Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Urban living: a lesser life

There's two types of folks in this country: city folks and country folks.  

And typically, most city folks vote for Democrats, and most country folks vote for Republicans.  Just a peek at the U.S. voting results map of 2012, 2008 and 2004, etc, as color coded red for (R) and blue for (D) will clearly indicate.  I am confident you all have seen this map, it's striking as to how beautifully it verifies my claim about how folks vote according to where they live.

Those city folks all vote for Democrats (not all, but most) so that they can obtain government booty, which is more efficiently distributed to the constituents when they are huddled close together.  That's why Democrats love big cities.  It's so easy to pass out the goodies to the city folks that they have taken at the point of a gun from country folks.  

But is everything paradise in the cities?  Hardly.  Because Democrats have promised everyone a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage in exchange for their votes, these city folks sure could use those chickens and cars. Those promises sound real good. So they trudge to the polls, pull those (D) handles with pride, and then sit back and wait for the chickens and cars to flow into their possession.

In reality, it doesn't exactly work out like that, especially in the larger cities, Chicago for example.  Each winter, since Chicago is located in a fairly northern climate, snow falls are a fact of life, and snow removal from the city streets is a big responsibility of the local Democrat government.  Chicago has many, many side streets in addition to the major thoroughfares.  But plowing each and every little side street after major snow falls is just not going to happen, since the Chicago public works only has so many snow plows available to service the streets of Chicago.  Accordingly, only the major streets get plowed in any timely manner, and the rest of the city is on its own, even though each and every resident living on those side streets pays huge city property taxes to fund such things as street maintenance, and yet receive precious little services for their tax dollars.

Police services work much the same.  Urban crime rates are much higher than in the country, and the police presence is just too small a foot print to keep ahead of the massive criminal populations that flock to urban areas.  Crooks know where the police are, and where the police aren't: these criminals are evil, but they are not stupid.  Unless they are begging to go to jail, they commit their crimes in the absence of the police.  Chicago has one of the worst murder rates in the world.  And the current Democrat mayor has no clue as to what to do about it.  His opponent in the upcoming mayoral election, another Democrat, is promising 1,000 more cops on the streets (more chickens in more pots), but when asked where the money will come to fund those additional government jobs, this candidate has nothing to say.  Chicago voters have a choice this election: vote for this Democrat, or vote for that Democrat.  It's tough to live in the city these days.  They are screwed either way, and they don't even know it.

Country folk have no such limitations.  Many of them have snow removal equipment themselves, and many smaller municipalities have adequate equipment to service the local roads. Crime is quite low in rural areas, and police departments are on top of every area of criminal activity; they are all over crime like a Kennedy on a bottle of Scotch.  Criminals know where the pickin's are good, and it's not in the country.  They work best in the big cities, where cops are scarce.  Accordingly, it's very efficient out here in the country, with low crime and plowed roads, where mostly Republicans are calling the shots to ensure that their constituents are living large.  

See how things work in the real world?  Democrats can't figure out how to get chickens into everyone's pots, and cars into everyone's garages, but keep promising them those things every election year.

Republicans running for office out in Fly Over Country (the sticks, the boonies, the back woods, you know, where all the hayseeds, bumpkins, rubes and hicks live) don't promise all of that.  Accordingly, they don't need to deliver all of those expensive services that they can't afford to pay for, and their constituents like it this way: they often fend for themselves, keep to themselves and typically pay less for government.

It's great to live in the sticks.  Makes one want to break out in song, come on, y'all know the words: "I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee...."


LL said...

Yes, the two philosophies of life and government couldn't be more starkly contrasted.

(R) You handle your own problems, plow your own driveway or street, protect yourself with your own firearm(s), earn your own bread.

(D) You specialize in eating the bread earned by others and sit like a parasite, waiting for the loot to flow in.

The government welfare culture turned American Indians from workers into parasites waiting for the next welfare check (look at the large blue swatches in NM and AZ.)

Kid said...

Fredd, I do not, since the year of Our Lord 2000, live in a City, nor will I ever in the future live in a City. The city public unions suck you dry.

Fredd said...

LL: Damn, I figured those big blue AZ and NM swatches were simply populated by liberal hippies eating their peyote mushrooms and voting for (D) types.

Of course its the American Indians painting those counties blue. And that would explain those big ugly blue blotchs in Montana as well, lots of "Induns" there as my dad used to call them, as he was born there.

Fredd said...

Kid: you and me both since 2000. I last lived in a rural area then (Washington DC area/Northern VA), got really sick of being stuck in traffic all day.

Chicago city public unions have unfunded pensions that will cripple Chicago at any moment. Hasn't happened yet, but as Ben Stein's daddy used to say, if something can't go on, it won't. Or words to that effect.

Kid said...

Some real wisdom there Fredd. If it can't happen, it won't and America living off of the fumes left behind by fed up taxpayers is the grand example. Don't know when it will happen, but like Greece, it will happen.

Extend to the markets. If it ain't going up, it's going down and if it ain't going down, it's goin up.

Joe said...

Many of our politicians have never worked a lick in their lives and have no idea why "fly-over" people have the values they have.

Those who have worked got over it.

Fredd said...

Joe: Politicians who have never worked a lick in their lives are the heart of all the woes our country suffers from.

Obama is one of those politicians. Aside from that one private sector job he had where he felt like he was 'working for the enemy', he has only cashed government checks, or checks that came from dark sources.

Perfect reason for term limits for all politicians, and thank God Obama has no more terms left. Our country couldn't survive a third term of Obama.

Ed Bonderenka said...

i hope it survives the first two.

Z said...

I have always lived in the CITY, except a suburb of the city when I was growing up. I prefer the city; I like knowing neighbors are (very!) near, I like the sounds of the traffic, believe it or not.
But I would like to try to live in the country...small town country.

You'd be amazed at how much of the middle of California's RED. It even surprised me! or otherwise, we'd have not had the wonderful Deukmejian, or Reagan, or Wilson, or the very close votes that so often end up going to the RATS :-(

I know there's crack in the countryside, but I prefer to think it's better there....in general.

Fredd said...


It IS better in the country. And crack is mostly a city thing. But not meth...don't ask me why. And moonshine is most definitely a country thing.

There's crime in the sticks, no beating around the bush about it. But there's more crime in the city.