Monday, February 22, 2016

GOP under new management, apparently

Now that the dust has settled a bit over the wild and woolly GOP nomination process, it appears that the 'establishment Republicans' are on their way out: the new kids on the block are getting all the attention from the base.

We all know who the 'old guard' consists of: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Reinz Preibus, and all of those other apparatchiks who make deals with Democrats in smoky rooms behind closed doors. You know, the folks who everybody of center right to hard right hates.  Look at our last GOP vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan: once he was elected Speaker of the House, the first thing he did was cram a 2 Trillion dollar budget down our throats, which was full of pork, corruption and funding for all things liberal (such as Planned Parenthood's malfeasance, Obamacare and other odious garbage that the base loathes).  Some leadership.  With this kind of GOP leadership, who needs an opposition party?  

And now the Old Guard's best bet, Jeb Bush, just dropped out.  The closest thing the establishment GOP has in the race now with any shot at the GOP nod is Marco Rubio.  Recall, however, that only 5 short years ago, Marco Rubio won his senate seat DESPITE the establishment poobahs such as Karl Rove and his superpac backing the RINO Charlie Crist, Rubio's primary opponent, over someone they considered of distasteful Tea Party ilk such as Rubio. 

Odds are  now on the decidedly non-establishment types Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Both of these guys are hated, despised and loathed by the establishment, and if elected, they will usher in a new era of Republican leadership.  No longer will the litmus tests be applied which are palatable to the establishment: requirements such as having absolutely no baggage whatsoever, be politically correct and respectful to all points of view.  Even if those points of view are despicable and dangerous to the well being of Americans, views that are held by most on the left.  

It appears if Trump is the guy, political correctness may be a passing fad, thank God.  If you ask me (and nobody ever does), this new management is certainly not your father's GOP.  I think I like it.


LL said...

The new GOP is clearly a step in the right direction and you're right, the Old Guard would pay just about anything to get rid of it...except that their alternative now is Hillary (and she may end up in prison) or Bernie.

Fredd said...


I don't know that the Old Guard has the bucks anymore to buy continued power. I think it's over for them. Bold prediction, true. They have crapped in their nest too many times, and the flock has had it with those guys. The Old Guard still controls the GOP convention, but that control is facing some serious torches and pitchforks should they pull some shenanigans to deny the New Order regarding some tomfoolery in the delegate count process. They can only delay their departure, not avoid it. Their choice is now between either going out the easy way or going out the hard way. Either way, they are out.

The old Chinese curse is upon us: 'may you live in interesting times' . As far as the threat from the Democrats (or Socialists, puh-TAY'-toe/puh-TAH'-toe), too much economic destruction has been left in the wake of the past 16 years of liberalism (yes, I include a lot of W's stupid moves, too).

Time to get back to the good times, we have been living through the bad times for far too long.

Gorges Smythe said...

I guess that would depend on the age of your father. ;-)

LSP said...

Trump may well be the reincarnation of Pompey but at least he isn't a politically correct establishment shill, as far as I can see. And I'd like to see Hillary in jail, too. You can throw in Yoko Ono, too.

Kid said...

Paul Ryan is even worse than Boehner.

For my money, Cruz is the only one who even has a chance of putting Conservatives on the SC. Period. Done. Say No More.

Fredd said...

Kid: I had always thought Paul Ryan was a rock ribbed conservative, but boy howdy did my opinion change in a New York minute once he took the gavel. I don't recognize the guy.

Fredd said...

Pastor: no, The Donald is nobody's shill and we can all take that to the bank. He's a big mouth slob, no arguing that, but at least he's OUR big mouth slob.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm not so sure he is "our" big mouth slob.
I'm afraid he's a loose cannon.
As likely to turn on us as others.
Single payer, Planned Parenthood, liberal Justices.

Kid said...

Fredd, I tossed Paul Ryan when his 2-3 years ago budget fix was to screw social security. Why is SC always the problem, but welfare never is? If you get my point.

Fredd said...

Kid: I'm pretty sure that was a rhetorical question: you obviously know the answer to that one. Social Security is easier to pick on than welfare. Al Sharpton doesn't target you when you snip here and there at suggestions that entitlements be cut, as long as you don't mention his constituency: the layabouts, slackers and moochers.

Fredd said...

Ed: time will tell. Some say Ronald Reagan turned on us with his amnesty deal. In the here and now, however, it appears that The Donald is our guy, whether you like it or not.

Much like Bob Dole was 'our' guy, like it or not (I didn't like it).
Then George W. Bush was 'our' guy, like it or not (I didn't like it)/
Along comes John McCain as 'our' guy, like it or not (I REAALY didn't like it)
Romney, ditto: (didn't like it)
Now Trump. Like it or not, he's our guy, Ed.

No need to tell me you don't like it. I get it.