Friday, June 4, 2010

Musicians should play music, and not spew politics

Paul McCartney can really pump out a great ditty now and then, there's no debate there. But when it comes to political prowess, this ex-Beatle can't get to first base. His obsequious bowing and scraping to Barack Obama earlier this week was just a little too much to put up with, all truth be known.
McCartney's comment at a White House function this week galls me, as he states, "after the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is." That slur was over the top. This, from a bloke who had less education in merry old England than a typical high school drop out has in the U.S, bad mouthing a former president (G.W. Bush) for poor education when that particular president graduated from an Ivy League school with a bachelors degree from Yale and a masters degree (MBA) from Harvard. Paul McCartney wouldn't know a library from a urinal, while Bush spent much of his young adult life in them.
This is really not a new phenomenon, however. Recall the brilliant Rhodes Scholar Cher Bono calling G.W. Bush a 'retard.' Oh, that's right. Cher was (and still is) a stupid, idiot high school drop out as well. And of course we all recall the larger than life producer and uber liberal Michael Moore constantly harping on the low intellect of G.W. Bush, when he himself was a University of Michigan-Flint dropout.
All of these celebrity dropouts berating arguably accomplished scholars and labeling them as morons is ludicrous. You celebrities should stick to what you know: music, acting, dancing, singing, sports, etc. Leave politics to people who actually cracked a book or two in their day. Unlike you celebrity cretins, who dropped out because you didn't have the brains to stick it out.
These celebrities should concentrate on their day jobs. You know, the stuff they actually know something about: music, sports, dance and film.
Leave politics to their betters.


The_Kid said...

Well struck.

And to Paul. Dude if you're doing it for the marketing people's assessment of today's music buyers - Do you really need the money that badly ?


I honestly thought he and the other 4 had some smarts - at least after spending some time with the guru's in Tibet or where ever it was.

The Conservative Lady said...

Well said. I posted on this today, too. The other thing that ticked me off is the laughter that followed his remarks. Great group of Americans in attendance, not.

The War Planner said...

I think you're being way too hard on Paul. After all, he hated books ever since he was a little kid and walked into the Liverpool Public Library instead of a john and got a book that he was pissing on slammed on his winkie.. new meaning to the phrase, "Member of the Beatles".

Seriously, run over to my site and rip off that grotty pic I run of McCartney and replace the one you got on this post. It shows him for the ugly, ignorant boob he is nowadays.

Christopher said...

Agreed! During the same visit he proved his lack of education by stating "Leave him (Hussein) alone, he is doing a great job".

Two points; He does not understand our political system 9due to lack of education), it is our duty to speak out and we do not listen to foriengers like him and Calderon about our system and furthermore resent them for it.

Two, What great job?

Fredd said...


I actually suspect that any time the Fab Four spent with Mahesh Yogi detracted from their smarts.

Fredd said...


I would expect the crowd at an Obama function to behave exactly as they did. They'll get theirs in November. Obama will still have a few years left (if he lasts that long), and these shindigs will be lower key by then.

Fredd said...

War Planner:

I ripped your photo per your suggestion. This one is much more appropriate to the subject.

Fredd said...


I'm puzzled by that 'doing a great job' thing as well. Recall George Harrison penned the Beatles ditty 'Tax Man', and it may as well have been written about the Bamster.

The Beatles bitched and whined about their fortunes getting taxed, but this surviving Beatle is playing kissy face with one of the biggest tax and spend liberals ever to trod the Fruited Plain.

Chris W said...

Celebrities, like children, should be seen and not heard. If they want to spread a political message they should do it within their craft, otherwise they should just smile for the cameras.

Anonymous said...

As Laura Ingraham says: Shut up and sing!

Krystal said...

I bet MY IQ is higher than nobama's...

Malcolm said...

When I heard Paul's jab at Bush, I cringed because I thought it was a cheap shot. Having said that, I rarely hear conservatives criticize celebrity conservatives for airing their political views. Personally, I couldn't care less about a celebrity making political comments regardless of their viewpoint. However, does everyone in this thread also feel that Ted Nugent, Larry Gatlin, Jon Voight, etc. should also shut up and sing/act?

Fredd said...


I can't speak for everyone in this thread, but I would agree to your suggestion (in spite of the First Amendment): everyone who has gained a stage based on singing and acting should not abuse their popularity to push political views, unless their popularity has some bearing on their political views (Rush Limbaugh, for example).

I would certainly agree to see Larry Gatlin, The Motor City Madman and any and all conservative celebrities bow out of the political conversation (unless they are running for office, then the bet is off), if I could be guaranteed that the likes of Babs Streissand, Sean Penn and Paul McCartney would stuff a sock in it, too.

Yes, this opinion craps all over the First Amendment, but you asked. Good thing I am not running things, huh Malcolm?

Malcolm said...

Fredd: Thank you for your honesty. Just to be clear, I don't think celebrities should keep quiet about their political beliefs. I'm not going to fault them if someone is stupid enough to follow their beliefs for superficial reasons.

One more point I'd like to bring up is your comment about why these so-called celebrity cretins dropped out of school. Have they gone on record to say that they dropped out because they didn't have the brains to stick it out? I'm just wondering if you are trying to pass off your opinions as fact. Also, considering the success that these "cretins" have experienced, many would say they did OK w/o finishing school.

Fredd said...


Most reasonable folks understand that much of the stuff posted on blogs is op ed (opinion).

Of course these celebrity cretins (my opinion) haven't held press conferences to go on the record and state that the reason they didn't graduate high school or college is that they lack brains. Likely none of those cretins have admitted that to anyone, nor will they ever. And it's equally likely that they dropped out for other reasons than lack of intellect, but a little speculation here is not an attempt on my part to fool anyone, Malcolm.

Most folks understand that if you call a cretin a cretin, that characterization is subjective (opinion).

I was not in any way trying to pass off opinion as fact, Malcolm, so you should be fair here.

You are suggesting that if I want to call Obama a cretin (which in my opinion he is), I cannot do so without rock solid proof? His admission in writing that he is in fact a card carrying, dues paying cretin?

C'mon, Malcolm. These are blogs here. Opinions. A bit of subjective license is not out of bounds, nor a reasonable excuse to invalidate the opinion, because rock solid proof of the opinion was absent subsequently verifies that the author is up to no good.

A final note: nobody ever said that cretins can't make a boat load of money. Just ask Larry the Cable Guy.

Fredd said...


Sorry, Malcolm. I'm not going to argue semantics with you. You are picking nits to make your point, which all liberals do, rather than have any merit to their ideas.

You questioned the validity of my blog, and the opinions surrounding the topics. Based on ridiculous semantics.

Perhaps you would be better served checking out stuff on the Huffington Post and

Time to move on, Malcolm.

Susannah said...

"If they want to spread a political message they should do it within their craft, otherwise they should just smile for the cameras." it within their craft AND THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!!...

That's what burns my buns more than anything else...well, except for the laughter that Conserv. Ldy referred to...