Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Perfect World

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a civilization that was perfect: no crime, no hunger, no greed, none of the citizens of this land had any want or need ever go unfulfilled.

Nobody was more important than anyone else (since that would be illegal), so there were no feelings of inferiority among the masses.  Nobody was deemed smarter or duller than anyone else (again, illegal to claim to be smarter, or point out anyone as dumb), and so nobody ever felt alienated and alone.  Nobody had more material wealth than their neighbors (you guessed it: illegal), so that everyone was happy and content.  Everyone was equal in every way in this fair and just land.

Life in this culture was idyllic and perfect. 

But it wasn't always so.  In order to achieve this heaven on earth, much work had to be done, much thinking by those who were a little more average than the masses (not smarter, that's illegal you see), and the programs that these noble and decent civil servants established eventually transformed the imperfect previous culture into one that suited all the citizens.

The more average (not above average, that would be illegal) leaders first decreed that those who unfairly earned more than average would yield that windfall in earnings to the government via taxes.  Those that earned less than average wages would be given the windfall earnings by the government after it had been taken from the greedy ones who unfairly earned it initially.  And everyone was at peace once all citizens had no more or no less than anyone else. 

And so it went with all 'unfairness' that went on before, the more average leaders ensured that unfairness was illegal, and in the fullness of time, they achieved a perfect society.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

This foolish story sounds like a children's fairy tale, doesn't it? Where in the name of fairness there was not a tear to be found in any eye, at any time, ever.  But it's not a fairy tale.  This is the thinking of modern day Western liberals.  Much of Europe seeks to achieve this utopia via idiotic legislation, and now the American Left is seeking to achieve this Nirvana as well through the same hare brained legislation as Europe. 

Capitalism sometimes creates winners and losers, you see, and liberals can't stand the unfairness of someone winning at the expense of someone losing.  So they want to get rid of it, and install a Marxist/Socialist Nirvana that will eliminate anyone ever losing again.

But these same liberals can't understand that this same capitalism that they detest in the long term allows EVERYBODY to win given their natural talents, abilities and gumption for life.  Instead, they seek to tear down the successful to average levels, and give those  supposedly ill gotten gains to the down trodden via massive wealth transfer programs to ensure we achieve Utopia in the fullness of time.

What liberals choose to ignore, however, is the results of their wealth transfer schemes over the vastness of mankind's experience: it has never worked anywhere or at any time in human history. 

But this will not stop them from trying.....


innominatus said...

>>>Those that earned less than average wages would be given the windfall earnings by the government

after some obese moron gov't worker collected a ridiculous salary and funded his ridiculous pension with some of the money. That left too little for the below-average earner to be brought up to average, so the above-average earner had to pay even more. Which created more work for the obese moron gov't worker, so they hired more gov't morons.

But it will all work out because our grandkids will be really rich and stuff. They'll figure out a way to pay for it all. Someday.

Fredd said...


You have them figured out, Grasshopper. You are wise for your years.

Lisa said...

haha I was going to pretty much say what innominatus wrote but was going to refer to those who want this legislation,the politicians,as the ones who will be advancing themselves to even more wealth and privilege like they do in 3rd world nations.
I am looking forward to the day when we will all just be puppets of our dear leader. How awesome will that be?

Kid said...

Some libs care about the poor. The vast majority are only out to get something for nothing, special treatment, elite status etc. For doing nothing.

This explains why obama is their idol. he is the perfect non-accomplisher and getter of free stuff.

Fredd said...


Believe it or not, we ALL care about the poor. Nobody wants to see suffering, when something can be done to alleviate it.

That's where libs and the good guys differ: libs want to take EVERYBODY ELSE'S MONEY and make themselves feel better about themselves, regardless of the outcome.

The good guys (that's US) want the poor helped out to the point where they can help themselves.

Big difference.

Fredd said...


Yeah, you and Inno both point to one of the major rubs in my fairy tale: in creating this perfect world, of course the libs cut themselves in for around 90% 'management fees' to see that things move along.

And that's a pretty big rub.

Kid said...

Lisa, I'll be a puppet too as long as I can have above average strings.

The Conservative Lady said...

Sounds like Obama's Utopia. The Left wants to bring everyone down so they're dependent on the government for everything. Sure fire way to keep getting re-elected.

Fredd said...

Kid: your government issued puppet strings will be no longer or shorter than anyone else's (except government worker strings, they need them longer so that they can help us more, you see).

And it will be mandated that you like the strings as presented to you. By law.

Fredd said...


This non-fairy tale is indeed custom fit for Obama's re-election. The child-like Obama voters love to have it read to them at bed time, over and over. And they also believe every word of it.

Unfortunately for the rest of us.

Silverfiddle said...

But, but, but, Fredd...

What about the children???!!!

Fredd said...


Good question. And a simple answer, in reality: since this post was written from a conservative perspective, and since we all know that conservatives want dirtier air for our children, dirtier water for our children and want to take away their school lunch programs and starve them, you can draw your own conlusions as to the fate of our children, from this conservative's perspective.

Z said...

Actually, the Europeans are realizing now that that PERFECT WORLD isn't quite so perfect.....

it's the "give them the fish or give them the fishing pole and teach them how to fish" question, isn't it.
We're for the fishing pole...

sadly, that doesn't get the votes.

And they did not live happily ever after because the liberals won. :-(

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Fredd" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


Krystal said...

Inno: PERFECT!!!