intimacy. I'm not a psychologist, but I am a straight guy with three daughters, 42 years of marriage, and it's just not normal behavior for a straight male to not have a "real" and "honest" relationship with a female, especially at ND and St. Marys across the street. There is something being hidden by all of those involved with Te'O and sooner or later it will be revealed. Swarbrick, Kelly, and all of the ND administration will do their best to conceal the truth - just like the priests that never molested children.