Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton will get away without consequence on the email scandal

Just like all the other scandals that have come and gone.  I don't know if I can count all of her scandals, but there are many.  And this one will simply get added to the list that only her detractors keep.

Her supporters have not even logged this one as a scandal.  She says she obeyed the law, there you have it, they say.  Nothing to see here, move along, now, you mean spirited Republicans.  You just hate her because she is a woman.  This email thing is nothing, and it just shows what rotten, no good scumbags you all are for keeping at it.  Just drop it, OK?  She's a good person.

And it will disappear over the course of the next year, and nothing will come of it. Trey Goudy will subpoena her server, and her lawyers will stretch that process out over several years.  By then, it is entirely possible that this server will have disappeared.  

If it hasn't already.

Let's look at a few other scandals that Hillary Clinton has seen come and go without consequence:

  • Filegate: 900 FBI files on Clinton enemies found in the White House possession.  No consequences for the Clintons
  • Cattle Futures: $1000 investment parlayed into $100,000 by Hillary, no questions asked, not even futures experts could do this.  No consequences.
  • Vince Foster dies under mysterious circumstances, Hillary's people spirited off with unknown contents at the crime scene.  No consequences.
  • Travelgate: Hillary said "we need those slots."  Fires the lot of the non-partisan travel office and fills the jobs with Clinton cronies.  Hillary accuses Billy Dale, travel office manager of malfeasance and criminal activities.  Dale was acquitted in minutes.  Unprecedented abuse of power.  No consequences.
  • Rose Law Firm billing records, which mysteriously showed up in the White House residence two years after being subpoenaed.  No questions asked.
  • Whitewater real estate deal, shady Clinton fingers in this mess, no consequences for the Clintons
  • Health-Care mess.  Hillary comes up with socialized health care plan, does not name co-conspirators who helped her with all the socialism in the plan.  Done in secret.  No more questions asked.
  • Benghazi: four Americans including Libyan ambassador die while Hillary watches.  Requests for boosted security measures from the ambassador prior to the attacks fall on deaf ears.  Hillary blames a video for terrorist attack.  No emails from Hillary turned over to government during this period.  No more consequences for Hillary.
  • Clinton Foundation scandal.  Hillary shaking down foreign heads of state for cash while on the job as Secretary of State.  Massive conflict of interest, no consequences for any of this malfeasance.
  • Email-gate.  Nothing to see here, either.  Just add it to the list.
How many scandals of at least the seriousness of any of these did it take to bring down Richard Nixon?  

Only one.  


LL said...

I think that she will get a pass on the scandal - but in a sense it's the death of a thousand cuts with Hillary. It may be "her turn" to be the Democratic nominee, but she's not likable. The 2014 mid-term did not play well at all for Democrats. They lost the Senate big time and Republicans expanded their control over the House of Representatives. While there is a difference in turnout between mid-term elections and presidential election years.

While Hillary will weather this storm in true Clintonian fashion, I don't know that she will win the general election. I don't think that's a foregone conclusion.

Gorges Smythe said...


Joe said...

Exxon needs to find out the Clintons' secrets. Think of the automobile engines that would be saved!

Fredd said...

LL: death by a thousand cuts, or lately called "Clinton Fatigue."

She is hated by millions and millions. That can't be a plus going into a general election. Then again, she is loved by millions and millions of retards, certainly a plus going into a general.

We'll see.