Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hillary scandals: old news or Trump campaign material?

Lately, only Hillary Clinton's email scandal and the charges of malfeasance in association with the Clinton Foundation are in the news, and really not prominently so.

These two scandals barely make page 7 in the metro section of the newspapers anymore, and of course the scandals of the past are 'old news' and never covered by any news source, ever.  Unless, of course, you consider Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin as news sources.  Some do, most don't.  Those guys bring up Hillary Clinton's most unsavory past virtually daily.

Just wait until Donald Trump starts up the presses, and begins fueling dollars into TV and other media with non-stop 'Crooked Hillary' coverage, morning, noon and night.

It will be non-stop, and the material for all of these ads is almost never ending, to include:

  • Whitewater scandal, remember Webb Hubble and the boys?
  • Vince Foster's mysterious death, and Hillary's goons cleansing the office prior to arrival of investigators.
  • Travelgate, with the sacking of the entire staff of the White House travel office, since Hillary 'needed those slots.'
  • Rose Law firm records, which mysteriously were found on a table in one of the hallways of the West Wing.
  • Bimbo eruptions, where Hillary viciously attacked the accusers of her serial philandering hubby, Bubba, destroying virtually all of these women's lives as they had known them.
  • Cattle futures, where Hillary invested a measly $1,000 bucks and miraculously cashed in $100,000.  
  • Lying about being named after Sir Edmond Hillary, who became famous for being the first to scale Mt. Everest in Nepal.  The glitch here was that Sir Edmond Hillary was unknown prior to this feat, and Hillary Clinton was born BEFORE the Everest Climb by Sir Edmond.  
  • Hillary coming under sniper fire in Bosnia, when this clearly did not happen.
  • Let's not forget Hillary's close ties to Saul Alinsky, I would bet The Donald has something to say about that.
  • How about Hillary and Bill looting the White House after they vacated in 2000?  Swiping White House china, furniture and about everything that wasn't bolted to the floor?  
  • Makes sense that they would loot the White House, since Hillary claimed that when they left the White House, they 'were dead broke.'  
Donald Trump should have a field day with all of this material to work with over the course of the next 6 months.  And we will all be watching it 24 hours a day, in ad after ad of those negative campaign spots.  You know the ones, they are usually black and white, with the grave narration of (fill in Hillary's skulduggery and malfeasance here), and the menacing cello sound track in the background.

Why the rest of the Old Guard GOP Republicans haven't been doing this since Hillary came into the national spotlight with her evil ways, that is a mystery to us all.


LSP said...

Nice list, which only gets bigger by the passing year. I like the old "fired at Watergate for being a cooked lawyer scandal," but ripping stuff off at the White House (and having to return the stolen goods) is pretty special.

No shortage of material for Trump to blast, rip and tear.

M. Silvius said...

Cankles Von Hildabeast was born BEFORE Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest, thus she would have not been named after a man that was yet to become famous.

Gorges Smythe said...

Her and the GOP leadership are part of the same team.

Fredd said...

Silvius: thanks, already corrected. Before, after, you get my point, obviously.

Fredd said...

Gorges: this has become apparent. Those guys are probably going to vote for Hillary, in hopes of keeping their opulent gigs.

Fredd said...

Reverend: any one of these list items would have ended ANY Republican's political career, to include getting canned by the Watergate ghouls. But not the old crone, no siree Bob. If you consider Dan Quayle's political career ended because he couldn't spell potato, Hillary's career should have ended at least 30 times by now.

The least of her lies, the Sir Edmond Hillary thing, would have put the kaibash on any Republican's future, and the other scandals are far, FAR worse. We'll see if the FBI comes through for us this time, and finally issues their recommendation for indictment.

I would love to see her scramble out of THAT, that would be a neat trick.

LL said...

She's lived a charmed life - John Kerry is another one. And when you think about it, Hubby Bill should have fallen dozens of times. There is something about the Democrats - all who have shit on each other - that draws them to save each other using Alinsky tactics.

Fredd said...

LL: that nebulous 'something' you mention about Democrats that draws them to pull each other's butt's out of the fire so that they can continue their nefarious ways without being brought to account is better known as 'evil.'

But I suppose it can be called 'something,' just to be polite, since that is what conservatives are known for. That, and ending sentences in prepositions, like.

LL said...

An axis of evil!

Kid said...

Fredd, Nice summation. And why the repubs don't defend themselves Ever is a mystery.

Kid said...

The democrat voters simply don't care about the characteristics of the people they vote for. In fact, I think many admire their evil teflon ways.

Fredd said...

Kid: if Dem voters admire their candidate's evil ways, that would make those voters evil themselves, right?

In the past, assigning evil motives to your opposition was considered lazy and inaccurate. In these times, I am not convinced that is true anymore. We ('the good guys') are facing flat out evil in our opponents.

Of course, the Dems portrayal of conservatives as evil has been around forever, and has never been accurate, and is not today. Recall the TV ad depicting Paul Ryan shoving a crippled old lady out of her wheelchair and over a cliff. Does that sound like the Paul Ryan you know?

Kid said...

Exactly Fredd