Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dick Cheney is an American hero

Long the punching bag of the socialist pacifist Left in the U.S., Dick Cheney continues to serve the country in his current capacity as Detractor in Chief in his opposition to whom he correctly labels 'the worst president in my lifetime."

And the former Vice President of the United States is now 74 years old, and was born during the FDR administration.  That is a lot of presidents since then, and in his opinion, the current one is the worst.  I think Dick Cheney is really putting quite a happy face on this remark and sugar coating this comparison, since it is arguable that Barack Obama is the absolute worst president the country has ever known. "We'll be digging out from the damage this president has done for years to come."  

Man oh man, don't we all know it.  

And Dick Cheney knows it, as do most of the conservative voters in the country.  The former veep doesn't need to take the kind of heat that is heaped upon him, he could have quietly retired and left the political arena.  But, sadly, the current crop of GOP politicians are not standing up to Barack Obama nearly as aggressively as they should in opposing his socialist agenda.  

Accordingly, Dick Cheney is still swinging, heart transplant and all.  He is a hero of conservative Americans, and has selflessly served our country for decades, even though he could have made millions in the private sector.  As CEO of Haliburton, Cheney took a monumental, staggering pay cut to step up and serve as George W. Bush's vice president, and not simply for the power or as stepping stone to the presidency, which he never sought. He was asked to serve, and he stepped up in a big way.

He was instrumental as the Sec. of Defense during George H.W. Bush's administration in ousting the evil Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.  It was many of the defense policies put into place by Dick Cheney that contained Saddam Hussein after Desert Storm, and steadied the volatile Middle East for decades, or as much as the Middle East could be stabilized considering the ruthless dictators and potentates running most of the regions oil rich kingdoms, emirates and sheikdoms. 

History will be kind to Dick Cheney.  He is one of the greatest Americans to come down the pike in the last 50 years, right up there with Ronald Reagan.

But he's not done just yet.  He's still in there, throwing hay makers. God Bless Dick Cheney, an American hero.   

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton will get away without consequence on the email scandal

Just like all the other scandals that have come and gone.  I don't know if I can count all of her scandals, but there are many.  And this one will simply get added to the list that only her detractors keep.

Her supporters have not even logged this one as a scandal.  She says she obeyed the law, there you have it, they say.  Nothing to see here, move along, now, you mean spirited Republicans.  You just hate her because she is a woman.  This email thing is nothing, and it just shows what rotten, no good scumbags you all are for keeping at it.  Just drop it, OK?  She's a good person.

And it will disappear over the course of the next year, and nothing will come of it. Trey Goudy will subpoena her server, and her lawyers will stretch that process out over several years.  By then, it is entirely possible that this server will have disappeared.  

If it hasn't already.

Let's look at a few other scandals that Hillary Clinton has seen come and go without consequence:

  • Filegate: 900 FBI files on Clinton enemies found in the White House possession.  No consequences for the Clintons
  • Cattle Futures: $1000 investment parlayed into $100,000 by Hillary, no questions asked, not even futures experts could do this.  No consequences.
  • Vince Foster dies under mysterious circumstances, Hillary's people spirited off with unknown contents at the crime scene.  No consequences.
  • Travelgate: Hillary said "we need those slots."  Fires the lot of the non-partisan travel office and fills the jobs with Clinton cronies.  Hillary accuses Billy Dale, travel office manager of malfeasance and criminal activities.  Dale was acquitted in minutes.  Unprecedented abuse of power.  No consequences.
  • Rose Law Firm billing records, which mysteriously showed up in the White House residence two years after being subpoenaed.  No questions asked.
  • Whitewater real estate deal, shady Clinton fingers in this mess, no consequences for the Clintons
  • Health-Care mess.  Hillary comes up with socialized health care plan, does not name co-conspirators who helped her with all the socialism in the plan.  Done in secret.  No more questions asked.
  • Benghazi: four Americans including Libyan ambassador die while Hillary watches.  Requests for boosted security measures from the ambassador prior to the attacks fall on deaf ears.  Hillary blames a video for terrorist attack.  No emails from Hillary turned over to government during this period.  No more consequences for Hillary.
  • Clinton Foundation scandal.  Hillary shaking down foreign heads of state for cash while on the job as Secretary of State.  Massive conflict of interest, no consequences for any of this malfeasance.
  • Email-gate.  Nothing to see here, either.  Just add it to the list.
How many scandals of at least the seriousness of any of these did it take to bring down Richard Nixon?  

Only one.  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

We've all been raised to respect the police

From our earliest memories, we all have been told that the police are our friends.  We've been raised to believe that the police are the good guys, and that whatever they do, it's the law and is right and legal.

Right?  If you wore blue, automatic reverence and deferral to a policeman's judgement was ingrained into all of us.

In most of the country, that is.  In urban high crime areas, maybe not so much, since simply living in that area makes you a suspect and likely criminal.  And if you aren't caught in a criminal act by those in blue 'serving' those areas, you are assumed to have done bad things in the past, it's what you do.  

And when the police are automatically assumed to be out to get you, which is true way more often that it should be within urban areas, their lack of popularity with these urban populations should not surprise anybody.  Crimes such as 'driving while black,' or even 'walking while black,' while not criminal, are often used as reasonable suspicion or probable cause by police in these areas, justifications to pull citizens over, or otherwise question citizens about their activities.

While mistakes were made prior to the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, MO by the police in dealing with a predominantly black area, the general dislike of police in areas such as Ferguson is readily apparent through urban America.  And the 'hands up' gesture is not based on the facts in the Michael Brown case, it is seen used again and again across urban America as a signal to the rest of us that respect for police is not universal, when they use their authority in ways that grate on the public good will decade after decade.

What about the good will given to police forces in predominantly white areas?  This too, is often wearing thin.  Police are, after all, government workers.  They are virtually impossible to fire regardless of their performance, are represented by huge public workers unions and have been documented time and again as behaving badly when it comes to dealing with those whom they have sworn an oath to 'protect and defend.'

All too often, police in predominantly white areas will fabricate evidence, plant evidence, steal evidence, and lie about their activities, lie about the circumstances of arrests they make, and even lie on the witness stand in a court of law, thus abusing the inherent trust that is placed in them. 

I am now seeing lots of television programs about police and their activities filmed in such a fashion as to put the police in the best light possible.  Don't get me wrong, though; there are many policemen and policewomen who are conscientious and honest throughout the country.  But their ranks are lousy with bad apples, and not just one here and one there.  They are everywhere, and way more bad cops are on the take, fabricate evidence and simply lie about the facts than should be in any municipality.  

Most police in rural, predominantly white areas find that crime is relatively rare, but they have to justify their salary.  Accordingly, nearly all the citizens that they are supposedly 'protecting and serving' are viewed at every interaction with them as potential perps, or at a minimum a source of revenue; to be written up with a citation for speeding, jay walking, spitting on the side walk or any number of other petty misdemeanors.

Is it any wonder that the police have lately gotten a black eye?  One main reason that the cops are in such a bad light in the public eye is the never ending advance in technology: video cameras are everywhere now, whereas 50 years ago, only news teams had the capacity to record video, and the potential of these news teams of yesterday actually recording cops doing bad things was simply not gong to happen.  No longer, however, thanks to this technology can a cop lie with impunity about what happened during an interaction with the pubic. There are security cameras virtually everywhere, cameras on their vehicles, cameras on private vehicles, and cameras in everyone's hands.  

Cops relying on their inherent trust from the public to always weigh in on their side of the issue is being called into question now.  

And for good reason: our police forces across this country need a complete audit of how they interact with those whom they have sworn an oath to 'protect and serve.'  

It's time the police got back to living that oath that they have strayed from over time.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Urban living: a lesser life

There's two types of folks in this country: city folks and country folks.  

And typically, most city folks vote for Democrats, and most country folks vote for Republicans.  Just a peek at the U.S. voting results map of 2012, 2008 and 2004, etc, as color coded red for (R) and blue for (D) will clearly indicate.  I am confident you all have seen this map, it's striking as to how beautifully it verifies my claim about how folks vote according to where they live.

Those city folks all vote for Democrats (not all, but most) so that they can obtain government booty, which is more efficiently distributed to the constituents when they are huddled close together.  That's why Democrats love big cities.  It's so easy to pass out the goodies to the city folks that they have taken at the point of a gun from country folks.  

But is everything paradise in the cities?  Hardly.  Because Democrats have promised everyone a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage in exchange for their votes, these city folks sure could use those chickens and cars. Those promises sound real good. So they trudge to the polls, pull those (D) handles with pride, and then sit back and wait for the chickens and cars to flow into their possession.

In reality, it doesn't exactly work out like that, especially in the larger cities, Chicago for example.  Each winter, since Chicago is located in a fairly northern climate, snow falls are a fact of life, and snow removal from the city streets is a big responsibility of the local Democrat government.  Chicago has many, many side streets in addition to the major thoroughfares.  But plowing each and every little side street after major snow falls is just not going to happen, since the Chicago public works only has so many snow plows available to service the streets of Chicago.  Accordingly, only the major streets get plowed in any timely manner, and the rest of the city is on its own, even though each and every resident living on those side streets pays huge city property taxes to fund such things as street maintenance, and yet receive precious little services for their tax dollars.

Police services work much the same.  Urban crime rates are much higher than in the country, and the police presence is just too small a foot print to keep ahead of the massive criminal populations that flock to urban areas.  Crooks know where the police are, and where the police aren't: these criminals are evil, but they are not stupid.  Unless they are begging to go to jail, they commit their crimes in the absence of the police.  Chicago has one of the worst murder rates in the world.  And the current Democrat mayor has no clue as to what to do about it.  His opponent in the upcoming mayoral election, another Democrat, is promising 1,000 more cops on the streets (more chickens in more pots), but when asked where the money will come to fund those additional government jobs, this candidate has nothing to say.  Chicago voters have a choice this election: vote for this Democrat, or vote for that Democrat.  It's tough to live in the city these days.  They are screwed either way, and they don't even know it.

Country folk have no such limitations.  Many of them have snow removal equipment themselves, and many smaller municipalities have adequate equipment to service the local roads. Crime is quite low in rural areas, and police departments are on top of every area of criminal activity; they are all over crime like a Kennedy on a bottle of Scotch.  Criminals know where the pickin's are good, and it's not in the country.  They work best in the big cities, where cops are scarce.  Accordingly, it's very efficient out here in the country, with low crime and plowed roads, where mostly Republicans are calling the shots to ensure that their constituents are living large.  

See how things work in the real world?  Democrats can't figure out how to get chickens into everyone's pots, and cars into everyone's garages, but keep promising them those things every election year.

Republicans running for office out in Fly Over Country (the sticks, the boonies, the back woods, you know, where all the hayseeds, bumpkins, rubes and hicks live) don't promise all of that.  Accordingly, they don't need to deliver all of those expensive services that they can't afford to pay for, and their constituents like it this way: they often fend for themselves, keep to themselves and typically pay less for government.

It's great to live in the sticks.  Makes one want to break out in song, come on, y'all know the words: "I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee...."

Monday, February 23, 2015

ISIS is not an existential threat to America

They are just not in that league.  Not only are they not a threat to the U.S., they are not a threat to any western country.

Not even close to the existential threats to life as the real-deal historical heavyweights: Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Soviet Union after WWII, and of course Napoleon Bonapart's early 19th century French behemoth.  Or Ghengis Khan's Mongol hoards, and who could forget the Vikings and the Visigoths.....

Those guys back in their day were 800 pound gorillas.  ISIS is the ukulele playing Tiny Tim trilling 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips" as compared to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin belting out 'Whole Lotta Love.'

Sure, ISIS has complete mastery of today's social media and has a flair for the dramatic in posting videos of gruesome executions of their unfortunate captives.  Those images foment great anguish and emotion from civilized societies, as well they should.

But nobody in the Western world, even Italy, can seriously believe that these ISIS guys are coming for them in any meaningful way. ISIS simply does not have the war making capability in either manpower or manufacturing to pose even a credible threat to any Western nation.

Back in the day, Ghengis Khan steamrolled over civilizations like crap through a goose, and kept those societies under control through reward and punishment: once conquered, the conquered populations were offered protection, governance and order (they called it 'peace' back then) if they simply supported Ghengis' efforts (crushing others), and not causing trouble.  If the conquered populations or any portion thereof got uppity, then hell would rain down on everyone.  And nobody wanted that.  And that kind of deal that Ghengis offered worked out for everyone. To a point.

Ditto this arrangement for every other heavy hitter throughout history.  But this is not the vision of ISIS.  They are great at stomping on backward, goat herding Bedouin societies, where the leaders of society are not all that different from the marauding Sunni Muslim ISIS zealots themselves.  The populations that are now under ISIS control have always been under similar restrictions: women wear hijab/bhurkas, can't drive, can't vote, can't say boo.  Men in these ISIS controlled areas have always been under similar freedoms: they call all the shots in society, make all the rules, and are basically murdering scumbag bullies since the dawn of time.  

ISIS can never sustain a war machine.  Their theology eschews the promotion and nurturing of a manufacturing society so necessary in creating a viable war machine capable of capturing and maintaining territory. They have obtained their military equipment by simply picking weapons up off the ground where they were tossed by a fleeing Iraqi and Syrian Bedouin population.  That kind of armament philosophy is clearly unsustainable.  They can never maintain the war production necessary to pose a threat to any medium-level Western system, such as in pro-Western Jordan, for example.  Or pro-Western Turkey.  Yes, these are awfully iffy pro-Western countries, but they will in all likelihood remain affiliated with the West when push comes to shove. 

Let's just face facts: ISIS is great at grabbing headlines, and is a perfect fit for the poster boy bad guy in the world.  But as an existential threat to America?  Not even close.    

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kayla Meuller was mistaken...

...and her mistake cost her dearly.  

The mistake that Kayla Meuller made was one that is made every day by most liberals in America and this would be the mistake: if you ignore evil in the world, or show that your intentions are pure in the presence of evil, then evil will not harm you.  Thinking this way would be a major mistake.

Obama is of this mindset, and so is the rest of his like-minded constituency.  He promised us prior to his 2008 election that the world would love us once we showed them that we mean no harm to any nation, regardless of what nation that is.  

We can all see how that is working out for us.  We are more hated now as a country internationally than we have ever been before. This is 180 degrees out of phase with the promises Obama made. We are detested both by our allies, whom we turn our backs on regularly under the Obama administration, and by our enemies who are emboldened by what they see as a weak United States.

Kayla Meuller just wanted to help those in need.  She went to Syria to help the poor refugees of the civil war that has now seen nearly a million displaced and thousands and thousands killed.  I am unsure as to why she figured that the violence over there would not descend on her, but that's what she figured, apparently.

What a mistake.  26 year-olds should not be allowed to travel to war zones unless they are wearing the uniform of a branch of the U.S. armed forces.  They just don't know enough of the world, and that just because you want to help doesn't make you bullet proof.

It's a pity this poor misguided woman had to die for a huge mistake that is so obvious to so many of us.  American tourism to see the great pyramids at Geza in Egypt has fallen off over 95% or more in the last 20 years.  Why?  Because the word has gotten out to most rational people that Egypt is a Muslim country, and polls indicate within the population of Egypt that Americans are not their friends anymore, nor actually never really were their friends.

Accordingly, in order to avoid being stabbed, poisoned, shot or kidnapped, rational people stay away from most Middle Eastern destinations.

For good reason.  And Kayla Meuller chose to ignore those reasons, to her ultimate demise.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

If Nixon had Obama's list of scandals....

....he would have been impeached about 100 times by now.

Now we need to 'get off our high horse,' and turn the other cheek to Islamic terrorists burning prisoners to death and beheading infidels willy nilly.  Christians are no different, you see.

Man, what to say about that.  What a president.  What a man.  Some kind of leader.  Makes you wish we had King Abdullah of Jordan as Commander in Chief.  The King of Jordan gets mad, and swears an oath to attack ISIS until they run out of fuel and bullets.  King Abdullah gets my write-in vote in the upcoming 2016 primaries, for sure.  Wonder if would consider relocating from Amman to Washington D.C.?  That, and I'm sure he could fake a short form birth certificate to prove he was born in Steubenville, Ohio.

Richard Nixon was nearly impeached (he resigned, remember?) because of the unforgivable high crime and misdemeanor of sticking up for his staff, through thick and thin.  He didn't break into the Watergate Hotel, his guys did.  He didn't know about it, or order it, or any of that garbage.  But once the poop hit the fan, he stuck up for his guys.  How evil.  How horribly wrong.  That is the only reason the guy had to resign.

What would have happened to Richard Nixon if he had to deal with the following list of REAL (not phony) scandals that Obama has racked up to date:

1.  He swore in 2007 he would accept federal campaign funds and the limits put on his finances by doing so, and then he changed his mind once the dough started flowing in from independent sources.

2.  Hacking into Sheryl Atkinson's computer.  This little incident was eerily similar to Watergate: Obama minions digging around in a private person's files.  Remember again - Nixon was forced to resign over a nearly identical crime as this one.

3.  Benghazi.  Where the hell was Obama during all of this dark episode?  Nobody knows.  And why did Obama's underlings simply stand by and watch while these Americans died?  When there were assets available within a few hours away, more than enough time to change the way things ended.

4.  IRS.  Obama sanctioning this feared agency to punish political adversaries.  Imagine Nixon doing this?  Nixon talked about it, but never did it.  Obama never talked about it, but did it.

5.  Joe Sestak-gate.  Paying off /bribing Joe Sestak to pull out from opposing Arlen Spectre (D-PA).  We never did get to the bottom of that one, but imagine Nixon getting involved in something like this?  Every journalist on the planet would STILL be digging around in Pennsylvania for dirt, if Nixon were behind this one.  But he wasn't; Obama was.  And now all we hear are crickets chirping.

6.  Screwing veterans out of medical care by the VA.  The whole agency was a mess that Obama swore to clean up during his campaign, and once elected we never heard him mention the VA again.

7.  Obamacare.  So many crimes here, so little time.  How it got passed via legislative reconciliation, by Democrats only, with the 'Louisiana Purchase' and the 'Cornhusker Kickback' bribes to Democrat senators in passing this awful law.  Lying to the American people got Richard Nixon in hot water, big time.  Now we have Obama telling us if we like our doctors, we can keep our doctors.  If we like our health care plans, we can keep our health care plans.  Period.  Anyone beside me remember those bald faced lies?  Nixon was booted from office for less.  Much less.

8.  What about the Fast and Furious gun running scandal?  Imagine Dick Nixon with his hands in THAT cookie jar?  He would have been toast.  But not Obama, who was the driving force behind this failed scheme from the beginning.  He gets off Scott Free.

9.  How about attacking Libya without congressional input.  And look at the mess it is now.  Obama's finger prints are all over this one.  Imagine Nixon doing something like this?  And how the press would have gone bananas?

10.  Rosen-gate?  Considering bringing criminal charges against Fox News' James Rosen?  And then snooping on him?  Imagine Dick Nixon doing this?  Oh, that's right.  His staff DID something like this.  And Nixon was tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail.  But not Obama. No siree Bob.

And there's bunches more, my fingers are getting tired of typing (Solyndra, GSA, Bergdahl, 'get off our high horse...': I could go on but I am sick of listing this guy's mess of a record.

The "Teflon Don" John Gotti had nothing on this Teflon POTUS.  He seemingly can do no wrong.  And yet, that is ALL he seems to be able to do is wrong things.