Monday, December 18, 2017

Chuck and Nancy wrong usual

Ask Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) or Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) what they think about the Trump administration's plan to reform our tax system and they will to a man/woman assert with absolute conviction and authority that it is merely a tax cut for the richest 1% of American fat cats, and that the middle class will suffer terrible.  Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) in fact calls it 'Armageddon.'

Once Donald Trump signed the tax reform package laid on his desk on Dec 21, 2017, about twenty huge (or as The Donald would say, 'yuge') corporations announced bonuses, raises and employee benefits effective immediately.  These companies include Boeing, Comcast, Wells Fargo, 5/3rd Bank among others.  Behavior that was completely opposite the bogus claims of Chuck, Nancy, Pochahontas and Crazy Bernie.  They couldn't have been more wrong.

Their underlying assumption for thinking this way is that when Americans are allowed to keep more of their money, rather than give it to the government via confiscatory taxation, these greedy Americans will just sit on the money, and keep it in bags lining their hallways, much like Scrooge McDuck (see photo).  Rather than reinvesting into their businesses, they would simply do swan dives into the deep piles of money, and wallow around in the gobs of cash, making 'money angels' by waving their arms and feet in the piles of dough.

This is how Democrats view American capitalists; greedy pigs that simply want as much money as possible and to hell with everybody else, let them eat cake.  This is demonstrably not true.  Although there are a certain percentage of corporations that will use the additional funds that they don't send in to Uncle Sugar to buy back stock, or issue dividends to share holders, or yes, line the hallways of their mansions with bags of money like Scrooge McDuck.  There are some of those types out there, nobody can deny that.

But the majority of Americans who work hard will take this additional money they find in their pockets at the end of the tax year and use it to expand their businesses, hire people, buy plants and equipment.

The Scrooge McDucks of this country, while out there,  are a tiny minority of businesses, and not the majority as Chuck and Nancy claim.  The cut from 35% to 21% in the corporate rate will generate an enormous amount of economic activity, not just go into money bags lining the mansion hallways of the fat cats.

This is a primary difference between the conservative view of Americans and the pessimistic liberal view.  I prefer to think of my fellow capitalists as entrepreneurs, and not as Scrooge McDucks.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

No more subsidizing liberalism with new tax reforms

I am quite tired of supposed rock-ribbed Republicans in high tax states (California, New York, New Jersey, al) getting in front of any microphone they see and whining about the proposed elimination of the deduction of state and local taxes (SALT) from their federal returns.  Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Peter King (R-NY) are crying foul that the proposed reforms will negatively effect their citizens in these high tax states.

Well duh.  Congressmen Issa and King: fight for your constituents and convince them that lower state and local taxes will benefit them, rather than ignoring this federal welfare that sucks off of the rest of us outside of your districts.  Use this tax hike for the benefit of your state in the long run: lay this increase directly at the feet of those who created it in the first place: liberal local Democrats.  Run on this as a platform for change.  Elect Republicans to reverse these high tax conditions.  

Whining about getting rid of the SALT deductions so that your voters can continue to sponge off of their neighboring states is is not a conservative position.  This is not why Republicans are elected - to preserve the subsidization of liberalism.

Voters in these liberal states elect local and state officials who jack up taxes.  These scalawag politicians, however, insist to their constituents that these higher taxes will not affect them, owing to the ability to write them off on their 1040 form.  This is true.  The end result is that this practice is simply mooching off of the rest of the nation; exactly what all liberal politicians run on and are elected and re-elected on.

This is tax welfare, given to liberal state elected officials in return for their local votes.  Enough of this.  If your states vote to jack up state and local taxes, then live with it.  Suck it up.  You voted for it, and don't expect the rest of us to pay for it.

These 'conservative' politicians are assholes.  Start behaving like Republicans and not like jerks.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Virginia results are not a referendum...

Anyone who has ever lived in northern Virginia is not surprised by the results of last Tuesday's election: a Democrat beat a Republican.  This should not be a shock to anybody.

I used to live in northern Virginia (3 years in Manassas, VA, in Prince William County).  This area is lousy with swamp dwellers.  Everybody in the counties surrounding Washington DC works for the government.  Well, just about everybody.  In my humble suburban housing development, there were about 50 single family homes.  Of those 50, maybe ten of those homes were supported by someone who worked in the private sector.  The other 40 were supported by government paychecks: federal administrators, lobbyists, various federal departments such as defense, HUD, SEC, etc.  I knew all of these people, and they were not all raging liberals, though many were.

These people were just what we now call 'deep state' or 'swamp' dwellers.  They watched administrations come and go, and remained employed by the U.S. government, regardless of their party affiliations.

They simply vote in their best interests.  And along comes Donald Trump, an outsider who vows to drain their beloved swamp.  Guess who they are NOT going to vote for?  You got it.  Anybody with any ties to The Donald, even though Ed Gillespie was more akin to them than to The Donald.  Didn't matter: he had a 'R' behind his name.  That was all the swamp dwellers needed to know.

The math here ain't hard, folks.  Northern Virginia is home to the swamp dwellers when they go home at night.  The counties surrounding DC such as Fairfax, Loudon, Prince William and Arlington all house the swamp people, the Deep Staters.

This was not a referendum on Donald Trump's agenda, as the mainstream media all insist was what happened.  This election was about these swamp people keeping their jobs.  Nothing more.  Most of the downstate folk are split between conservatives and liberals, and they could go either way.  But Northern Virginia will always vote their paychecks.

And The Donald has vowed to cut the fat, and that's what Northern Virginia is all about - getting fat off the federal government.  They don't want to be drained.

Nothing more to it than that.  I know, because I saw this with my own eyes.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Kudos to Donna Brazile, way to go out swinging

Donna Brazile's tell all book about the malfeasance and skulduggery within the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton Crime Syndicate is a refreshing change from the days gone by, where absolutely nobody  from the inside whispered so much as 'boo' about the Clintons and their 40-year crime spree.

The DNC, representative of so much that is wrong with politics, has so poisoned the political arena within the last few decades, it is not shocking to hear that they laundered money, lied, stole, cheated and probably murdered their way into power and once in, to keep it.  Not a shock at all.  

This has been the Clinton playbook since the 1980's in Arkansas.  And every page of that playbook is probably illegal and morally bankrupt.  It is high time that somebody said it.

Besides me, of course.

Donna can kiss any position within the Democrat Party off forever, that is certain.  But the way she went out is to be applauded, as she tells her protesting critics to 'go to hell.'  You tell 'em, girl!!

The Clintons and the DNC used Donna Brazile as a useful idiot, and then as a scapegoat when things crashed and burned in 2016.  It is not a surprise that she didn't like how they treated her, despite her efforts as a loyal foot soldier in their socialist army, and she chose this hill to die on.  Good choice, Donna.

She of course will remain a rock ribbed socialist to her dying day, but I must applaud her chops here.  To stand up to these bullies is to be lauded.  No, I will never agree with anything she believes in politically, but we need more political courage just like this,  not less.

Good for you, Donna Brazile.  Way to go down swinging.  

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Clintons and Democrats are rotten because we give them a pass

Do you ever wonder what would happen to you if you did even 1/100th of the rotten stuff that the Clintons do?  Bill and Hillary Clinton have been getting away with murder for 40 years, and maybe even longer than that.

I won't go down the laundry list of felonies that this rogue couple has gotten away with (Bubba lying to Congress during the Lewinski scandal, Bubba selling ICBM technology to the Chinese, Hillary compromising our intelligence community and national security with her private unsecured server in her closet, Hillary selling 20% of our uranium reserves to the Russians...).  No, I won't go down that list as long as my arm.

And now Hillary's campaign was caught paying $6,000,000.00 to a concern with Kremlin ties to dig up dirt on The Donald (she says she knew nothing about it. Of course she was clueless, that is her standard dodge).

Why are neither of these criminals serving sentences in The Big House right now?  Anybody else would have been slammed in the hoosegow and the key would have been thrown away for even 1/10th of the crooked crap that these two have perpetrated.

Simple answer.  We, the American People, are loathe to punish somebody this high up for what might be considered political reasons.  We will simply not be seen by the rest of the world as a Banana Republic, where the winning side imprisons the losing side.

And the Clintons KNOW this.  And they USE this against the American people and engage in decades-long crime sprees the likes of which has never been seen in the world.  Likely neither of them will ever see the inside of a prison despite deserving such a fate one hundred times over.  The American people just don't have the stomach to indict these scalawags.

Just remember a little history, however: one of the main reasons that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lived the lives of luxury in the late 1700's in France amid their starving peasant subjects without a second thought of the optics of it all: they were the peasant's 'betters,' and accordingly deserved to flaunt their opulent ways.  

And we all know how that turned out.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hollywood not paying the price for their silence....

Much hated by liberals, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski pointed out an interesting perspective on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and Hollywood's sealed lips about it over decades and decades.
Lewandowski correctly notes that virtually everybody who was anybody in Hollywood knew about what a predatory criminal scumbag Harvey Weinstein was, for years and years, and yet nobody said a word about it to the police.  These exact same actions by the late Joe Paterno, coach of
Penn State football program, namely remaining silent for years after being informed of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's predatory sexual crimes, was cause for massive punitive actions against his former pristine legacy.  Lewandowski wants to know why there is no such repercussions against these Hollywood types who also kept silent and allowed this criminal activity to flourish for decades.  That's a really good question.

After his death, a statue of Paterno was removed from the Penn State campus in 2012 and replaced by trees and landscaping, in an attempt to erase the taint of Joe's legacy.  The Penn State football team forfeited over 100 games over Joe's tenure, and Joe Paterno lived his final days in disgrace and shame, with investigations and possible indictments hanging over his head.

What about virtually every heavy hitter, poobah, 800 pound gorilla and Hollywood A-list star in Tinsel Town who were all fully aware and informed of what a despicable reprobate Harvey Weinstein was, and yet remained silent for decades?

How many young aspiring actresses and actors were torpedoed and black listed by Weinstein when they rebuffed his clumsy and overt unwanted sexual advances?  Tens, hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS over his Hollywood reign of terror?  Nobody said boo, and the damage by Harvey Weinstein was allowed to continue, FOR  DECADES.

Why are these silent co-conspirators not indicted in this scandal?  Why are their careers and legacies not tainted and erased from the public square like Joe Paterno's was for his silence?

I would like an answer to that question posed by Corey Lewandowski.  It's a very good question.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hollywood elites will continue their lectures to us

Yes, despite this little Harvey Weinstein setback to their elite liberal agenda, Hollywood celebrities will continue to lecture the rest of us Great Unwashed regarding how we live our lives, work, associate ourselves with others, and on and on.  

You would think that the credibility coming out of Hollywood would be complete garbage by now, with the shameful slimy behavior of one of their poobahs being swept under the rug for decades.  Everybody in Tinsel Town knew what a scumbag this guy was for years and years, and yet they charge President Trump with crimes against women, along with a general charge of a conservative 'war against women.'  This guy is no different than Bill Clinton, a powerful scumbag who used his position to impose himself upon less powerful women at will, with no accountability whatsoever to this very day.  How come Bill Clinton's name is not included in the discussion of the Harvey Weinstein scandal?  Both of them are peas in a pod.  

I am quite frankly tired of being lectured to about what I drive, what I eat, how I worship, and who I consider an enemy of the American way of life by these shameless liberals, and in particular the hypocritical elites in Hollywood.  

These same hypocrites lecture us about us clinging to our guns and yet they themselves are surrounded by security forces armed to the teeth.  They wag their fingers at us for our carbon footprints, and yet a small group of eight or ten A-list celebrities tagging along with Leonardo DiCaprio jet off to the Cannes Film Festival in his Boeing 737 flying party barge that sucks down about ten thousand gallons of jet fuel. They insist on all of us in fly over country (or as Adrienne would lovingly label us, 'dirt people') confine our children to pathetic and failing union dominated public schools, and yet they themselves educate their children in posh exclusive private schools.  Our Hollywood 'betters' tell us 'dirt people' that open borders are a good thing, and yet they dwell behind masonry walls so high and thick that they would give Ghenghis Khan pause before considering a siege.

Hypocrisy seeps out of every pore on their elite bodies, and yet for some reason they continue to garner support from a portion of our population.  Their credibility on how we all should allocate our scarce national resources has been almost nonexistent ever since the talkies emerged over silent films.

Why should anyone at any level listen to any of these guys from this point forward?

An  oozy weeping pox on all of these Hollywood hypocrites.