Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dick Cheney is an American hero

Long the punching bag of the socialist pacifist Left in the U.S., Dick Cheney continues to serve the country in his current capacity as Detractor in Chief in his opposition to whom he correctly labels 'the worst president in my lifetime."

And the former Vice President of the United States is now 74 years old, and was born during the FDR administration.  That is a lot of presidents since then, and in his opinion, the current one is the worst.  I think Dick Cheney is really putting quite a happy face on this remark and sugar coating this comparison, since it is arguable that Barack Obama is the absolute worst president the country has ever known. "We'll be digging out from the damage this president has done for years to come."  

Man oh man, don't we all know it.  

And Dick Cheney knows it, as do most of the conservative voters in the country.  The former veep doesn't need to take the kind of heat that is heaped upon him, he could have quietly retired and left the political arena.  But, sadly, the current crop of GOP politicians are not standing up to Barack Obama nearly as aggressively as they should in opposing his socialist agenda.  

Accordingly, Dick Cheney is still swinging, heart transplant and all.  He is a hero of conservative Americans, and has selflessly served our country for decades, even though he could have made millions in the private sector.  As CEO of Haliburton, Cheney took a monumental, staggering pay cut to step up and serve as George W. Bush's vice president, and not simply for the power or as stepping stone to the presidency, which he never sought. He was asked to serve, and he stepped up in a big way.

He was instrumental as the Sec. of Defense during George H.W. Bush's administration in ousting the evil Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.  It was many of the defense policies put into place by Dick Cheney that contained Saddam Hussein after Desert Storm, and steadied the volatile Middle East for decades, or as much as the Middle East could be stabilized considering the ruthless dictators and potentates running most of the regions oil rich kingdoms, emirates and sheikdoms. 

History will be kind to Dick Cheney.  He is one of the greatest Americans to come down the pike in the last 50 years, right up there with Ronald Reagan.

But he's not done just yet.  He's still in there, throwing hay makers. God Bless Dick Cheney, an American hero.   


LL said...

The "progressive" left hates him with unrivaled venom, which means that his vice presidency was both successful and poignant. I personally like him and feel that he'd have made a good president if George W. had shuffled off his mortal coil.

Ed Bonderenka said...

100% agreed.

LL said...

Compare and contrast Cheney and Biden. It couldn't be more starkly contrasted. Biden is an idiot and intellectual lightweight who has been wrong on EVERY issue during his lengthy term in the US Senate. (it's worth reading up on) The press protects him the way a hen protects her favorite little retarded chick.

Fredd said...

LL: comparing Dick Cheney to Joe Biden is like comparing Muhammad Ali to James "Bonecrusher" Smith: yes, both are heavyweights, but one was vastly more effective and has an enduring legacy of success, way more so than the other.

Joe said...


Kid said...

Nothing to add Fredd.
Nothing to add LL.

Brighid said...

I cannot bring myself to put Cheney (much respect) and that other guy in the same sentence!

Fredd said...

Brighid: yeah, I get your point. I can't imagine a less competent Veep ever, unless you are talking about that guy's current boss.

Then it would be hard to say who's been more wrong on virtually every issue, although Joe might get the nod because he has been wrong for a longer period of time than Barry owing to his advanced years.

Z said...

If only he were president.
I'm with LL.