Friday, October 21, 2016

Bad policing shows up....yet again

This time it was in Edina, Minnesota.  A police lieutenant, Tim Olson, arrested Larnie Thomas because he was walking 'in the middle of the street.'

A woman who witnessed this arrest was adamant that Thomas was 'hugging the road next to the construction site.'  The sidewalk was under construction, and was roped off to pedestrians.

Who do you believe here?  The 'Man' (Lt. Olson) said he was 'in the middle of the street.'  The witness as well as the defendant said otherwise.  In our criminal justice system, we almost always believe the word of the arresting officer, and in this case, that would be the testimony of Lt. Tim Olson.

And yet we have the protests of the defendant, Mr. Thomas and an unrelated witness giving statements as well as the above video that contradict the lieutenant's sworn testimony (as was written up in his police report).  The obvious truth to the matter was that this guy was simply walking around a construction site.   That's it.  And he got arrested for it, for whatever stupid motivation this crappy cop thought he could get away with.

The media of course is playing this up as a race related incident.  The walking guy was black, the arresting officer was white.  I don't see this as the issue at all.

I see it as more evidence to bolster my assertion that our country is overrun with really bad cops.  Cops who know that the legal system will take their word, and whatever they say, as gospel, and accordingly abuse this knowledge to brutalize the population whom they have sworn to protect and serve.

This has been the way of cops for a very, VERY long time.  They know that they will be believed in a court of law 100% of the time, and no matter what the circumstances, the defendant will suffer whatever fate the legal system bestows upon them based solely on the word of the arresting officer.  And these officers across the fruited plains are lying like dogs constantly.  

Technology, however, is now catching up with these bad cops.  Nearly every citizen has at his/her disposal a video camera that can capture the truth as it plays out in real time.  Bad cop after bad cop are getting caught lying, planting evidence, stealing, hurting and killing people and then falsely presenting their side of things as just keeping the community safe, or in this case just 'following protocol.'

When in reality they are brutalizing their public.  This scumbag police lieutenant in Edina, Minnesota should be cashiered out of the force, his pension forfeited and maybe even prosecuted for false arrest and imprisonment.  This would send a message to the cruddy cops nationwide that their behavior is on display, and that they better clean up their act.  I don't believe for a second that this guy is the small minority of misbehaving officers, as always put forward by the police and media that just less than 1% of cops that are bad.  The percentage is WAY higher than that, subject of course to debate as to the actual percentage.

My guess would be 50% or more.  Less than 1% is laughable. Every community has bad cops that do just what Lt. Olson did, virtually every day.  Our country is lousy with bad cops, and we shouldn't put up with it anymore.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

'A young nun was walking by some soldiers......'

A young nun, Sister Maria, from the local convent was walking by some soldiers from the nearby army base.  These soldiers were digging foxholes as the sergeant in charge supervised, and needless to say the language at the site was crusty, to put it mildly.

Overhearing the offensive language, the young nun ran back to the convent and went right to the Mother Superior's office and burst into tears.  The Mother Superior asked Sister Maria what was wrong, and she blurted out 'Mother Superior, those soldiers are awful, God-less men who shall surely burn in eternal hell fire for their wicked ways.  They blasphemed the Lord as they dug those foxholes and had other awful words flowing from their lips.'

Mother Superior, in her soothing voice, assured Sister Maria: 'these soldiers are not God-less, Sister Maria.  As they say, there are no atheists in a foxhole.  And as for their language, these young men are the salt of the earth, and they simply call a spade a spade.'

'Oh, no, Mother Superior.  They called it a God-damned fucking entrenching tool.'

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Plan B: if Trump loses, impeach Hillary

Certainly we have never seen a candidate with as much baggage as Hillary Clinton running for the presidency.  Not even Warren G. Harding, a crook in his own right, could hold a candle to this old crone.

Scandal is her middle name, and she has never really been exonerated of any of her scandals, not one has ever been categorically disproven or discredited.  Not one.  And most of these scandals are felonies: lying to congress, mishandling top secret material, obstruction of justice, public corruption charges of every kind and even murder.  All of them are still hanging out there.  Good God Almighty, the baggage, oh the baggage that his horrible old crone has is mind boggling.

If elected to the Oval Office, and the GOP retains control of the House of Representatives, her every move in office will be hotly contested by the House.  Every dang one. She won't get anything past the House, virtually nothing.  Just like Obama, she will have to get her way through executive orders, which just throws fuel on the fire.  A fire that she started 25 years ago.

Very likely, her natural ways that consist mainly of malfeasance and skulduggery will continue into her presidency, and the House won't sit still for it much longer.  Impeachment proceedings are extremely likely, if she ascends to the Oval Office.  

She is just too rotten to serve even as dog catcher, much less the president of the United States.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who's it gonna be: the degenerate slob or the filthy crook?

Around four weeks from now, we are choosing our next president at the ballot box.

A tough choice this time around for many. If you are on the fence, and don't pay much attention to politics, likely you are looking at Donald Trump as a rich bully, a degenerate slob who treats women poorly and buys his cement for all of his buildings from mobster Fat Tony Solerno.  But he says he will build a wall, make Mexico pay for it, and kick out all the illegals.  Sounds good, right?  Or if not all good, at least OK.

Or maybe you are on the fence looking at Hillary Clinton, who mishandles classified secrets but was exonerated by the FBI.  Her hubby is not much different than The Donald, and has treated women poorly in the past but when he was president, things were going well in the country.  Most think she's a crook, but has never been arrested.

Who to choose, who to choose.  If you vote for Hillary, she could keel over at any moment and lapse into a permanent coma.  Or if you pull the lever for The Donald and he wins, billionaire Mark Cuban says the stock market will collapse.

It must be tough being on the fence.  None of your choices sounds good, do they? My advice to you fence sitters is to not vote at all. Leave these grown up decisions to those who actually pay attention to things around us other than 'Dancing With The Stars,' and 'The Voice.'  

We'll all be better off.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hillary has never even managed a lemonade stand...

...much less had any experience in business that would qualify her to even run a lemonade stand.

And this is the old crone that categorically states that Donald Trump is unqualified to be president.  Hillary Clinton has no clue as to what it takes to meet a payroll, manage precious resources to maximize shareholder value or even hire and fire productive personnel.

And she declares that she alone is the only one in the race who knows what they are doing.  What kind of idiocy is this?  I drew this cartoon over 8 years ago, and nothing whatsoever has changed. Hillary Clinton is still the same stupid leftist Marxist socialist that she has always been.  

If elected, she will drive our floundering economy completely into the ground.

You can take that to the bank.  Assuming, of course, that there are any banks still solvent.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Liberals driving another city into the ground

Chicago is now the proud owner of a national and international brand: a very dangerous city.  You have a greater chance of getting shot in Chicago than you do in Afghanistan.

How did this happen?  Chicago - home to the mighty Cubs, the mighty Blackhawks, the not so mighty White Sox and the not even close to mighty Bears.  Simple: liberal Democrats have been in charge of the purse strings in Chicago since the days of Al Capone, and even before that.  

Now, however, these liberal Democrats have turned this once proud city into a war zone.  Close to 3,000 people have been shot so far this year, and around 500 of those shot have died.  Murdered.

The word is out that a good place to avoid is Chicago.

Uber liberal Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel gave a speech yesterday, outlining his plans going forward to fix things: stay the course, and in the short term, hire more cops to control the chaos.  No mention of changing anything that got the city to the state it finds itself now.  

These are the steps that are needed to fix Chicago, and all are related to one thing: prosperity and the steps needed to bring it to a badly deteriorating city:

  • Lower taxes.  Chicago has one of the largest tax burdens of any major city.  Reduce these taxes immediately, and by a lot.  Rahm, a liberal Democrat, doesn't believe that lowering taxes is the way to go, he actually wants to raise them, on a city already staggered under a crushing tax burden.  Businesses want nothing to do with Chicago, no businesses are moving to Chicago, and a butt load of businesses are leaving.  That has to change, and the only way to change that is to change the animosity that Rahm has towards businesses.  And that sadly will not happen.
  • Arm the citizenry.  In the short term, getting rid of the harshest gun laws in the country would go far in reducing violent crime.  An armed society is a polite society. But Rahm will have none of that, he only wants guns in the hands of his guys, and nobody else should have guns.  Other than criminals, of course, they don't listen to Rahm or anybody else for that matter.
  • Reign in runaway public unions, to include police unions, fire fighter unions, teacher unions and public works unions.  They are sucking the very life blood out of Chicago.  But the mother's milk of Rahm's liberal Democrat existence lies with these unions and his support of them, and accordingly, their support of him.  Not a chance he will do anything that these unions don't like.
  • Round up the gangs.  Just get them off the streets.  Every gang member in Chicago is well know to the police and the public.  Just go get them, or as Robocop would say, 'dead or alive, you're coming with me.'  Slap them in jail, or gun them down if they give the police any guff.  Simple, simple, simple.  Just do it.  Declare war on gangs, and go get them.  
Will Rahm Emanuel do any of this?  Anything at all that works?  NO.  Not a chance. He just doesn't have it in him to do what needs to be done, since he is a liberal Democrat to the bone, and everything liberals touch turns to complete feces. He has been the mayor for five long years now, and his liberal Democrat nostrums have driven this once mighty city into the ground.  

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's us versus them, folks

We have all noticed how many people in this country are not working: right around 100 million working age men and women.  Yet all of these non-working people are eating three square meals a day, have a roof over their heads, watch their 60" big screen TV's in the comfort of heated and air conditioned environs as they call all of their friends and jibber jabber the day away on their free Obamaphones.

By massive entitlements, we are subsidizing the sloth of virtually half of our work force.  Why work when you can collect disability, welfare, unemployment, food stamps, earned income tax credit refunds, and on ad infinitum?  There is virtually no incentive to give up that free gubmint cheese.  None whatsoever.

All of these folks vote.  Well, not all but way too many of them do.  They vote for the Democrats and Republicans that offer them all of this free stuff in exchange for votes.  How on earth can the working men and women of this country combat all of these layabouts taking our hard earned money away from us via the ham fisted government wealth transfer programs?

They are actively seeking to destroy this country and those who make it work by continually electing and re-electing politicians who promise to keep it up if they vote them into office.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that we have to be civil to those who want to destroy us.  If we want to fight back against this tide of sloth, there is one way that is sure to have a large effect: shun these people

Yes, shun them.  Like the Amish shun those whose behavior does not meet their standards.  The Amish will shun their own mother if she so much as spits on the sidewalk; they will never talk to her again, not even attend her funeral.  This is what we all need to do to the liberals and leftists in our country that promote these huge wealth transfer programs.

If you are an employer and become aware that one of your employees is a liberal Democrat, fire them immediately.  If you find out that your employer is a Democrat, find other employment.  If your brother is receiving food stamps, stop associating with him.  Or even your mom: if she's liberal, shun her.  Don't attend liberal weddings, birthday parties, funerals, nothing.  Let them hang out in their own fetid liberal social circles and don't encourage them in any endeavor.  Have nothing to do with them.

Now, I understand that family members are awfully hard to cut loose.  I get it.  Since I am a caring and sensitive type, I suggest give them one last shot at joining the rest of us by organizing an intervention.  

Say unemployed brother Billy is just sitting around watching TV, eating his free government cheese.  Gather some conservatives together, descend on him and intervene in his life:

Billy: 'What are all you guys doing here?'
You: 'We're here for your own good. What are you eating, Billy?'
Billy: (as he hides the government cheese behind him): 'Nothing.'
You: 'We all saw it, Billy.  That's gubmint cheese, isn't it?'
Billy: 'OK, yes.  It's free cheese.  But I can quit any time I want.'
You: 'That's not you talking, Billy, it's the ideology talking.'
Billy: 'I feel so ashamed...'
You: 'We're here for you, Billy, that's what conservatives do.'

It may not go exactly like that, but you get my drift.  If they refuse to see the light, cut them loose.  Do not have liberal friends, employees, employers, neighbors or family members.  

Dump them.  Shun them.