Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nobody in the military respects Obama

Gen. Stanley McCrystal has been placed in a position in which a precious few high ranking military leaders have had to endure: taking orders from a man-child like Barack Obama. This particular man-child does not like having to deal with anything of military concern, and in fact does not believe that the military is a necessary tool in dealing with matters of foreign policy. Obama is still of the mindset, much like Chancellor Neville Chamberlain seven decades earlier, that he can talk hostile foreign powers out of their aggressive plans against sovereign nations. His intellect will rule the day, his words and words alone will prevail upon all parties at odds, and all will be right with the world.
Accordingly, the decisions that are necessary in waging a war are incomplete, contradictory and delayed. Managing a conflict like the Afghanistan campaign under these conditions will of course generate some disgruntled comments, and not just from the command. Every boot on the ground knows that Barack Obama is possibly the worst commander in chief in our history. And the Obama jokes abound within the rank and file, from the general officers down to the lowliest slick sleeve private (E-1, for you those of you like Barack Obama, who do not know how to pronounce the word 'corps').
Having served under three commanders in chief (Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan), this author has also been privy to the disgruntled comments and jokes about the former top military guy, Jimmy Carter, during the Iran Hostage crisis in which Carter was completely ineffective and pathetic in his job as commander in chief. He must now be very happy to know that his legacy has moved up a notch, and is now only the second worst commander in chief ever. Barack Obama reigns supreme in that category, and will likely retain that honor (or more accurately, shame) in perpetuity.
The only mistake that Gen. McChrystal made in this sad affair was allowing a nefarious publication like Rolling Stone to get anywhere near the command structure for comments. Dissatisfaction with incompetent leadership has always been around, from the Roman Caesars to the current general grade officers in the military today.
The only situation in the past that even comes close to the disrespect among the entire military establishment of Obama today is when Nero was crowned emperor of Rome at age 16, and would immediately start lecturing the great Roman general Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo on how the military worked. This great general simply listened to this man-child rant and rave, responded 'Hail Caesar,' and marched on. But I'm sure the snarky jokes and disrespectful comments abounded in the rank and file, even way back when.
When Obama fires McChrystal, it will not change the military's disrespect for him. It will only replace him with another general officer who holds identical opinions as Gen. McChrystal, but who presumably will keep Rolling Stone reporters away from the officer's club.


Hack said...

Excellent article!

Anonymous said...

Well said. BO will never have the same respect as Bush, in the military

What Makes Us Right said...

Well written...

TM..Respect starts first with giving it, which is something this cat is not capable of..

Fredd said...


BO will never have the same respect that BILL CLINTON had as a military guy, and he had almost none.

christian soldier said...

I worry about our BEST-under this CiC -your thoughts are excellently written...
found you via Dan...

The_Kid said...

Excellent Analysis Fredd.

I would only suggest that Gen McChrystal knew exactly what he was doing and on another related note, I most certainly believe obama is actively trying to help the muslim agenda, which most people mistakenly think of as the radical Islam agenda.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Fredd: You sure nailed it.
I'm not even in the military, but I can see how everyone, from the lst day recruit, to 40 year Generals can't STAND having to listen to such a moron.
Obummer isn't fit to shine their shoes, or
clean their latrines.
I can't wait for the General's Book.

Anonymous said...

The only mistake that Gen. McChrystal made in this sad affair was allowing a nefarious publication like Rolling Stone to get anywhere near the command structure for comments.

Exactly right, Fredd!

Fredd said...

Hack: thanks.

WHUR: a malady that afflicts most Democratic presidents lately.

Christian (Carol): thanks for stopping by, tell Dan I said 'hey.'

Kid: most of us ex-military mutter about what nincompoops we worked for under our breath. This one got out. Our was still not to reason why, but to do or die.

Bunni: you must know someone in military then, because no civilian uses the word 'latrine.' I will check that theory - what are 'civvies'? If you know a military guy (or gal), they will clue you in. And: what is '100 mph tape?'

Maggie Thornton said...

Good point that no American soldier has ever had to serve under a speciman like Obama. A reasonable person might think Robert Gates might have influence with BO, and that BO might learn something from him, but that has not happened.

I believe McChrystal might have done us a favor by letting us know that Obama was unprepared for that first important meeting. And while things are going to be rough for him, in the end what we all knew, was confirmed.

Very nice essay, touching on some very important issues.

Fredd said...


Thanks so much for stopping by with comments that affirm my humble (yet accurate) opinion.

I Ain't Got No Blog said...

He's the reason brothers and sisters shouldn't marry.
I'm just waiting for the day that he's thrown out on his big ear..
And takes Moe, Larry, and Curly with him..

Fredd said...


Count on it. And that would be great news for the country, but bad news for me: I live in Illinois, and that's where these miscreants are heading when they get tossed out on their ears.

Unfortunately, Moe is probably a shoe in for Chicago mayor, and Obama will likely win the office of dog catcher in a landslide...once innaugerated, they will abolish all other publicly held offices. First public decree: 'effective immediately, the phrase The Chicago Way will never be uttered under penalty of death. From this point forward, we will call these thug, er, uh we mean fair policies 'The Niceness Doctrine.'

liselou said...

Great article...glad I found it! My only question is this: If this bogus CIC calls for Martial Law and the citizens try to resist or even fight back, which side would most of the military side with? They have taken a vow to uphold the constitution, not necessarily the CIC if he tries to impose an unconstitutional dictatorship regime. Personally, I see that coming....Will the military side with the people and fight this corruption, or will they fight against the people? Someone please answer...thanks.

The Conservative Lady said...

The war is a distraction for Obama. It takes him away from his destructive domestic agenda.
Have a Happy Independence Day, Fredd!

They Say/We Say said...

Have a 4th to remember