Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dumbest ideas making the news

There are lots of dumb ideas floating around, and some are dumber than others.  My pick of the dumbest of the dumb ideas follow:

1.  Pay everybody $70,000.00 annually.  Of course, when Dan Price of Gravity Payments decided that everybody would be happy if all his employees received $70K a year, liberals everywhere declared him brilliant, a thought leader, and his model would be the stuff of Harvard case studies.  3 months later, almost nothing is working out like Dan Price figured it would: his brother who was a principal of Gravity Payments sued the company, many of his clients withdrew their accounts, and lots of higher skills employees quit because the janitor who dropped out of 3rd grade was making the same pay as those who slogged their way through MBA's at the University of Washington.  Who saw this kind of backlash coming? Well, just about everybody who isn't a brain dead liberal did.  Duh. 

2.  Make a deal with Iran.  Yes, it is a brilliant move to remove sanctions against the world's leader in exporting terror, freeing up oil sales on the world market, allowing about $150,000,000,000 (that's 150 BILLION dollars annually) to flow into the mullah's coffers; money to fund world-wide terror in perpetuity.  And in an effort to stall the mullahs getting a nuclear weapon, allow only Iranian inspectors to verify nuclear free military sites and report to the world that they are indeed in compliance of the accords.  What kind of morons would do this?  Well, that would be the Obama administration, the smartest people in the world.  Right. 

3.  Hillary Clinton decides to use private email servers in her position as U.S. Secretary of State instead of the mandated, relatively secure government servers.  Of course, Hillary is touted as the worlds' smartest woman.  Now the fact that she used these unsecured private servers to process classified TOP SECRET intelligence reports has surfaced.  And these servers were physically located in an unsecured, solitary bathroom in Denver, when we were told by this extremely smart woman (worlds' smartest woman, or so we are told) that she had U.S. Secret Service agents standing guard over these servers night and day.  Right.  The world's smartest woman sure didn't think any of this through.

Lots of dumb ideas out there, ladies and gentlemen.  Lots and lots. I could go on, but I won't.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Wheeler Dealers" guys really bad at math

The cable show "Wheeler Dealers" aired on The Discovery Channel's affiliated 'Velocity' channel features two Brits, a tall skinny guy (Edd China, the mechanic) and a short fat guy (Mike Brewer, the used car salesman) buying classic cars that need work, fixing them and flipping them 'for a profit.'

I haven't missed an episode, and "Wheeler Dealers" has been around for over a decade now.  And each and every episode, I end up yelling at the screen once they start adding up their costs on each project to figure their 'profit.'  Their math is so rotten, it drives me nuts.

A typical episode has Mike flying over to the U.S. from the U.K, kicking the tires on several candidates on, say, a Chevrolet Camaro.  He then beats the guy down to a low ball price, and ships the car back to merry old England.  Edd gets his wrenches out (or 'spanners', as loyal British Subjects call them), does his thing on the clunker and presto, chango: the car looks like it just rolled off the show room floor.

Here's the rub: when calculating the profit, there are just so many large costs that are completely ignored when adding up what they spent.  They only include the cost of the car, the cost of any parts they purchased, and any vendor costs such as chroming and specialty work, and if purchased from a foreign country, shipping costs only, that's it.  What they DON'T add in are the following:

* Labor.  This is a biggie.  Edd works his butt off putting these pieces of crap back into working order, and not a dime of his massive efforts are calculated. Some of these jobs Edd takes on take him weeks and weeks.  He is an accomplished mechanic, and should bill his time out at approximately $80 and hour or so, but he works for nothing, apparently.  And then there's Mike's time and energy spent running around finding these cars, tracking down parts, and never including a dime of his efforts.  This line item is huge.

* Overhead.  Edd has quite the nice shop, with every imaginable tool needed for virtually every obscure job, to include computers for tuning, an overhead hydraulic lift, and all manner of hand tools and often expensive systems.  Not a dime of the rent, mortgage payment, maintenance, etc. or any other cost of this is included in their "profit." And advertising, nothing is mentioned of the cost of marketing these cars. Not one penny of any of this huge overhead these guys have invested in their operation is considered at all.

*Additional labor.  Edd at almost every job calls over his mate (or 'friend,' as we say across the pond) Paul to give him a hand on some of the more cumbersome efforts, or when more than one guy is required.  Paul apparently works for free as well, I never see an invoice from Paul when it comes to adding up the costs.

*Travel costs, shipping costs, etc.  Lots of plane tickets, hotel bills and gasoline/trailer costs are completely ignored.  Edd carts cars off to the paint shop about every other episode, returns to the shop with his trailer and truck.  Once the car is done, he drags the trailer and truck back to the paint shop, picks up the finished car and returns to the shop.  Not a dime of all of this is recorded. These thousands of dollars per car can add up to big money, but these lunkheads never account for a penny of it.

So when comes time for Mike to boast and crow of a huge profit, don't believe a word of it.  Just double the costs they have admitted to, and you will have a more accurate idea of what it costs to bring a piece of crap that was heading for the crusher back to life.

And I still look forward to every episode.  So that I can yell at Mike and Edd some more.  

I love this show.  I know it certainly doesn't sound like it, but I do.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Note to Obama: legacies are for others to assign, not you

There he goes again, legacy building.  Barack Obama told us 7 years ago that he was intent on bankrupting the coal industry. Well, the other shoe has finally dropped, and he has issued yet another edict from on high that coal fired power plants better start shuttering their doors sooner rather than later owing to new strict environmental standards on greenhouse gas emissions.

Barry is starting to rush things, as he knows he only has another 15 months or so to wreck America to his liking, and establish the transformation of the country from the world's only super power to a third world banana republic.  Barry likens this transformation as one from a fossil fueled polluting country to a renewable, fresh green country.  Right.  And still, there are not enough windmills or solar panels that can be stapled or glued onto a Boeing 777 to get it even an inch off the ground.  

One thing Barry hasn't accounted for, however, is that his legacy is not subject to the political winds of today.  It will be determined in the fullness of time by others, and others who are not deterred by which way the current political winds are blowing.  History has a way of diluting such influences, and objectively looking at results, not the spin issued by the current regime.

Barry thinks that history will have determined that he saved America from a depression of epic proportions since he inherited a full blown economic disaster...created by his own party and its desire to give free houses to bums and losers who could never, ever service a mortgage on even a dog house, much less a McMansion.

When these fake mortgages went bust after the fake occupants with their fake paychecks came into full view of the lenders, Democrat policies of a house for every beggar blew up in all of our faces. And yet Barry, ramming through massive government spending programs of Keynesian origin, thinks he saved the day when future historians will determine the truth.  And that truth will not be flattering to Barry's legacy.  

Barry will think that his legacy will be one of a peace maker, the president who ended two wars and brought our troops home. Again, the future historians will look at this quite differently: Barry will be hung with losing two wars, one which had already been won (Iraq) and one that was winnable (Afghanistan), and creating the new Holocaust of ISIS.

Barack Obama's legacy will be one of legend.  But not the way he thinks.  Rather than America's greatest president, Barry will come down in history as the most damaging, dishonest and God-awful president the country has ever seen, or ever will see.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monsters in our midst

These liberal monsters at Planned Parenthood have been exposed for what they all are: monsters.  Monsters who sell body parts to the highest bidder, and lose not a minute of sleep after committing the most hideous murders every day.  In fact, these monsters sleep like babies (or at least, like babies that they haven't murdered and then harvested their organs).

These monsters get half a billion tax payer dollars every year to do this.  If these videos don't convince even the dullest among us to demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded immediately, then our country has perished as was founded. 

There is no other word to describe ghouls whose immorality allow them to sip their merlot and eat their Caesar salads while describing the 'crunchy' procedures they try to avoid when killing babies in order to preserve their desired body parts - these immoral liberals are nothing more than hideous monsters.

Monsters, all of 'em.  Swift and severe accountability is mandated immediately if we have any sense of morality left as a nation.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Donald Trump: he says what he thinks

Love him or hate him, The Donald tells it like it is.  There is no question as to where he stands on an issue of the day, although if you go back in his history, he is much like Obama: his position on things 'evolve.'

He has given gobs of money to the campaigns of Harry Reid (D-Nv), Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), and other prominent liberals.  "That's the way you get things done," he says.

And he's right.  That is indeed the way you get things done, for better or for worse. 

"Mexico is not sending us its best people" declares Trump.  Right again.  Do you think all of the top notch Mexican doctors, lawyers and architects are flocking across the border?  Not a chance in hell.  They have it good south of the border, and would have absolutely no reason to move up here to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Too cold. 

Now, are the poorest of the poor, the criminal gangs and the scum of Mexican society flowing across our southern borders?  You betcha, to use a phrase near and dear to Sarah Palin's heart.  "Many of them are murderers and rapists," says Trump.  True again.  Not even arguable.

Who can really argue with what The Donald is spouting?  Well, liberals will of course argue with even a fire hydrant, but the Donald speaks the truth.  For better or for worse.

Now he's claiming that Sen. John McCain (R - kinda sorta - AZ) is not a hero.  "He's not a hero. He was captured.  I like people who didn't get captured."  Kind of rough on ol' John, but his opinion has merit.  Is everyone who serves in the armed forces a hero?  If so, then the word hero has no meaning anymore.  Just like the days when only special forces and Green Berets wore berets.  They were elite fighting men.  Now everybody in uniform wears a beret (such as PFC Bradley Manning), it's issued to every raw, wet-behind-the-ears recruit in basic training.  The beret no longer has any significance to its bearer.

It used to be that the term hero in the military sense would really only apply to Audi Murphy and his ilk.  You know, the bravest of the brave, such as Sgt York in WWII, the guys who stood on the top of burning tanks and mowed down the enemy with machine guns while his buddies re-established fighting positions, despite the high probability of dying in the process.  Now does the term 'hero' apply to everybody who served in the military, but did not really accomplish anything extraordinary, and at times even made mistakes?  Such as John McCain?  He obviously did something wrong to end up in North Vietnamese's infamous "Hanoi Hilton."  Not that he didn't serve with honor, but "hero?"  I have always chafed at that term as it related to John McCain as well. 

Donald Trump may be a bit too outspoken from time to time.  But I prefer his candor to the out and out garbage and lies that the current administration issues as press releases ('If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.')

We'll see if The Donald can take the arrows during the upcoming campaign. 

So far, he can. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Americans have come full circle in 239 years

239 years ago, the majority of the citizens of what was then the 13 British colonies established in the New World had had enough – King George III had bullied, abused and neglected these hard working folks to the point that they could no longer tolerate the ‘Intolerable Acts’: their government had taxed them beyond any reasonable limits, it trampled on their dignity and was simply milking the industry created by risk takers, and squandering it on interests of the Crown, and to the detriment of the Colonies.


The revolution that ensued was one of a conservative nature.  They did not desire to throw out the western ways and freedoms granted initially by the Magna Carta some five centuries before, but merely to get the current oppressive Royal government off of their backs.


These virtuous, God fearing men and women of the Colonies simply wanted to live their lives the way they saw fit, free of the confiscatory taxes, brutal treatment by English soldiers and created a society based on their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Now, 239 years later, how has that society endured?  The Founding Fathers, who sacrificed their fortunes and sacred honor to make this new society a reality, would not recognize what America has now become.  Indeed, they are rolling over in their graves.


This latest ruling by the Supreme Court establishing a Constitutional ‘right’ for homosexuals to legally marry is just the latest of many destructive rulings coming down from on high from nine unelected judges.  Not only are gays and lesbians now demanding the same legal rights as traditional man/woman couples, they are demanding that their lifestyles command universal respect and acceptance.  Their formerly taboo behavior will no longer be looked down upon, and if someone voices disapproval of their deviancy, these activist homosexuals will demand that these people not only retract their opinion, but receive punishment for saying so.


Socialism was never part of the conversation in the creation of the new society by the Founding Fathers, and if it came up, it was certainly associated with evil.  Now, 239 years later, seemingly the majority of voters in the country are perfectly OK with socialism.  Only 50 years after the Constitution was ratified, a French observer saw the beginning of creeping socialism.  Alexis DeToqueville in the 1830’s predicted with amazing accuracy that once the common man discovered that he could, with a majority of like minded souls, vote himself a portion of the community treasury, without having to contribute a dime to the kitty, the end of the American experiment would follow.

Any benevolent system established by men to distribute common resources will always fail.  Always.  And this is due to one factor of human nature that will always be with us, forever into time untold: Free riders will at every opportunity sponge off the efforts of others.  Free riders have no shame, and feel no remorse gorging themselves on the bread of other men's tables.  The free riders in every benevolent system will inevitably bring the system down, for a number of obvious reasons. 


In 2012, approximately 47% of all working men and women paid no federal taxes whatsoever (free riders).  Many of them actually received money from the government each year in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit, various welfare programs, Medicare, Medicaid and other giveaways.  And Social Security, once considered simply a supplemental form of aid to the elderly population, is now the main source of income for way too large a percentage of Americans who never saved a penny for their retirement.  Instead, they were convinced that the U.S. government would pay for their retirement, while they only contributed a paltry portion of their salaries towards this fund, supposedly preserved in a ‘lock box.’  These contributions of citizens towards the Social Security program have since been raided and spent down to zero and below zero by several generations of scalawag politicians of both parties.  That fictitious lock box has been empty now for decades. 


Although no data is available as of this writing, I would wager that perhaps half the country now pays no federal taxes, leaving the burden to the other half: the takers and the makers.  Our nation of takers, who vote virtually as a block for the Democrat party who panders to them by constantly promising them an ever increasing share of the common treasury in exchange for votes, is now on the brink of insolvency.


Although the GDP of the nation is still able to service our enormous debt incurred by drunken-sailor borrowing by politicians to service their promises of redistribution, at some point in the not-so-distant future, our ability to pay the interest on the approaching $20,000,000,000,000.00 (TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS!!!) will wane.  Once that day comes, the chickens will come home to roost. 


As the old saying goes, socialism eventually fails because we run out of other people’s money.  Our Founding Fathers are not only rolling in their graves at this turn of events, they are positively spinning in their graves.


239 years ago, the citizens revolted over a government that was robbing them blind, and abusing their trust.  We have now come full circle.  These citizens of America are now looking at virtually the exact same circumstances they found themselves in 239 years ago.


When will we get to the point that we start reaching for our Brown Bess’s, sabers and pitchforks?  As one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson once famously quipped, ‘a little revolution from time to time is a good thing.’


Monday, June 15, 2015

Hillary starting to resemble Richard Nixon

I can't turn on the TV on any random day without seeing a story that is unflattering to Hillary Clinton to put it mildly. 

Now we see that she is banning reporters that she doesn't like from covering her public appearances.  Not flattering at all.  And to boot, that particular campaign event was lightly attended by perhaps 2,000 folks, hardly what anyone would call a throng.

The Democrat Party hardcore apparatchiks are wringing their hands about their presumptive nominee.  This latest event was no different than others as of late for Mrs. Clinton, and no questions were entertained from the press. 

Voters don't like that.  And the apparatchiks don't like that the voters don't like that. 

It appears that Mrs. Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president, but the Democrat machine is likely working furiously behind the scenes to scrounge up somebody, anybody, that can challenge Hillary for the nod in the primaries. 

I think it is becoming crystal clear by now: even though her last name is Clinton, Hillary is not even close to matching her hubby's political skill.  She handles questions clumsily, if at all lately.  She tells little old ladies to get back to the end of the line.  She doesn't tip waitresses.  She seems quite crabby at times, almost Nixon-esque. 

What a lovely irony, with Hillary's antics the last few years.  She apparently took detailed notes while working to bring President Richard Nixon down as a young Democrat Party legal worker. 

And now she and Nixon are becoming virtual twins, with the only exception being that Hillary, unlike Nixon, destroyed the evidence of her skullduggery, malfeasance and general rottenness.

She learned well at the feet of the master, Richard M. Nixon.  If she starts growing a 5 O'clock shadow, I don't know if you could tell the two apart.