Thursday, May 6, 2010

No amount of rioting in Greece will turn dirt into gold

These socialists in Greece are now getting it: with Socialism, eventually you run out of other people's money. The dolts that were promised retirement at age 50 with 120% of their salaries for ever and ever are now getting a dose of reality. Despite the promises from the socialists they elected that they would live their golden years in opulent bliss, paid for by everyone else, they now riot to protest the new reality that they will be living their golden years in their children's basement - and that is not a solid bet, since these very same socialist free spending Greeks already spent their children's and grand children's money. .
Right now, the Greeks are going through the various stages of mourning: first, they ignored the fact that their economy was collapsing (denial). Now, they are beyond denial and are at the angry stage, hence the riots.
When the chickens come home to roost, everyone is shocked, SHOCKED that such a thing could happen. And Americans are looking at their future on the TV screen right now as the mobs scream for their promised gold, which has been gone for a long time. When it comes time for Geraldo Rivera to open up that vault door, and the TV cameras zoom in, the Greeks will find that instead of the tons and tons of gold their leaders promised them, there is nothing inside that vault that was plundered by their leaders for generations; nothing but dirt.
Reality sucks, sometimes. Especially when you realize that you have been duped your entire life by socialists that Socialism works. We have breaking news for Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain (and the US): Socialism doesn't work.
Eventually you run out of everyone else's money.


TKZ said...

The shock should include shock about how stupid they have been. It doesn't take a 5th grade math education to realize that it wasn't going to work, and yet they fell for it because they believe so much in big government. Well, there are no unicorns and rainbows in big government land, only debt and weapons.

The_Kid said...

Beautiful words.

Exactly. This is America's future.
Seriously. Anyone checked out on American Federal, State and Local pension plans would instantly agree.

Christopher said...

Although I agree with 100% of what you stated it is also those in these riots that BLAME their socialist elders for what you state.

Another note that might hit closer to home (United States) is that your list of countries facing the same and is actually closer to the Greeks situation is the United Kingdom.

Please see:

UK budget deficit 'to surpass Greece's as worst in EU'

European commission's spring forecasts put UK budget deficit this year at 12% of GDP – the highest in the European Union and worse than Treasury estimates

Fredd said...

TKZ: apparently Greeks as a population are NOT smarter than a 5th grader. Nor are Brits, apparently, as their 13 stagnant economic years under Labor Party control appears to still have legs for perhaps another 5 after yesterday's election in the UK.

Any reasonable person over the age of 21, uh, OK, 28 can surely understand that if a politician promises everyone a chicken in every pot, and that there are 500 million pots out there and only 75 million chickens, somebody's gonna go chicken-less.

I love chicken analogies, especially tried and true analogies, like the chickens coming home to roost. Chickens always do. Duh.

Fredd said...


I still regale folks about this union paramedic/fireman I know in Santa Monica, CA going into fresh negotiations with the city council: they demand ever more pension money, ever less working hours, lower retirement ages, and on and on and on: EVERY YEAR!

I told him that this was simply unsustainable. This guy makes 140 large a year, and will retire at age 57 or so with 6-figures. I told him about 5 years ago that was simply unsustainable. He laughed.

I wonder if he is still laughing...

Fredd said...


I am unsure whether or not the rioters are blaming the Socialist leaders today: they are burning things, throwing things, destroying things all in an effort to pursuade these leaders to repent, roll back the Draconian cuts in social spending and return to the old ways: you know, retirement at 50, 6-figures for as long as they live, and on and on.

If that is not their motivation in their rioting, then the only other reason for the tumult would be your conclusion, and this can only end up with their socialist leader's heads on pikes.

Once their former leader's piked heads are paraded up and down the street in front of the Parthenon, then the hangover sets in: they are broke, with nothing to show for it but a bunch of heads on pikes.

Christopher said...

I must remind you I said ALSO, meaning I not replacing the reasons you correctly state.

Now that also does not imply 'many', but never the less if I was there, I may not riot but be just as pissed at entitlement seekers/recievers as I am now here.

This situation that the Greeks created themselves has so many parallels to what is being sought here it is not only scary but criminal.

Dan said...

Where does a society go when it has looted the sweat of other people's brow? How does a leftist politician run for office? By promising to raise everyone's taxes but "yours" and increase spending? I'm afraid not even a trillion page tax code full of tax breaks designed to lighten your load while loading up your neighbor's could smoke and mirror Greece out of their Utopian mess. Perhaps they could call the world to boycott Greece to force their leaders to create money out of thin air. After all, a government that can change the planet's temperature and promise the impossible promise of a life lived off the sweat of some other poor soul's brow has to be God like. So creating money out of thin air should be no problem.

Anonymous said...

Liberals lie, people die.

TKZ makes an excellent point. People, grown adults, really believed all this pie in the sky ponzi scheme stuff?

Madoff if a chump change piker compared to our government...

They Say/We Say said...

It only happens that way, over there. The U.S. is the richest/wealthiest nation on earth. With the best work ethic. It'll work here just fine. Won't it, huh,huh?

Rational Nation USA said...

And this from the land that gave us the father of reason... Aristole. Go figure.

Fredd said...

Dan: brilliant question - where DO they go from this point on?

Obviously, Utopia doesn't look like half the people rioting because they are getting kicked out of the public trough that they have been lying in sideways.

Just like a 12-step program, you gotta hit bottom before you can start getting well. Greece has hit bottom. Nowhere to go but up, right, Dan?

Fredd said...


Yeah, but ol Ari has been pushing up daisies for a millenia or two. I think they forgot about him.

Fredd said...


That is truly what puzzles me: we see historical evidence by the truck load that socialism is indeed nothing but a Ponzi scheme, and that it collapses into chaos once it reaches a critical 'Atlas Shrugged' point.

And our leftists continue to preach and run on its virtues.

EARTH TO LEFTIES: this crap doesn't work, duh!

Amusing Bunni said...

This is what's coming for us if the socialist agenda here doesn't get stopped in the Nov. Elections.
I feel bad for all the people who are harmed by these awful policies.