Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monsters in our midst

These liberal monsters at Planned Parenthood have been exposed for what they all are: monsters.  Monsters who sell body parts to the highest bidder, and lose not a minute of sleep after committing the most hideous murders every day.  In fact, these monsters sleep like babies (or at least, like babies that they haven't murdered and then harvested their organs).

These monsters get half a billion tax payer dollars every year to do this.  If these videos don't convince even the dullest among us to demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded immediately, then our country has perished as was founded. 

There is no other word to describe ghouls whose immorality allow them to sip their merlot and eat their Caesar salads while describing the 'crunchy' procedures they try to avoid when killing babies in order to preserve their desired body parts - these immoral liberals are nothing more than hideous monsters.

Monsters, all of 'em.  Swift and severe accountability is mandated immediately if we have any sense of morality left as a nation.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Donald Trump: he says what he thinks

Love him or hate him, The Donald tells it like it is.  There is no question as to where he stands on an issue of the day, although if you go back in his history, he is much like Obama: his position on things 'evolve.'

He has given gobs of money to the campaigns of Harry Reid (D-Nv), Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), and other prominent liberals.  "That's the way you get things done," he says.

And he's right.  That is indeed the way you get things done, for better or for worse. 

"Mexico is not sending us its best people" declares Trump.  Right again.  Do you think all of the top notch Mexican doctors, lawyers and architects are flocking across the border?  Not a chance in hell.  They have it good south of the border, and would have absolutely no reason to move up here to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Too cold. 

Now, are the poorest of the poor, the criminal gangs and the scum of Mexican society flowing across our southern borders?  You betcha, to use a phrase near and dear to Sarah Palin's heart.  "Many of them are murderers and rapists," says Trump.  True again.  Not even arguable.

Who can really argue with what The Donald is spouting?  Well, liberals will of course argue with even a fire hydrant, but the Donald speaks the truth.  For better or for worse.

Now he's claiming that Sen. John McCain (R - kinda sorta - AZ) is not a hero.  "He's not a hero. He was captured.  I like people who didn't get captured."  Kind of rough on ol' John, but his opinion has merit.  Is everyone who serves in the armed forces a hero?  If so, then the word hero has no meaning anymore.  Just like the days when only special forces and Green Berets wore berets.  They were elite fighting men.  Now everybody in uniform wears a beret (such as PFC Bradley Manning), it's issued to every raw, wet-behind-the-ears recruit in basic training.  The beret no longer has any significance to its bearer.

It used to be that the term hero in the military sense would really only apply to Audi Murphy and his ilk.  You know, the bravest of the brave, such as Sgt York in WWII, the guys who stood on the top of burning tanks and mowed down the enemy with machine guns while his buddies re-established fighting positions, despite the high probability of dying in the process.  Now does the term 'hero' apply to everybody who served in the military, but did not really accomplish anything extraordinary, and at times even made mistakes?  Such as John McCain?  He obviously did something wrong to end up in North Vietnamese's infamous "Hanoi Hilton."  Not that he didn't serve with honor, but "hero?"  I have always chafed at that term as it related to John McCain as well. 

Donald Trump may be a bit too outspoken from time to time.  But I prefer his candor to the out and out garbage and lies that the current administration issues as press releases ('If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.')

We'll see if The Donald can take the arrows during the upcoming campaign. 

So far, he can. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Americans have come full circle in 239 years

239 years ago, the majority of the citizens of what was then the 13 British colonies established in the New World had had enough – King George III had bullied, abused and neglected these hard working folks to the point that they could no longer tolerate the ‘Intolerable Acts’: their government had taxed them beyond any reasonable limits, it trampled on their dignity and was simply milking the industry created by risk takers, and squandering it on interests of the Crown, and to the detriment of the Colonies.


The revolution that ensued was one of a conservative nature.  They did not desire to throw out the western ways and freedoms granted initially by the Magna Carta some five centuries before, but merely to get the current oppressive Royal government off of their backs.


These virtuous, God fearing men and women of the Colonies simply wanted to live their lives the way they saw fit, free of the confiscatory taxes, brutal treatment by English soldiers and created a society based on their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Now, 239 years later, how has that society endured?  The Founding Fathers, who sacrificed their fortunes and sacred honor to make this new society a reality, would not recognize what America has now become.  Indeed, they are rolling over in their graves.


This latest ruling by the Supreme Court establishing a Constitutional ‘right’ for homosexuals to legally marry is just the latest of many destructive rulings coming down from on high from nine unelected judges.  Not only are gays and lesbians now demanding the same legal rights as traditional man/woman couples, they are demanding that their lifestyles command universal respect and acceptance.  Their formerly taboo behavior will no longer be looked down upon, and if someone voices disapproval of their deviancy, these activist homosexuals will demand that these people not only retract their opinion, but receive punishment for saying so.


Socialism was never part of the conversation in the creation of the new society by the Founding Fathers, and if it came up, it was certainly associated with evil.  Now, 239 years later, seemingly the majority of voters in the country are perfectly OK with socialism.  Only 50 years after the Constitution was ratified, a French observer saw the beginning of creeping socialism.  Alexis DeToqueville in the 1830’s predicted with amazing accuracy that once the common man discovered that he could, with a majority of like minded souls, vote himself a portion of the community treasury, without having to contribute a dime to the kitty, the end of the American experiment would follow.

Any benevolent system established by men to distribute common resources will always fail.  Always.  And this is due to one factor of human nature that will always be with us, forever into time untold: Free riders will at every opportunity sponge off the efforts of others.  Free riders have no shame, and feel no remorse gorging themselves on the bread of other men's tables.  The free riders in every benevolent system will inevitably bring the system down, for a number of obvious reasons. 


In 2012, approximately 47% of all working men and women paid no federal taxes whatsoever (free riders).  Many of them actually received money from the government each year in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit, various welfare programs, Medicare, Medicaid and other giveaways.  And Social Security, once considered simply a supplemental form of aid to the elderly population, is now the main source of income for way too large a percentage of Americans who never saved a penny for their retirement.  Instead, they were convinced that the U.S. government would pay for their retirement, while they only contributed a paltry portion of their salaries towards this fund, supposedly preserved in a ‘lock box.’  These contributions of citizens towards the Social Security program have since been raided and spent down to zero and below zero by several generations of scalawag politicians of both parties.  That fictitious lock box has been empty now for decades. 


Although no data is available as of this writing, I would wager that perhaps half the country now pays no federal taxes, leaving the burden to the other half: the takers and the makers.  Our nation of takers, who vote virtually as a block for the Democrat party who panders to them by constantly promising them an ever increasing share of the common treasury in exchange for votes, is now on the brink of insolvency.


Although the GDP of the nation is still able to service our enormous debt incurred by drunken-sailor borrowing by politicians to service their promises of redistribution, at some point in the not-so-distant future, our ability to pay the interest on the approaching $20,000,000,000,000.00 (TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS!!!) will wane.  Once that day comes, the chickens will come home to roost. 


As the old saying goes, socialism eventually fails because we run out of other people’s money.  Our Founding Fathers are not only rolling in their graves at this turn of events, they are positively spinning in their graves.


239 years ago, the citizens revolted over a government that was robbing them blind, and abusing their trust.  We have now come full circle.  These citizens of America are now looking at virtually the exact same circumstances they found themselves in 239 years ago.


When will we get to the point that we start reaching for our Brown Bess’s, sabers and pitchforks?  As one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson once famously quipped, ‘a little revolution from time to time is a good thing.’


Monday, June 15, 2015

Hillary starting to resemble Richard Nixon

I can't turn on the TV on any random day without seeing a story that is unflattering to Hillary Clinton to put it mildly. 

Now we see that she is banning reporters that she doesn't like from covering her public appearances.  Not flattering at all.  And to boot, that particular campaign event was lightly attended by perhaps 2,000 folks, hardly what anyone would call a throng.

The Democrat Party hardcore apparatchiks are wringing their hands about their presumptive nominee.  This latest event was no different than others as of late for Mrs. Clinton, and no questions were entertained from the press. 

Voters don't like that.  And the apparatchiks don't like that the voters don't like that. 

It appears that Mrs. Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president, but the Democrat machine is likely working furiously behind the scenes to scrounge up somebody, anybody, that can challenge Hillary for the nod in the primaries. 

I think it is becoming crystal clear by now: even though her last name is Clinton, Hillary is not even close to matching her hubby's political skill.  She handles questions clumsily, if at all lately.  She tells little old ladies to get back to the end of the line.  She doesn't tip waitresses.  She seems quite crabby at times, almost Nixon-esque. 

What a lovely irony, with Hillary's antics the last few years.  She apparently took detailed notes while working to bring President Richard Nixon down as a young Democrat Party legal worker. 

And now she and Nixon are becoming virtual twins, with the only exception being that Hillary, unlike Nixon, destroyed the evidence of her skullduggery, malfeasance and general rottenness.

She learned well at the feet of the master, Richard M. Nixon.  If she starts growing a 5 O'clock shadow, I don't know if you could tell the two apart. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Rocky Mountain High' only for the few

Over the years, I find myself listening only to music of my youth, misspent as is was, and ignoring anything written after 1989.  And whouda thunk that rap would last this long, and I don't even consider it music.

I am turning out just like my father, who was stuck in the Big Band era forever, and bad mouthing Elvis, the Beatles and especially the Rolling Stones as Godless hippies.  My favorite quote from my dad, when we were watching the Beatles perform "She Loves You" on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964: 'look at those idiots. Anybody can grow their hair long and sing 'yeah, yeah yeah.'  These guys stink.'

And now here I am, bad mouthing Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and their ilk, all the while glued to Serius-XM's '80's on Eight,' and 'Instant Rewind.'  You know, the good stuff.

But something always gnawed at me after listening to John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High."  The lyrics that bugged me were these:

Now his life is full of wonder
But his heart still knows some fear
Of a simple thing he cannot comprehend
Why they try to tear the mountains down
To bring in a couple more
More people, more scars upon the land

John Denver sounds like one of the stupid 'save the farmland' people we have around here, who want to eliminate via legislation any more residential development simply so they can continue to hunt on the open fields and race their insipid snowmobiles without having to pay for any of it. 

When John Denver sees bulldozers scraping away the dirt so that a foundation for a home can be poured, he seethes at this 'scar' upon HIS land, which is obviously not his.  Of course, John (God rest his soul) had a palatial spread up there in the Rockies, but now that he had gotten his, screw everybody else.  Did he consider that when HIS bulldozers were 'scarring' HIS lot, there might be locals who seethed at that scar of his?  Of course not.

Liberals are like that.  Once they get theirs, to hell with everyone else.  Let them eat cake. 

John Denver was a moron. 

Confession time: I kind of like Lady Gaga's "Applause.'  Pretty catchy tune, I must admit. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Unintended consequences of $15/hr min wage

I still can't comprehend the number of people in the US who think that raising the minimum wage to $15/hour will be a good and positive thing for American society.

Of course it will improve the lives of those currently making minimum wage of $7.25/hour, assuming they don't get fired because the business owner can't afford to pay $15/hour.  Their lives will improve, of course.  Doubling anybody's wage without asking anything in return, such as greater skills, and perhaps more commitment to the company will benefit that individual enormously.

BUT: and there's always a but in these kinds of policy decisions.  The number of people making minimum wage in the U.S. currently are just a fraction of the total work force.  Additionally, this minimum wage is only offered to those with minimum skills, and with perhaps little or no workplace experience.  Minimum wages earned by people over the age of 21 are, to be frank and honest, are the going price for people who have so far failed in their lives to improve themselves.  Additionally, if these minimum wages are paid to Americans over the age of 60, this is the price that is paid to people who have failed to plan and save for their Golden Years, and if these low end jobs are the best they can find, there is no sympathy to these folks from me, sorry to say.  You oldsters on minimum wage had an entire working lifetime to improve your skills and to save your pennies for just this eventuality, 'as ye sow, so shall ye reap.'  Or so they say.

But what most Americans do not understand is that by jacking up the minimum wage without requiring a commensurate increase in productivity, the only thing nationwide that we will see is increased unemployment at the bottom end of the wage scale.  Lots of current $7.25/hour people will be simply sacked.  Nothing personal, it's just that the business that employed them cannot afford to pay a low skilled worker anything more than what they produce. 

Business owners will find ways to get the job done with fewer employees, such as fire unenthusiastic U.S. teenage citizens and slow poke Americans in favor of highly motivated undocumented

Businesses will invest in automation to accomplish the lower level tasks that were done by employees prior to the jack in the minimum wage.  Resulting, of course, in higher unemployment.

Wages are nothing more than the price of labor.  In pure economic terms, when the price of something goes up, the demand for that something goes down.  When the minimum wage goes up, demand for people earning the minimum wage goes down.  The lowest on the economic ladder always get hammered.  Except for the few lucky jamokes who somehow keep their jobs, and these workers are truly the exception.  Additionally, the employer will keep only the best of these remaining souls, and will actively seek replacements of these guys and gals, too, now that they are paying top dollar for their unskilled services.  Take that to the bank.

I am always astounded at the average Joe who doesn't get this.  It's as simple as 2 + 2 = 4.  No more complicated.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

George Stephanopulos supports liberal causes...well duh.

All of this hubbub, this kerfuffle over the $75,000 donation to the Clinton Global Initiative by ABC news anchor George Stefanopulos is just amazing to watch.

It's as if the Pope had subscribed to 'The Devil's Journal,' or a dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay Packer fan bought a Jay Cutler bobble head doll; something that just isn't natural.

Time to wake up and smell the liberal bias: George Stefanopulos is a card carrying, dues paying, three bean salad to the annual Liberal's Picnic-bringing, true believing Democrat socialist liberal pinko commie.

He always has been, and always will be.  All of this fa├žade of him being the consummate unbiased journalist simply reporting the news, fair and balanced, has never been the case, ever.

George has never voted for a Republican and never will (no, I can't prove this statement, but I would bet my immortal soul that it is as true as the day is long).  He has worked at the highest levels of the Democrat Party during the Clinton administration.  To think that once he left their service after the first Clinton term ended, and that he hung up his partisan brass knuckles is just nuts.  True believers such as Geoge Stefanopulos never leave the fold, ever.  Can you imagine Howard Dean switching his views from uber-liberal to non-partisan?  No?  Then why would you believe George could?  They are both the same liberal ideologues through and through.

Now his journalistic chops are being questioned?  Only now?  After EIGHTEEN YEARS with ABC News?  This guy has been seeking to destroy the Republican party using any means necessary since he could read and write. 

Who on earth could possibly believe this guy was ever impartial?  At any point during his career?

I know who would believe that: the now famous 'low information voter.'  These are the folks that aren't really paying attention to anything that is not related to who gets voted off the island in "Survivor," or who is getting vomited on by Snookie. 

To the rest of us who actually pay attention to what's going on in this country, this latest kerfuffle should not even be a kerfuffle.  George is only doing what George does best: support liberalism and undermine conservatism.

It's in his blood.  Duh.