Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Better get your tin cup and pencils now, you senior citizens

We keep hearing this from the more fiscal conservatives among us: 'we are spending our children and grandchildren into bankruptcy.'  If I've heard that once, I've heard it a thousand times.

While it is clearly true our liberal politicians are spending money we don't have like drunken sailors, and sinking our country into a debt crisis, our children and grandchildren will not be the ones paying for it, at least not directly.  This is the dirty little secret that nobody seems to want to hear: our children and grandchildren will not inherit our current debt: they will simply see to it that none of the fruits of their future labor, whenever they get into the job market, will be transferred to pay for debts that they themselves did not incur.

Unless things change, and we get our debt and public employee pension chaos in order, our kids and grandkids will not support this ongoing moral corruption in perpetuity.

They just won't do it.  They did not sign these contracts for pensions and other transfers to retirees and pensioners.  They will insist that these old folks go after the people who made the promises, and get the money from them, and leave the kids and grandkids bank accounts alone.

But Fredd, those people who made all of these immoral promises and contracts are all dead by the time the piper needs to be paid.  Exactly my point.  Do you think that our children and grandchildren, who will grow up to be men and women (angry men and angry women) will just sit by and let their earnings be confiscated and given to old people who no longer work, these old geezers who lounge by their Boca Raton swimming pools sipping their Mai Tai's, at the expense of the next generation?  The next generation or two is most certainly going to say nuts to that. 

But Fredd, these oldsters were promised their Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, free medicine for the rest of their lives, and both public and private pensioners have binding contracts.  So what?  What is going to stop the future generations from pulling the plug on those promised checks?  Virtually nothing.  Things change.  And if you are somebody who depends on receiving a check every month to maintain a certain standard of living in your retirement, you are the one who will be paying in one way or another the debt that these pundits are saying will be covered by our kids and grandkids.  If somebody else controls your income stream in retirement OTHER THAN YOU, your future is iffy at best, my old geezer friends. 

Not a chance in hell will our kids and grandkids just sit by and watch their incomes go to fund geezers laying around in their retirement hammocks in Boca Raton.  Does the French Revolution ring a bell with anyone?  King Louis XVI and his aristocrats and religious poo bahs were all living the good life, as established by a centuries old monarchy and aristocracy.  All of the wealth of France was at these chosen few's disposal.  By law.  The Royal French Law of the Land awarded this wealth to the few.

But the peasants with the pitchforks didn't like the way things were legally arranged, because legally they were getting Royally screwed (pun intended) and so they changed things.  And so it will go with OUR current legal contracts with unions, governments and the like: our kids and grandkids did not incur all of this debt, and they will simply not pay it any more.

You geezers who don't control your own retirement funds are the ones who are going to be left holding the bag.  Once your checks stop showing up in the mail box (and they will, I guarantee it), your days of comfy, cozy retirement are over.  Better get yourselves some tin cups, some pencils and find yourself a street corner to work. 

And you geezers better do it soon, as there is going to be a run on tin cups, pencils and street corners to work.


Silverfiddle said...

We don't have it in us anymore for such an uprising.

The spending will continue until it no longer can, and I garontee the rich and powerful will not be hurt in the crash.

Fredd said...


Of course the rich and powerful will be fine after the mob gets done rampaging through the streets and beaches of Boca Raton.

It's the GEEZERS, who depend on a check from somebody at the end of each month who are gonna see their lounging in their hammocks on the backs of their kids and grandkids come to a screeching halt.

The Conservative Lady said...

Either that, or the Obamcacare death panels will solve the problem of the "old geezers".

Fredd said...


Once the geezers have no more future generation money in their pockets, I'm thinking that you're right: the Obama death panels will take over.

It's a cost thing, you knowl

Kid said...

Hey Fredd, I'm just going to go back to Exotic Dancing. Pays much better than SS anyway.

Kid said...

TCL, Fredd, I agree with you. Part of the 'final solution' IN AMERICA will be to cull the herd of money collecting pensioners.

Krystal said...

"If somebody else controls your income stream in retirement OTHER THAN YOU, your future is iffy at best, my old geezer friends."

Which is precisely why my husband and I aren't expecting any SS or Medicare. At some point you just run out of money. That's how it works. Either our country will go bankrupt and all government expenditures will have to stop, no choice, and those on the dole will riot (I suspect they will also start to loot those who have prepared for the future because it will be unfair, so might I suggest we all stock pile a means by which to defend ourselves?) or, like you said, those footing the bill will have enough and revolt. My husband has said multiple times that if 1,000,000 Americans flat out REFUSED to pay their taxes, there would be no way for the IRS to go after them.

Fredd said...


Like all socialist programs, eventually you run out of other people's money.

And yes, it's likely that once the checks stop, the mob will attempt to go after those of us who still have money. An armed population is still a good idea (2nd Ammendment and all...)

Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz said...

Ive had mine handy for the past 3 and a half years.
Your preachin to the choir.

Z said...

I just don't see that happening, Fredd. After the next four years (which will probably also be Obama's), there won't be much left for the young to be jealous about US, anyway.
I think they'll be in fittings for their Mao jackets of redistribution equality and lack of initiative.
I hope I'm wrong. I'd LOVE to see the younger generation even know who the VP is!
I'd love them to get riotous and start demanding lower taxes and less entitlements, but they're learning quite the opposite in school these days.

Fredd said...


Yes, they lean the other way right now when they are young and dumb, but as soon as our young and dumb kids and grandkids become not so dumb adults and see the cut that the geezers are taking out of their paychecks, this kind of BS will come to a screeching halt.

Fredd said...


Did you get your corner staked out yet? The lucrative corners are going to have lots of geezers elbowing each other for that primo turf, it could get ugly...