Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bob Dole should just shut up

Former Senator Robert Dole (R-Ks) is at it again: raging against conservatism in favor of compromise with liberals.

He has been quoted lately as suggesting that 'Sen. Ted Cruz can't get along with anyone in his own party, how can we expect him to cross the aisle and get along with the opposition?'  I paraphrase here, but that's Bob Dole's opinion on how conservatives should operate: compromise with the other guys who want to destroy our country as it was founded.


We want to defeat them, Bob. We want to beat them like a rented mule, we demand that we beat them like a red-headed step-child.  We want to drop Democrats like a bag of dirt, drop them like a bad transmission, or drop them like 3rd period French. We want to assign their horrible ideas to the dustbin of history.  We don't want someone in the White House who will make it a point to compromise with communists.  Like you did during your entire, wretched compromising career, Bob.

During his entire career, Bob Dole was famous for finding middle ground with Democrats who, as the majority party during Bob's entire career, crammed a big government socialist agenda down America's throats.  His main claim to fame was that he was part of all of this socialism, and that he mitigated what the Democrats wanted.

That is akin to an arsonist who wants to burn down the entire building, and Bob Dole steps in and agrees to let them burn down just half the building.  Or perhaps the bad guys want to pour a million gallons of arsenic into our water supply, and bold brave Bob Dole steps in and insists that only 500,000 gallons of arsenic be introduced into our water supply.  That's how you successfully govern, according to Bob Dole.

Screw you, Bob Dole.  You and your Rockefeller Wing of the Republican Party did this country great harm with your compromising with liberals.  We are in the shape we are now, primarily thanks to you and your pathetic philosophy of compromising with evil.

Sen. Ted Cruz will stand against the onslaught of liberalism to the best of his ability, and not compromise with it.  

Why don't you just shut up, Bob?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Which is why I fear a Trump ascendancy.
Someone who wants to make a deal.

LL said...

I thought that Bob Dole had died.

Then I saw him on TV and I thought that somebody mummified him and was doing some sort of mummy gag, but no, it was the real Bob Dole (apparently).

Nobody cared much what Bob Dole thought about things when he lived. He ran for the Presidency, as with John McCain on the Republican ticket because it was "his turn". Naturally, the voters slaughtered him in the election because they thought he wasn't the right man for the job.

McCain was/is right occasionally. As near as I can recall, Dole, like Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama, wasn't ever right about anything. Why would I want to take advice for a mummy or maybe it's the real Dole, who lived with a track record like that one?

Fredd said...

Ed: I am OK with somebody making a deal with our enemies with one goal in mind: WE GET EVERYTHING WE WANT, and they get a token piece of nothing, nothing that is damaging to us. This was the nature of the deals that all of the Rockefeller Wing republicans took: they accepted the shitty end of the stick.

Trump will make deals, but will make them with our benefits in mind, and virtually nothing to the bad guys (aka liberals and Democrats/socialists). A typical Trump deal will be something like this: We (Republicans) get to cut federall income taxes on the highest marginal rates from 39.6% to 17%. The part of the deal that THEY get to go back and tell their constituents that THEY didn't allow us to cut them to 10%, and held the line at 17%. See how this works, Ed?

It's been working the other way around for a really long time.

Fredd said...

LL: Bob Dole, just like Joe Biden, has been wrong for many, many decades about everything.

He is what is wrong with the Republican party, not Ted Cruz.

Kid said...



Ed Bonderenka said...

I remember that Bob Dole used to refer to himself in the third person.

Fredd said...

Ed: Yes, Fredd remembers Bob Dole constantly using the third person 'Bob Dole,' instead of "I."

Instead of "I could support that," it was always "Bob Dole could support that." Asked why he used the third person like this, he responded "it gets the name out." Ever the politician, Bob Dole.

No wonder we were floundering on the national stage during the Bob Dole years.

Brighid said...

As much as I don't care for Bob or any number of others. "We the people" have brought about the current state of affairs.
So much energy expended on talk, talk, talk...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Bob Dole, also known as Mr. Vanilla.

Gorges Smythe said...

I didn't want Dole to run years ago, as I thought it was all about his ego. (Isn't it with MOST of them?) I knew he'd have enough clout to win the primary, but not enough charisma to win the general.

Kid said...

Just to add that even though I wasn't politically active back when clinton was running for the second term, I watched a good part of a clinton/gore debate. Slick willy clinton would talk a while, then bob dole would get up, point to clinton and with a scrunched up face, repeat over and over "4 More Years!". I thought, "this guy has mental problems and a zero chance".