Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump poll numbers: are we seeing something like 'the Bradley Effect?'

Polls consistently suggest Hillary Clinton (D-Hell) leads Donald Trump in her quest for occupation of the White House.  These polls persist in suggesting Hillary's lead despite the constant drip drip drip of scandal, malfeasance and skulduggery which has followed the old crone ever since she became a national political figure 25 years ago.

With the left continually displaying tendencies towards violence in their tactics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, anybody who wears a Donald Trump T-shirt can expect to get slugged in the face and bloodied for display of this support at the hands of the criminal left.  Nobody in the Obama Justice Department is interested in the least in prosecuting any of this violence, if it furthers the agenda of the left.

If you have the nerve to indicate to the Internal Revenue Service that you support conservative values, you invite an audit.  If you enter a polling place in Philadelphia with any indication that you don't support the left, you are intimidated by thugs with billy clubs at the door, and nobody in the Justice Department is in any way going to stop this intimidation.  They actually support it.

Accordingly, to express support of Donald Trump is to invite violence upon the expressee. Who in their right mind would tell pollsters that they support Donald Trump, and then the next night find a brick thrown through their front window with a threatening note tied to it?  I myself will in no way put up a Trump campaign sign in my yard or a Trump bumper sticker on my truck, not a chance.  And invite some nut job lefty to place a bomb under my vehicle?

I am solidly behind Donald Trump.  And I am going to vote for Donald Trump.  But I am in no way going to tell a pollster about my preferences.   I suggest that I am not alone in this perception.  I would wager that something akin to 'The Bradley (or Wilder) Effect is in play here.  This 'effect' was seen in the 1982 polls in Los Angeles, when African American Democrat Tom Bradley was way ahead in the polls leading up to California gubernatorial election day, and then lost to a white George Duekmejian despite lopsided polls to the contrary.

The mainstream media are carrying the water for Hillary Clinton in a big way this election cycle.  They will support any and all means to discredit Donald Trump, to include violence.  I am of the opinion that Donald Trump has way more support than polls suggest.  

We'll see how this works on on election day, won't we?


Mr Know It All said...

Trump just took the lead in Florida

Fredd said...

Know It All: one lousy poll, that's it.

The rest of the polls that have any credibility all show The Donald trailing, virtually every one of them. My point is that I am skeptical of the pollsters actually polling the national sentiment accurately.

We'll see, like I said.

Kid said...

You're not alone Fredd.

Though I did see an article today fromt he 'New York Daily News' that pointed out in no small way that the clinton foundation association defense is indefensible.

That's the spark here. They've gotten away with so much for so ling, that maybe they've over-reached. I mean does bubba clinton even think about anything anymore beside his next trip to an offshore child prostitution palace? Or the beast think about anything more than killing detractors and would be testifiers and yukking it up with the 9th grade drop out shit for brains Cher while thousands in Louisiana might like to hear something from the satanic beast that they may be considering putting in the white house?

Bridge too far?

Fredd said...

Kid: maybe. They went to the well one too many times. We'll see.

Gorges Smythe said...

Barring massive voter fraud, I think Trump is a shoo-in.

LL said...

Trump trailing may make Trump voters turn out.

Clinton winning may make the lazy progs stay home, because she already won.

LindaG said...

I would have emailed this, but lacking that I will say, I think you meant 'with' billy clubs.
you are intimidated by thugs will billy clubs

It has been obvious for the last eight years at least that the progressives invite voting day violence, and I agree that you would have to be a masochist to show your intentions about Trump beforehand.

I know I am praying for some hope and change in November, and it is not the socialist change I am praying for.

Fredd said...

LindaG: thanks for the editing, that is exactly what I meant. How far things have come for these off-spring of the hippie movement. You know, the long hair malcontents that thought 'the Man' was out to get them, those folks that hated the Vietnam War, and went around putting daisies in the barrels of National Guard rifles. The folks that chanted 'make love, not war.' Those guys.

They now eschew their old peaceful ways, now that they are themselves 'the Man.' They think nothing of beating people up to advance their cause. Violence is just one of the tools in the bag.

Fredd said...

LL: my vote certainly won't count, as Illinois has been a lost progressive cause for many years, but we'll see about those coal miners who Hillary vowed to fire. We'll see about the 2nd Ammendment crowd, if they are mobilized to keep their guns, since Hillary will be hell bent to take them away.

We'll certainly see in about 74 days, won't we?

Fredd said...

Gorges: I thought that about Romney in 2012, but look what happened. Voter fraud is on the rise, and orgs like Acorn are still in the business of manufacturing phony Dem votes. If you ask me, anyone caught in the act of voter fraud should be executed on the spot.

Euripides said...

Trump seems to be on the right track, if for no other reason, than the progressives hate him so much. I always listen to the progressives. Then I think and do exactly the opposite of what they say. They are a much better indicator of what is right and good in the world than any part of my failing conscience.

Fredd said...

Rip: I couldn't agree more. Liberals think and believe exactly the opposite of what is right and good in the world.

drjim said...

I'm with you, Fredd, I'm behind Trump, but I'm sure not going to advertise it here in Long Beach, a very liberal city in SoCal.

I bought a Trump "Make America Great Again" hat, and when I showed it to my wife, she laughed, and said "Don't show it to XXXX", the the extraordinarily liberal preacher lady who married us, and who used to be among my wife's very best friends.

No, sorry Mr. Trump....the liberal elitist media has done such a good job demonizing you in the eyes of Low IQ voters, that most of us have gone Stealth Mode as far as publicly proclaiming our support for you.

Fredd said...

Dr. Jim: yes, stealth mode would accurately describe most of Trump's seemingly non-existent supporters in light of the media scorched earth campaign against him.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

You're 100% right on the Bradley/Wilder effects on the polls. The only question is why they sometimes seem to be correct. That should probably never happen. In any case, I think we'll see them be proven wrong in November.

Fredd said...

Grunt: yes, we'll see how close these polls are in 71 days or so.

I still remember The Gipper down by huge numbers this far out in 1980, and then mopping the floor with that incompetent peanut farmer come election day.