Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama's next target for destruction after health care reform: Education?

The fate of our national economic structure hangs in the balance as a few congressional 'Blue Dogs' who still have some semblance of sanity remaining in their liberal lives waffle as to whether they want to throw themselves under the bus and vote yes on this dog of a health care reform legislation. With the grace of God they will come to their senses and vote no on this God awful senate bill hanging over our heads like the Sword of Damocles.
Pass or fail, the Democrats are looking at a massacre of historic proportions come this November at the ballot boxes. But will Obama take note of the Zeitgeist here? Of course not. He will simply move on to his next target for destruction: pick one of three, and that would be cap and trade legislation, legalizing illegals, or ramping up the destruction of our public schools.
All three are as destructive to the economy as anything that has come before Congress in our lifetimes, this current disastrous health care reform bill notwithstanding, and that's probably making the thugs in the White House giddy with excitement. I would put my money on our public education system as Obama's next victim.
Just this morning, I saw the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan (pictured above), throwing down the gauntlet of reform for this huge sector of wasted taxpayer money, and I see nothing but terrible things going forward. Sec. Duncan was formerly the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools prior to being tapped for the top education slot in the country. His credentials? Running an already awful bureaucracy which was knee deep into the red FURTHER into the red. Sounds like a rock solid resume to me.
Now he wants to run our already horrible public school system into bankruptcy, just like he did in Chicago. He is already gearing up for a run at pouring additional billions of YOUR money into this failed system, thinking that all we need to turn things around is more money shoveled into the incompetent hands of the teachers unions.
Obama sure did pick the right guy for the job. Kansas City public schools have been run into the ground by Democrats for the last 50 years, and are now faced with shuttering 50% of their schools through sheer incompetence and corruption. Now Arne Duncan wants to take the Kansas City public school model and apply it to the entire United States.
November can't come soon enough, as these guys are spending us into oblivion.


Christopher said...


You give the choice of (3) but I would venture to say all will be pushed simultaneously with "education" and "green jobs" (cap and trade) being the cover for immigration "reform".

Its the old "watch the left hand bit".

Krystal said...

I thought our public schools were already in shambles. They've already become liberal training grounds where the teacher's union benefits the most.

And of course it's free child care service for parents who feel it's the responsibility of the government to provide daycare for Junior (Ealry intervention my backside! Just get those kids free day care! Few of them have any real reason to be there!)

I say we just make all schools have dorms. Kids get dropped off my Mommy and Daddy Sunday nights and picked up Friday after 5:00. It's really what to many want anyway.

Fredd said...


Of course he will get around to jamming all three down our throats in due course. His pattern, though, so far has been to speechify a single issue to death until it comes to pass, and then forget it and move on to another single issue.

He does utter a few syllables about other issues here and there, but the drum beat from Obama is focused, you gotta hand it to him.

Fredd said...

Krystal: just like ol' Adolph would love to see, pack them into Youth Camps, but on a fairly permanent basis.

Our public schools are indeed in shambles, but they are still here, pumping out ignorant students left and right. Now they want to give the unions more money, presumably to improve the well being of the students, when in reality it only improves the well being of the unions.

Are we the only ones who get this, Krystal?

Anonymous said...

I fear they will pass this, since the public is already mad anyway. They've robbed the bank, might as well shoot their way out...

Bob said...

You can look at this guy and know he's either a dumbass or pure evil.


Fredd said...

Bob: good observation. Isn't this guy completely creepy looking? And would you trust him with a half a trillion dollar budget?

Joe said...

See, I thought that when public (read: government) education hit rock bottom "0" it could go no lower.

Under Duncan's "leadership" it will reach at least a minus 12.

Fredd said...


...and there's plenty more room for 'unimprovement.'

One Ticked Chick said...

Here in Lil Rhody, our per pupil educational costs are among the highest in the country, and our school system is among the worst in the country. Throwing good money after bad won't solve anything.

Fredd said...


Throwing good money after bad is what the liberals are all about. Count on some more of it.

And looks like I am wrong again. Instead of education getting the focus, it will be legalizing all the criminal aliens among us, to repopulate the disenfranchised liberal voters Obama has used up and tossed aside.

There are Plenty more potential voters in the artichoke fields of