Monday, June 4, 2012

Craven public union workers demand even MORE...

Is there no end to the brazen, shameless behavior on the part of our national public employee unions?  Apparently not.  The Chicago Public Schools (worst performance in the nation, right in there with Washington DC and Atlanta public school systems) public union goon Karen Lewis is now demanding a 30% raise in public union teacher salaries over two years.  A September strike is now being planned.  (I say let them go on strike, and fire the whole stinking crappy lot of them, and hire non-union teachers to take their place.  We would be way better off without these worthless pieces of garbage teaching our kids).

Chicago schools are unarguably the worst performing schools in the nation, and arguably the crappiest performing education organization in the entire WORLD, and we all see this brazen, obnoxious pig of a 'public servant' union thug boss DEMANDING a 30% raise for teachers over 2 years.

Is there no end to the drunken power of our public unions? 

These bloated, incompetent teachers unions, because they suck so badly at their jobs, are virtually insuring that Chicago kids will never ever be qualified to enter the work force.  These kids can barely (if at all) read their diplomas.  The typical valedictorian at a Chicago Public School, while receiving straight A's their entire public school career, can't even score a passing grade on the SAT's, and no decent college or university will touch these 'valedictorians' with a ten foot pole.

And don't get me started on the fire fighters on the public payroll.  A typical fire house is overstaffed and over paid by 300%, and they seem to be immune from any and all downturns in the economy.  When a fire breaks out somewhere, a zillion firefighters show up, destroy the house with their axes, fire picks, and hoses and woeful disregard the integrity of the property that had the fire and subsequently boast and crow about how they 'saved' life and property.  We could do with an across the country cut of 300% of fire department assets, and get by with volunteer fire fighters.  These guys are just as bad (almost) as our public union teachers.  Not quite but just about.

When I went to public elementary school, my 200 student elementary school staff had a principal, an assistant principal, a few secretaries (they call them administrators now), 10 teachers for 10 classes of 20 kids each, and a couple of janitors.  That's it.  Sixteen people on the public payroll to educate 200 kids.

Now my daughter's elementary school has multiple times this number of teachers: a principal, a vice principal, an assistant principal, several counselors, an entire nursing staff, an administrative staff of around 10, a cafeteria staff of another 10, scores of teachers, a music teacher, an art teacher, a physical education teacher, a Spanish teacher and a janitorial staff of ten, and another 10 people on the payroll that I don't even know about.  Maybe 60 or 70 elementary school staff, or more.  To do the same job that 16 people did in 1965, with the exception that we kids used to brown bag our lunches.

You cannot argue that fire fighters and school teachers unions are simply feather bedding their roles all on the pubic dime, but are not adding to the quality of our community's education or protection.

They are just craven, greedy slobs who are parasites of the public trough.  A pox on them all.


Silverfiddle said...

This is why public sector unions should outlawed. They are essentially organizations that are lobbying themselves. They take money from the government and turn around and pay political bribes, er.. campaign contributions with that same money.

It's s self-licking ice cream cone.

Add to that that they are stubborn statist dullards who want to use the power of the state to silence their opponents (citizen taxpayers) who try to confuse them with the facts.

Check out Teresa's post on the goose-stepping Wisconsin government union dimwits.

Ducky's here said...

There is some truth to your argument.

Fire fighters have not seen a reduction in force even though the number of fires has dropped precipitously in the last couple decades.

I'm in Boston and the absolute worst here are the cops. They'll steal anything that isn't nailed down but the public will not call these leeches out.

Teachers in Massachusetts are well paid but our results are the best in the nation so it's money well spent.
Most on the right don't yet see (they may after the recall fails in Wisconsin) that public employee unions are the soft underbelly. Start attacking the Feds too and disband the airport screeners union.

Just mention public safety however and the right wing falls in right behind the meme. You have yourselves to blame for not being able to keep these guys under control.

But pound on them instead of going after social issues you will loose badly like gay marriage and Planned Parenthood and you msy get somewhere.

Hack said...

Tomorrow is going to be a sweet victory after Walker wins...again.

Kid said...

"Is there no end to the drunken power of our public unions? "

No, not until enough people wake up and vote them back to the ranks of Unskilled workers where many of them belong.

The good ones can reapply, take a test and conform to workplace standards to keep their jobs - Is how I'd handle it.

Unfortunately this ain't gonna be easy. Like the unions did to Ohio, they are doing to Wisconsin now. Bringing the entire country of union thugs, force, and finance against Wisconsin.

It's war man. It's war now.

Kid said...

Fredd, Check out biden telling public union teacher slugs, (if you can watch this without puking) - the poster girl appearing in the upper right, that America should be nurturing them! Good Lord.
No one nurtured me, not even when I worked at McDonalds when I was 15, let alone after I got anywhere near a "Professional Career". Nurture me? LOL ! Aren't these people college grads ?? Man.


Fredd said...

Ducky: 'Some' truth to my argument? Try 'All' truth. And I am all for disbanding the TSA, worthless cretins all. For the record, this massive agency has yet to nab one - count 'em! - ONE terrorist.

Fredd said...

Silver: giving bargaining power to public employee unions is like giving liquor and car keys to teenagers.

Same result: wrecks left and right.

Fredd said...

Kid: Yes, it's war. They declared war on America years ago, and we just never noticed.

We notice NOW. Filthy scumbag public employee maggots.

Yes, most (if not all) public employee union slugs are low or no skilled pus bags. They should be put back in their place digging ditches, and Lord knows lots of ditches need digging.

Their day is coming tomorrow. The beginning of the end of public employee unions.

Ducky's here said...

Well Fredd, no argument on a complex subject like this is completely right but you bring up an interesting point on the TSA.

Some would argue that they have prevented the attacks. On the other hand terrorists can successfully force us into counter measures due to the public fear and cause us considerable economic loss.

Next scare: Body bombs.

Watch for it because the suckers will believe anything and the pols will exploit anything.

Z said...

Good post, Fredd, but I'm sending you the bill for TEETH GRINDING! It's SO infuriating, all of this.

DUcky, that cops are stealing and people know about it and nothing's being done is horrible...demoralizing to tax paying citizens and such a hideous sign of the times.
I suppose there have always been bad cops but this is BAD.

Kid, I couldn't listen to Beiden long enough...he called teachers slugs? Did you hear him infer that it's only REPUBLICANS ON WALL STREET SCREWING THE PUBLIC? Is he KIDDING, when most are DEMOCRATS? Unreal
Oh, he's cagey and people buy it.

Fredd said...


Cops, always an issue. Grant any organization power, and they guard it with a zealous vigor.

Biden: hopefully he will simply be a footnote on American politics. An embarassing footnote...

Kid said...

Z, No, I called teachers slugs. Not all of them of course. But most certainly the ones like the ones in this vid, allowing themselves to be reduced to slugs by biden, and most certainly the ones in New Jersey, who were instructed via EMAIL by the HEAD OF THEIR UNION to Pray for the death of Chris Christie.

Fredd, you got moderation turned on. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get rid of this word verification thing.

Kid said...

Fredd, Gold is looking to go ballistic here.

GLD over 158.00, watch yourself please if you still have your DZZ. Honestly and respectfully.

Fredd said...

Kid: Gold is at around $1633, but remember not too long ago it was over $1800/oz. Sure, it will go up and down with the news of the day, etc. I will sell my DZZ in January of 2014, a year after Romney was inaugurated. It should be around double my investment.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am a buy and hold kind of guy, I expect gold to plummet once Romney has had a chance to fix the Obama mess. Just like it did after Reagan's first year.

You heard it here first.

Fredd said...


Word verification? I went into the blog settings, and turned the only setting of this kind off that I saw, see how it works now, and if not let me know how to do this.

Kid said...

Fredd, Word verify. You got it man. A Million Thanks.

On the Gold, I'm just passing along what appears to be credible. Good luck sir.

I believe it's all up to Gentle Ben and what he says tomorrow and/or June 19/20 for the official Fed dog and pony show.