Saturday, June 25, 2016

I don't need to know the pro's and con's of Brexit

All I needed to know, without paying any attention whatsoever to the debate on the UK severing its relationship with the European Union, was that Barack Obama was in favor of the UK remaining in the EU.

That's all I needed to know to weigh in on the side of departure.  If Barry likes it, it has to be detrimental to my interests.  Or to the interests of capitalism and conservatism in general.  Every decision, speech, meeting or activity that Barry has ever been involved in favors taking money or assets from one group of people and giving it to another to further two of his goals in life:

1) To achieve 'fairness' on the planet.  This utopian, hare brained dream sounds great on paper, but it will never be achieved here on earth, regardless of how much money he has to confiscate from others.  Human nature cannot be changed via politics.  Sure, it can be diverted for a time, but not changed.  

2).  To maintain power over others by him and his ilk.  As long as Barry and his liberal buddies are in charge of things, it doesn't matter how things are going (great or badly, same same), as long as they are calling the shots, that's all that matters.

If Barry supports something, no matter what, I oppose it in self interest.  He has shown this over and over to be the formula for what I believe.

If you wanted to lose weight, would you seek the counsel of the chef in charge of the training table of a sumo wrestling camp?  

If you wanted some advice on the stock market, would you seek out counsel from a stinking, filthy, drunk wino on the streets of The Bowery?  

If you wanted to get in on some beauty secrets, would you ask Quasimoto?  Or Pat Caddell?

No, no and again, no.  And of course, the same philosophy as laid out here can be applied to the mainstream media: if they like the idea, you better run for the hills.  If they hate it (like they did with the Brexit vote, they were absolutely apoplectic), then pop the champagne corks, happy days are here again.


Z said...

I wouldn't go to Pat Cadell for BEAUTY help but he's a fair Democrat, so that's something! He was a friend of Andrew Breitbart's...that makes him a friend of mine :-)
You are SO RIGHT about this whole situation. I'm thrilled...If Obama hates it, I LOVE IT!

Fredd said...

Z: Pat Cadell- besides being kind of hard on the eye, he's one of those old school Democrats, of the Hubert H. Humphrey/Daniel Patrick Moynihan wing of the now defunct Loyal Opposition Democrat Party. I think I am the only one who remembers those guys, you know, reasonable guys with simply different world views. Maybe they'll show up in a museum somewhere. Maybe not.

The Democrat Party of old left Pat Cadell, not the other way around. The current Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid/Barack Obama Democrat Party is destroying our country, and they will never, ever listen to nor compromise with the Right. Ever.

Adrienne said...

My thoughts exactly, Fredd.

Fredd said...

Adrienne: yeah, my work is already done for me. Barry and his minions have think tanks that work all the angles on every position, and if whatever issue transfers wealth from those who earn it to those who don't, they support it.

Why bother putting in the leg work? Barry's already done that for me, and go opposite whatever he spouts. And it works in my benefit every time.

Brig said...

The dim-dems around here, thank God there are few, still sing BHO's praises. It is mind boggling.
As for the Brits I hope they stay the course of freedom from the EU.

Gorges Smythe said...

You pretty much said it the way I feel it.

LL said...

I would normally ask the local mullah what he thinks. That's a good gauge of what allah wants me to do. Or absent him, Rev. J. Wright, the Black Liberation Theologian who guided Barack and Michelle for 20 years. I mean, if it's good enough for Barack, it should be good enough for me.

In regard BREXIT, the largest group (by demographic) supporting remaining in the EU were the ghetto Muslims in the London area. They overwhelmingly thought that it was a great idea, and staged a riot today because it's what they do. It would be just horrible if they all decided to pack up and go to some more welcoming host, say, Germany...

Kid said...

Just like the banks needed to fail when the real estate bubble burst in October 2007, just like the car makers, (GM and Chrylser) needed to fail about the same time, The EU now needs to fail. Socialism needs to be allowed to fail. It is a failure for quality of life for those caught up in its clutches. We can see it in the news everyday.
NHS doctors in England on strike. Some saying that the latest controls mean they won't even be able to afford an apartment in London. A doctor who can't afford an apartment in London, Workers in France protesting violently now for weeks. It doesn't take much to realize socialism sucks. Kill it. Kill it dead.

Fredd said...

Brig: I am gobsmacked at how anybody can praise a single thing Barry has done. He hasn't done anything right, absolutely nothing.

Fredd said...

LL: I think it was the misbehavior of all of the muslims in the UK that brought about this sentiment. And now they are rioting. We would expect nothing less of them. Scumbags.

Fredd said...

Kid: let socialism collapse in on its own sloth. One of the freedoms that has been slowly eroding in the US is the most important one: the freedom to fail. Participation trophies are the first step in telling us all that nobody can fail anymore. We need to see more failures these days.

Like the EU.

Fredd said...

Gorges: too bad nobody listens to dumb ol' Fredd.

Euripides said...

It sounds like hyperbole, but it is accurate hyperbole. Progressives are 180 degrees from being correct about how to solve any problem. You have to wonder how they tie their shoes in the morning. In Hillary's case, she has to wear potato sacks which make no difference which way they are put on. I understand Harry Reid needs a butler to show him how to put his glasses on each morning.

We always, always can tell what is right for America and the world by doing the opposite of what those on the left do.

Kid said...

Fredd, And Gold keeps rolling along. ;-) Friday's high of 1362 will have to be retested at some point. That's about 50 points higher. I have some NUGT.
If one wanted to play straight against gold itself, UGLD is a 3X GLD Bullish, and DGLD is a 3X bet on bearish GLD.

Fredd said...

Rip: and I wonder how they can go through their entire lives being wrong. The practical results of all of their pie in the sky utopianism are in: failure after failure after failure.

I have to think they don't see failure as failure: 20 years ago, we had 30 million people on food stamps. After 20 years of liberal policies, with 8 years of that as Dubya not objecting to liberal policies, you would think 100 million people on food stamps today would be considered by all to be a bad thing.

I guess not.

Fredd said...

Kid: if one wanted to play gold from day to day, one would be a rootin' tootin' cowboy. Buy it, and then hold it for 10 years, see what happens. That's what investors do.

I am not so sure that gold won't be around $1,000/oz in 2026. Day trading, well, nuff said. Go gettum, cowboy.

Kid said...

I hear ya Fredd. Good luck sir. Problem is I may not be around 10 years.

My 401k follows your principle. I'm about 50-50 midcap stock fund and money market. I'm hoping the market takes another big hit Monday, in which case I will move more of the MM $ into the stock based fund.

Day trading? Yea casino on your desk, and way more diverse than anything Las Vegas can come up with.